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Bitcoin bereikt mijlpaal van 5.000 dollar

12/10 15:15 - Bitcoin bereikt mijlpaal van 5.000 dollar
De bitcoin heeft voor het eerst de grens van 5.000 dollar doorbroken. De bekendste digitale munt werd in een paar uur tijd een paar honderd dollar duurder, gestuwd door aanhoudend enthousiasme over zogeheten cryptovaluta....


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27/04 05:45 Here’s every pick from the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft and how they compared to expert predictions

27/04 04:15 New Orleans Saints surprise NFL world by trading a haul up to take a pass-rusher

27/04 03:15 San Francisco officials are outraged that scooter startups steered around them to try to pass a state law

27/04 03:15 Here’s the moment Kim Jong Un made history by stepping into South Korea

27/04 02:45 ROUND 1: South Korea’s president meets with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in a historic summit

27/04 02:45 $3 billion DocuSign prices its upcoming IPO at $29 per share — above the range it originally gave Wall Street

27/04 02:45 Here’s every pick from the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft and how they compare to expert predictions

27/04 02:15 Bill Belichick’s draft philosophy is quite simple and it shows that most teams probably overthink the process

27/04 02:15 LIVE!: The historic meeting between South Korea and North Korea is underway — here’s how it’s unfolding

27/04 01:15 De boodschap niet zeuren maar betalen

27/04 01:15 The FBI told White House lawyer Don McGahn that Rob Porter abused his wives more than a year ago

27/04 01:15 Apple iTunes finally comes to the Windows app store after a year-long wait

27/04 01:15 $852 million startup Smartsheet expects to raise $150 million from its big IPO on Friday

27/04 01:15 Mark Zuckerberg revealed one of his ‘great regrets’ — and the timing doesn’t seem like an accident

27/04 01:15 NFL legend Michael Irvin says he wants to ‘beat that boy up’ after seeing what he spent money on the day he was drafted

27/04 01:15 Amazon’s operating income nearly hit $2 billion in Q1 — almost double what Wall Street expected

27/04 00:45 Wat levert het koningshuis eigenlijk op?

27/04 00:45 Bill Cosby has been found guilty — here’s what happens if you take the pills he described as ‘friends to help you relax’

27/04 00:45 An attack on an Israeli Arab in Germany wearing a Jewish skullcap is a stark reminder of the challenges of rising anti-Semitism

27/04 00:45 Microsoft’s Windows division roars back to life, proving the PC and Xbox are still very much alive

27/04 00:45 Starbucks CEO says that boycotts following the arrests of two black men haven’t hurt sales

27/04 00:45 Microsoft’s cloud business is driving a revenue surge that’s well above Wall Street targets

27/04 00:45 Michael Cohen once reportedly bragged that he was part of the Russian mob

27/04 00:45 Roger Goodell to have company on stage at the NFL Draft in apparent attempt to avoid boos from fans

27/04 00:15 Erik van Houten nieuwe cmo Nespresso Nederland

27/04 00:15 Erik van Houten nieuwe cmo Nespresso Nederland

27/04 00:15 2018 NFL MOCK What the experts are predicting for the first round

27/04 00:15 Apple is officially killing its line of routers

27/04 00:15 An American Airlines passenger found a dead rat in her luggage after a flight and says she was told to burn the bag because of bubonic plague concerns

27/04 00:15 Trump reportedly called Michael Cohen to complain after he saw the lawyer eating breakfast with Mark Cuban

27/04 00:15 Amazon is increasing the price of Prime for most members

26/04 23:45 Intel stock jumps 8% with big revenue beat in earnings

26/04 23:45 Watch the stand-up comedy clip that reignited the Bill Cosby sexual-assault allegations

26/04 23:30 Starbucks zet gestage groei voort

26/04 23:15 Staatssecretaris slaat Belastinginning in gevaar door leegloop

26/04 23:15 Staatssecretaris slaat Belastinginning in gevaar door leegloop

26/04 23:15 NFL insider Adam Schefter floats wild theory that an NFL team sabotaged Josh Allen with release of insensitive tweets for their gain

26/04 23:15 ‘I missed a lot’: Bill Gates regrets not partying and going to football games at Harvard

26/04 23:15 Pepsi spent years trying to distance itself from its namesake sugary soda — now the company is realizing it was a horrific mistake

26/04 23:15 Here are all the major differences between Snap’s original Spectacles and the new version

26/04 23:15 2018 NFL MOCK What the experts are predicting for the first-round

26/04 23:15 Cosby says ‘he doesn’t have a plane’ in a bizarre 3rd-person rant after guilty verdict

26/04 23:15  Amazon sales surged 43% in Q1 — and the stock is taking off

26/04 22:45 Met deze verkooptips word jij de koning van de vrijmarkt

26/04 22:45  kwartaalomzet stijgt 43 procent tot 51 miljard

26/04 22:45 Trump showed up late to Michael Cohen’s son’s bar mitzvah — then humiliated him in front of all the guests

26/04 22:45 Intel stock jumps 10% with big revenue beat in earnings

26/04 22:45 The first photos have been released from Mike Pompeo’s meeting with Kim Jong Un

26/04 22:45 Microsoft announces a big beat on earnings, but the stock takes a tiny dip

26/04 22:45 Hollywood stars react to the Bill Cosby guilty ‘Thank you society for waking up’


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