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Dieptepunt fusies en overnames in vierde kwartaal 2017

12/01 10:45 - Dieptepunt fusies en overnames in vierde kwartaal 2017
Het laatste kwartaal van 2017 daalde het aantal fusies en overnames fors. Deze periode gaat zelfs de boeken in als slechtste periode van het afgelopen dece...


Meer over economie

22/08 03:15 ‘It’s like a parallel universe’: Trump supporters chant ‘lock her up’ at West Virginia rally hours after courts dealt major blows to the president

22/08 03:15 A powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake shook Venezuela’s east coast

22/08 02:45 Tim Cook donated nearly $5 million worth of Apple shares to charity

22/08 02:45 Trump distances himself from former campaign chairman Paul Manafort after guilty verdicts, and Rudy Giuliani downplays Michael Cohen’s plea deal that implicates Trump in campaign finance violation

22/08 01:45 Facebook says Iran-backed accounts posed as news groups to spread information and to launch cyber attacks

22/08 01:15 Trump distances himself from his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort after guilty verdicts on federal bank and tax fraud charges

22/08 01:15 Inside Michael Cohen’s surreal day in court, where Trump took center stage without ever being mentioned

22/08 00:45 Here’s what happens if you die without a will

22/08 00:45 Michael Cohen pleads guilty and says he broke campaign finance law at Trump’s direction

22/08 00:45 Fox News slammed for covering the killing of a college student more prominently than the convictions of 2 top Trump aides

22/08 00:15 Aretha Franklin died with a reported net worth of $80 million and no will

22/08 00:15 Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was just convicted on fraud counts — here’s what you need to know about him

22/08 00:15 Shoppers are still addicted to discounts, and TJ Maxx is thriving

22/08 00:15 This chart shows how divided tech workers are over Google’s reported new Chinese search engine

21/08 23:45 The Russian maker of the AK-47 just unveiled a golden robot straight out of ‘Aliens’

21/08 23:15 Bitcoin een doorslag voor bitcoin?

21/08 23:15 De ex-advocaat van Trump, Michael Cohen, zou bereid zijn om schuld te bekennen

21/08 23:15 Michael Cohen has reached a plea deal with prosecutors — and he says he made the illegal campaign contribution ‘at the direction of’ Trump

21/08 23:15 Paul Manafort found guilty of 8 counts of tax fraud, bank fraud, and failure to report foreign bank accounts

21/08 22:45 Nederlandse champignonsector beleeft nieuwe het ‘witte goud’ is zijn glans kwijt

21/08 22:45 De Tata Nano was ideaal voor wie een unieke auto wilde en een doodswens had

21/08 22:45 Kleine auto's worden groot, bewijst de Volkswagen Polo Beats

21/08 22:45 Elizabeth Warren just rolled out a huge plan to fight government corruption and reform the way Washington works

21/08 22:45 United Airlines will start charging more for some economy seats, and it’s part of a costly trend that’s plaguing the industry

21/08 22:45 Michael Cohen has reached a plea deal with prosecutors — and it involves his payments to women on Trump’s behalf

21/08 22:30 Rijden op waterstof komt traag op stoom

21/08 22:30 Wall Street sluit met winst

21/08 22:30 Nieuwe topman Air France-KLM gaat negen ton per jaar verdienen

21/08 22:15 Missed connections, claims of phone theft, and a weekend at Elon’s: Inside the baffling battle between rapper Azealia Banks and Tesla CEO Elon Musk

21/08 22:15 Post Malone’s Gulfstream private jet made an emergency landing after blowing out two tires during takeoff

21/08 21:45 Onvrede over het L- welk alternatief is geschikt voor de term ‘laagopgeleid’?

21/08 21:45 Nintendo has one key advantage over Xbox and PlayStation

21/08 21:30 ArcelorMittal lost obligaties vervroegd af

21/08 21:15 Iedereen wil een succesvolle startup – maar waak voor onrealistische ‘ondernemersporno’

21/08 21:15 ‘Instagram is so thirsty’: Elon Musk explains why he deleted his Instagram account on Twitter

21/08 21:15 After 6 months traveling the world for work, I’m convinced business travelers overlook a crucial amenity all too often

21/08 21:15 Putin lost his supposedly ‘invulnerable’ nuclear-powered missile at sea — now he has to go find it

21/08 21:15 The first major basic income trial in the US just announced how it plans to give away free money

21/08 20:45 Negen ton basissalaris Smith bij AF-KLM

21/08 20:45 Saudi Arabia, which has been calling out Canada over women’s rights, may soon behead a female activist for the first time

21/08 20:45 People are flipping Supreme products for over 20 times their usual price. Here are some of the most expensive things for sale right now.

21/08 20:45 Michael Cohen has reportedly reached a deal with prosecutors — and it apparently involves his payments to women on Trump’s behalf

21/08 20:45 De droom van een ‘sexy’ startup werkt als een – maar een realiteitscheck kan geen kwaad, als je ondernemer wilt worden

21/08 20:45 Y Combinator, a startup program that’s harder to get into than Harvard, accepts all 15,000 applicants into Startup School after a major screwup

21/08 20:30 Langste beursstijging ooit

21/08 20:30 Hoger Wall Street breekt record

21/08 20:30  Turkije voedt twijfel over stresstest banken

21/08 20:30 Smith gaat negen ton verdienen bij AF-KLM

21/08 20:15 Costco just made an uncharacteristic move to win over millennial customers

21/08 20:15 Eric Trump nails the stock-market call he made during February’s massive sell-off


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