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Nieuwsflitsen - september 2017

13/09 11:45 - Nieuwsflitsen - september 2017
KLM start dienstverlening via WhatsApp - Hoofdkantoor Heuvelman verhuisd naar IJsselstein KLM start dienstverlening via WhatsApp KLM krijgt als één van de eerste bedrijven ter wereld een officieel zakelijk WhatsApp-account. Daarmee gaat de luchtvaartmaatschappij één-op-één communiceren met klanten.WhatsApp stelt een select aantal bedrijven in de gelegenheid om als proef zakelijke dienstverlening te starten via het platform. »...


Meer over economie

18/07 05:30 Eerste cao werknemers arbodiensten

18/07 05:15 Hema ziet franchiser als blok aan been

18/07 05:15 Hema ziet franchiser als blok aan been

18/07 04:30 Topman Texas Instruments na 1,5 maand al weg

18/07 04:15 Some vote-counting computers came with a critical flaw that could have let hackers access them

18/07 03:30 Boeing tekent deal voor nieuwe Air Force One Amerikaanse president

18/07 02:15 Andreessen Horowitz’s newest general partner left a lasting impression on Chance the Rapper after she helped him enter the Chinese market

18/07 01:45 Google eliminates Nest’s CEO role and tucks the once promising ‘Other Bet’ into another business group

18/07 01:45 What it’s like visiting one of the world’s greatest treasures, the 2,000 year-old mountaintop fortress Masada

18/07 01:15 Failliet Teamtva! overgenomen door Logisz

18/07 01:15 WPG verkoopt Runner's World en Bicycling aan Hearst

18/07 01:15 Airbus US CEO explains why Europe’s answer to the Boeing 787 isn’t selling

18/07 00:45 Dumoulin en Vos strijden om meeste marketingwaarde

18/07 00:45 Airbus and Boeing have racked up more than $55 billion in sales this week, and it’s only Tuesday

18/07 00:15 How I customize my Gmail to boost my productivity

18/07 00:15 Trump keeps conflating Russian meddling and collusion, and experts worry it could have a devastating effect on national security

18/07 00:15 Walmart is reportedly working on its own streaming service to challenge Netflix and Amazon, and it might cost less than $8 a month

18/07 00:15 The Trump administration is reportedly nearing a move that could result in tariffs on uranium imports

18/07 00:15 What happened every other time Putin met with US presidents

18/07 00:15 2 top Democrats want Congress to interview the interpreter who was in the room with Trump and Putin

17/07 23:45 The Open Championship 2018: 12 golfers with the best odds to win the Claret Jug this weekend

17/07 23:45 New York City’s extreme heat created this stormy, apocalyptic cloudscape

17/07 23:45 Some pretty convincing photos of Samsung’s big upcoming smartphone have leaked

17/07 23:45 Guy jumps his bike no-handed over the Tour de France

17/07 23:15 Amazon’s Prime Day website glitches didn’t stop it from setting record sales — but it was still a risk to the most important part of its business

17/07 23:15 The Amazon-Whole Foods deal has barely made a dent in US grocery prices, despite fears of a price war

17/07 23:15 We tried Burger King in Japan — where you can order hot dogs and beer

17/07 23:15 Netflix has spent over $30 billion on content since 2014 — over a third of it in the last year alone

17/07 23:15 Grand jury indicts Maria Butina, a Russian national with deep ties to the NRA, for conspiracy and acting as a Russian agent

17/07 23:15 Meal-kit company Chef’d suddenly shut down and laid off its hundreds of employees

17/07 22:45 Trump read from a typed script to claim he misspoke in his press conference with Putin, with a handwritten ‘THERE WAS NO COLUSION’

17/07 22:45 What it’s like visiting one of the world’s greatest The 2,000 year-old mountaintop fortress, ‘Masada’

17/07 22:45 The race for a key Democratic post just heated up

17/07 22:45 Snapchat is down for some users for the second time in two weeks

17/07 22:45 Manny Machado will reportedly be traded to the Dodgers, and it creates an awkward situation for the All-Star Game

17/07 22:45 A 23-year-old dropped out of college to make meatless burgers using fungus — and got $100,000 from Peter Thiel

17/07 22:45 An NRA-linked Russian national was arrested and charged with spying

17/07 22:30 Fed-president helpt Wall Street aan winst

17/07 22:15 Verdwijnen de munten van 1 en 2 eurocent?

17/07 22:15 Here’s how wealthy the average family is in 35 countries around the world

17/07 22:15 The Nasdaq hits an all-time high after upbeat Powell testimony

17/07 22:15 Mueller requests immunity from prosecution for 5 witnesses in Paul Manafort trial

17/07 21:45 Manny Machado will reportedly be traded to the Dodgers and it creates an awkward situation for the All-Star game

17/07 21:45 Trump claims he misspoke, walks back his explosive comments with Putin amid harsh blowback from allies and critics

17/07 21:45 A Boeing exec reveals what’s in store for the 747 jumbo jet and predicts that Airbus won’t be able to deliver the rest of its A380s

17/07 21:45 The word ‘diet’ leaves a bad taste in my mouth — but trying the Mediterranean diet for a week completely surprised me

17/07 21:45 Trump maakt een complete draai en zegt Rusland wél verantwoordelijk te houden over bemoeienis met de verkiezingen

17/07 21:45 Scientists just found a dozen new moons around Jupiter — including one they’re calling an ‘oddball’

17/07 21:30 Nederlanders dupe bij uitblijven Brexit-deal

17/07 21:30 Webwinkel in grote machines


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