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Voordelen van onze onderlinge verschillen

01/10 00:15 - Voordelen van onze onderlinge verschillen
Op de site van Managementboek.nl stond een recensie over mijn boek ‘Diversiteit’, dat daar uiteindelijk op nummer 3 in de top 100 belandde. De tekst is van Annett Keizer. Ik geef hem hier onverkort weer. ‘In een tijd van ‘America first’, xenofobie en gedoe rond transgendertoiletten durft Bert Overbeek het aan om de lezer zelf […] The post Voordelen van onze onderlinge verschillen appeared first on Jonge Bazen....


Meer over economie

25/02 19:45 Samsung announces the Galaxy S9 — here’s what’s new

25/02 19:15 A movement to boycott the NRA is growing — here are the companies that haven’t cut ties with the gun-rights group

25/02 19:15  An anti-NRA movement is calling for the boycott of these 15 companies

25/02 18:45 Samsung volgt Apple met augmented reality en AR Emoji

25/02 18:45 Florida shooting survivor David Hogg calls out NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and speaks directly to its base

25/02 18:15 MWC 2018: Nokia pakt uit met heel veel smartphones

25/02 18:15 New details emerge on Florida shooting when Jake Tapper and local sheriff go toe-to-toe in marathon interview

25/02 18:15 ‘He tried to hurt me’: Russell Westbrook calls out Warriors Zaza Pachulia for dirty play

25/02 17:45 21 incredible photos from the figure skating gala exhibition at the Winter Olympics

25/02 17:45 ‘Black Panther’ earns $108 million at the box office in its 2nd weekend — the 2nd-best performance ever

25/02 17:45 Uzbek figure skater Misha Ge took an epic selfie at the Olympics that’s so good it almost looks photoshopped

25/02 17:15 6 reasons you should buy a Nintendo Switch instead of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One in 2018

25/02 16:45 Mueller gets another witness to flip, charges pile up on Manafort, and Democrats release their memo — here’s the latest in the Russia investigation

25/02 16:30 'Fiat Chrysler wil in 2022 stoppen met productie van auto's op diesel'

25/02 16:15 ‘Political and legal BUST’: Trump comes out swinging against Schiff’s Democratic rebuttal memo

25/02 16:15 Fiat Chrysler doet binnen 4 jaar diesel in de ban, zeggen ingewijden

25/02 16:15 Recruiters bespreken hun gebrek aan bewijs is de grootste fout die je in je cv kan maken

25/02 15:15 Apple is working on high-end headphones that may launch as soon as this year

25/02 15:15 This former Twitter exec never went to college, learned to code at the White House, and was a terrible boss until he met Ben Horowitz

25/02 14:45 Daimler gaat met Chinese partij nieuwe fabriek Mercedes in China bouwen

25/02 14:30 Daimler bouwt Mercedes-fabriek in China

25/02 14:30 Daimler gaat met Chinese partij nieuwe fabrieken Mercedes in China bouwen

25/02 14:15 The Winter Olympics are now over — Here are the biggest moments from the closing ceremony

25/02 13:30 Fietsverhuurder onvlucht Frankrijk

25/02 13:15 North Korea reportedly willing to conduct talks with US

25/02 12:30 ’Topman Geely wil plek in bestuur Daimler’

25/02 12:15 Ester Ledecka completes historic Olympic run winning gold in both ski and snowboard events

25/02 12:15 WINTER Here are the biggest moments from the closing ceremony

25/02 11:45 7 dingen die je ‘s morgen niet moet doen als je de rest van de dag productief wilt zijn

25/02 11:45 Labour confirms it wants a new customs union with the EU after Brexit

25/02 11:45 Paul Manafort werd naar verluidt gepakt omdat ‘ie niet wist hoe je een document van PDF naar Word converteert

25/02 11:15 ‘Crunch time is coming’: Labour confirms it wants a new customs union with the EU after Brexit

25/02 10:45 7 dingen die je ‘s morgen niet moet als je de rest van de dag productief wilt zijn

25/02 10:15 Here’s what time the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony starts where you live

25/02 10:15 This space-saving dining table can transform into shelves in seconds

25/02 09:45 The EU is set to force Theresa May to give MPs a ‘meaningful vote’ on a ‘detailed’ Brexit deal

25/02 08:45 Waarom Chinese ondernemingen winnen, volgens deze Amerikaan die samenwerkt met de oprichter van de Chinese Google

25/02 08:15 7 dingen die je ‘s morgen niet moet doen als je een productieve dag wilt hebben

25/02 08:15 14 dingen die ik had willen weten voordat ik vader werd

25/02 05:15 I drove a $63,000 Ford Raptor pickup truck for a week to see if it lived up to the hype — here’s the verdict

25/02 04:15 MEET THE How America’s wealthiest family spends its Walmart fortune

25/02 03:45 Dollar General is defying the retail apocalypse and opening 900 stores — here’s what it’s like to shop there

25/02 03:15 NRA blasts corporations cutting business ties in ‘a shameful display of political and civic cowardice’

25/02 03:15 These photos reveal why women are abandoning Victoria’s Secret for American Eagle’s Aerie underwear brand

25/02 02:45 These are the fastest sports at the Winter Olympics

25/02 02:45 Read the declassified Democratic memo that counters GOP criticisms of the FBI and Justice Department

25/02 02:15 ‘Political and legal BUST’: White House comes out swinging against the Democratic rebuttal memo

25/02 02:15 Chloe Kim dyes her hair because her mom made a deal she thought would be hard to beat — and she did it by 13 years old

25/02 02:15 Mexico’s president called off a White House visit after Trump refused to say publicly that Mexico won’t pay for the border wall

25/02 01:15 There is a mysterious rift between the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard, and Stephen A. Smith says it may involve a messy family situation


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