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Vanavond DFT- Najaar in met 10 gouden tips

12/10 18:30 - Vanavond DFT- Najaar in met 10 gouden tips
Wilt u weten welke aandelen richting het einde van het jaar gaan stralen? En hoe u op kansen in de markt kan inspelen? Volg vanavond gratis seminar....


Meer over economie

23/03 21:15 A Pennsylvania school district gave each classroom a 5-gallon bucket of rocks for students to throw at potential shooters

23/03 21:15 Stocks suffer biggest weekly drop in more than 2 years amid trade war worries

23/03 21:15 Dropbox surges in trading debut to earn $11.03 billion valuation

23/03 20:45 MLB POWER Where all 30 teams stand heading into Opening Day

23/03 20:45 Tony Parker took a not-so-thinly veiled shot at Kawhi Leonard as drama continues in the Spurs locker room

23/03 20:30 Zorgen bij WTO over staalheffingen Trump

23/03 20:15 Here’s what the inside of a bar looks like in North Korea

23/03 20:15 Here’s what happens in your body when you swallow gum

23/03 20:15 British data regulator granted search warrant to raid Cambridge Analytica offices and seize its servers

23/03 20:15 Stocks are getting smoked amid trade war worries

23/03 19:45 Cambridge Analytica’s suspended CEO accused of misleading Parliament over the firm’s murky role in Brexit

23/03 19:45 Jeremy Corbyn sacks Owen Smith for calling for a second Brexit referendum

23/03 19:45 A sex trafficking bill passed by Congress has forced Craigslist to shut down its personals section

23/03 19:30 ABN Amro stopt met beleggerstelefoon

23/03 19:15 The giant garbage vortex in the Pacific Ocean is over twice the size of Texas — here’s what it looks like

23/03 19:15 CRYPTO The CEO of $20 billion data company thinks blockchain ‘has potential to be transformative’

23/03 18:45 Fitch verhoogt kredietoordeel ASML

23/03 18:45 Wall Street toont wisselend beeld

23/03 18:45 Annoyed Trump signs $1.3 trillion spending bill just hours after threatening to veto, says he’ll never do it again

23/03 18:45 Tennessee Titans website has a funny hidden message for fans trying to get a sneak peek at the team’s new uniforms

23/03 18:45 Joe Biden once summed up why people are so terrified of John Bolton

23/03 18:30 'Protectionisme Trump slecht voor open economie Nederland'

23/03 18:15 Gierigheid is hartstikke gaaf, we blijven op de kleintjes letten

23/03 18:15 Trump is about to hold a press conference, and all signs point to him signing the massive spending bill he threatened to veto

23/03 18:15 18 British words and phrases that don’t mean what you think they do in America

23/03 18:15 Advertisers to ‘Did I work with Cambridge Analytica?’

23/03 18:15 There’s a candy-themed Airbnb in Florida that starts at $1,104 a night

23/03 17:45 ’Groningse’ miljardair Huizenga overleden

23/03 17:45  AEX verder onder druk in sombere week

23/03 17:45  nog veel onduidelijk over staalheffing

23/03 17:45 Tesla-baas haalt pagina’s van Facebook

23/03 17:45 The power players at Microsoft who helped Satya Nadella pull off a startling comeback

23/03 17:45 The mystery of a tiny human-like skeleton that many people thought was an alien has finally been solved

23/03 17:45 LeBron James laughs off reporter’s question on rumored change to NBA playoff ‘That’s corny. That’s wack.’

23/03 17:45 Game theory perfectly explains why OPEC members are going to cheat

23/03 17:30 Handelsoorlog met kansen voor Nederland, maar oppassen met Chinezen

23/03 17:30 NIBC-top kijkt uit naar maandag

23/03 17:30 Dropbox sterk omhoog bij debuut Wall Street

23/03 17:30 ‘Rutte III is er vooral voor grote concerns’

23/03 17:30 Aandeel Dropbox flink in de plus bij beursdebuut Wall Street

23/03 17:15  baard van meester voor 300 euro pimpelpaars

23/03 17:15 The gunman who killed 3 people in a French terror attack has been shot dead

23/03 17:15 Cambridge Analytica’s suspended CEO accused of misleading British Parliament about his murky role in Brexit

23/03 17:15 Trump’s new top security adviser wants to bomb Iran and tear up the nuclear deal

23/03 17:15 Hackers are holding the city of Atlanta’s computer systems for ransom, causing massive outages — and anyone who has conducted business with the city is at risk

23/03 17:15 Toys R Us has started its going-out-of-business sales, but there’s a good reason to wait to shop there

23/03 16:45 EU akkoord met verkoop margarinetak Unilever

23/03 16:45 BAM neemt project in Birmingham over

23/03 16:45 Wie wil er nou niet futureproof factureren?

23/03 16:45 Dividend van 500 miljoen euro voor twaalf eigenaren Red Bull


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