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Anuga wordt mogelijk jaarlijks evenement

anuga-wordt-mogelijk-jaarlijks-evenement13/10 09:15 - Anuga wordt mogelijk jaarlijks evenement
KEULEN – De grootste foodbeurs van Europa, die deze week weer gehouden werd in Keulen, denkt over uitbreiding. De Anuga wordt mogelijk een jaarlijks evenement....


Meer over economie

18/06 23:30 ‘Verdwaalde’ Panamese tussen uitzinnige ‘F*ck it!’

18/06 23:30 Homoactivisten doodgeschoten in Mexico

18/06 23:30 IS-sympathisant krijgt levenslang voor moord

18/06 23:15 Rapper XXXTentacion reportedly shot and ‘critically wounded’ in Miami

18/06 23:15 McDonald’s employees share the 6 menu items they’d never eat

18/06 23:15 We’re getting our first bits of evidence that Republicans are rallying around Trump’s family-separation policy

18/06 23:15 These photos reveal why the 26-year-old organizer of the disastrous Fyre Festival could spend more than 10 years in prison

18/06 23:15 This map shows the US really has 11 separate ‘nations’ with entirely different cultures

18/06 22:45 ’Pinkpop-slachtoffers zaten midden op de weg’

18/06 22:45 These are the 25 most powerful militaries in the world — and there’s a clear winner

18/06 22:45 Harry Kane saves England from disaster with stoppage-time header to beat Tunisia

18/06 22:45 A longtime Silicon Valley investor has spent over $1 million to get Californians to weigh in on splitting the state into 3

18/06 22:45 Here’s the management theory that John Doerr regards as one of the most tested and proven in the last 50 years

18/06 22:30 ’Pinkpop-slachtoffers zaten op de weg’

18/06 22:30 Engeland op de valreep langs Tunesië

18/06 22:30 Meisje (16) dood gevonden in Duitsland

18/06 22:30 Macron zet brutaal ventje voor schut

18/06 22:30 VIDEO - Vliegtuig Saoedi-Arabië vat vlam in de lucht

18/06 22:15 Pokémon Go is adding a feature it promised since day one — and it’s the perfect time to return to the game

18/06 22:15 Border agents telling migrant parents they’re taking their kids to get baths illustrates how Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy is being carried out on the ground

18/06 22:15 Dunkin’ Donuts is under fire after a manager offered a reward for customers to report workers for shouting ‘in a language other than ENGLISH’

18/06 22:15 Google AI is sometimes better than doctors at predicting when patients will die

18/06 22:15 Hillary Trump’s blaming of ‘zero-tolerance,’ family-separation policy on Democrats is an ‘outright lie’

18/06 22:15 World Cup star Romelu Lukaku fought his way to soccer stardom from humble upbringings

18/06 22:15 Here’s how the ‘unlimited’ plans from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile compare

18/06 21:45 Doortrapte dieventruc €1000 aan postzegels weg!

18/06 21:45 Nieuwe malafide bedrijven smeren ondernemers peperdure domeinnamen aan

18/06 21:45 Willen spaarders veiligheid of een hogere rente?

18/06 21:45 Ligt de straat open? Dan sluiten we de buurt meteen aan op de warmtecentrale

18/06 21:45 Nieuwe malafide bedrijven smeren ondernemers peperdure domeinnamen aan

18/06 21:45 AOL cofounder Steve Case is betting $150 million that the future of startups isn’t in Silicon Valley or New York, but the money isn’t what’s making his prediction come true

18/06 21:45 Hillary Trump’s blaming of ‘zero tolerance’ family-separation policy on Democrats is an ‘outright lie’

18/06 21:45 Trump’s approval rating just reached its highest level yet in the gold standard of presidential indicators

18/06 21:45 What the future of Apple looks like

18/06 21:45 Viral footage shows a live mouse wiggling in a bag of burger buns at Wendy’s

18/06 21:45 The most mesmerizing photos from the World Cup so far

18/06 21:30 Jongen vast boven op hek

18/06 21:30 Poetin nodigt Blatter uit om Ronaldo te zien

18/06 21:30 Kleine pensioenen vervallen vanaf 2019

18/06 21:30 Bonden schorten nieuwe staking Air France op

18/06 21:30  350 miljoen voor uitbreiding stations

18/06 21:30 Schutter opent vuur op passanten in Malmö

18/06 21:30 Eerste beelden incident Zweden

18/06 21:15 A Getty photographer tells the story behind a heartbreaking photo he took of a migrant girl sobbing while agents questioned her mom at the border

18/06 21:15 3 TV shows you should stream this week, including the new season of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

18/06 21:15 Swarms of bugs cause chaos for England and Tunisia at the World Cup

18/06 21:15 Shareholders are trying to pressure Jeff Bezos into cutting off Amazon’s deals to sell facial recognition to police departments

18/06 21:15 We shopped at a Walgreens and a CVS to see which was a better drugstore, and there was a clear winner

18/06 20:45  ’Pinkpop-slachtoffers zaten op de weg’

18/06 20:45 Jongen vast bovenop hek


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