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Voordelen van onze onderlinge verschillen

01/10 00:15 - Voordelen van onze onderlinge verschillen
Op de site van Managementboek.nl stond een recensie over mijn boek ‘Diversiteit’, dat daar uiteindelijk op nummer 3 in de top 100 belandde. De tekst is van Annett Keizer. Ik geef hem hier onverkort weer. ‘In een tijd van ‘America first’, xenofobie en gedoe rond transgendertoiletten durft Bert Overbeek het aan om de lezer zelf […] The post Voordelen van onze onderlinge verschillen appeared first on Jonge Bazen....


Meer over economie

18/06 23:45 Here is how far soccer players run during a World Cup match

18/06 23:45 Microsoft’s ambitious plan to build the future of gaming includes a Netflix-style gaming service, blockbuster games streamed to phones from the cloud, and — yes — new consoles

18/06 23:45 Rapper XXXTentacion reportedly shot and ‘critically wounded’ in Florida

18/06 23:45 A first grader just won this year’s Google Doodle contest — here’s her adorable drawing

18/06 23:30 ‘Verdwaalde’ Panamese tussen uitzinnige ‘F*ck it!’

18/06 23:30 Homoactivisten doodgeschoten in Mexico

18/06 23:30 IS-sympathisant krijgt levenslang voor moord

18/06 23:15 Rapper XXXTentacion reportedly shot and ‘critically wounded’ in Miami

18/06 23:15 McDonald’s employees share the 6 menu items they’d never eat

18/06 23:15 We’re getting our first bits of evidence that Republicans are rallying around Trump’s family-separation policy

18/06 23:15 These photos reveal why the 26-year-old organizer of the disastrous Fyre Festival could spend more than 10 years in prison

18/06 23:15 This map shows the US really has 11 separate ‘nations’ with entirely different cultures

18/06 22:45 ’Pinkpop-slachtoffers zaten midden op de weg’

18/06 22:45 These are the 25 most powerful militaries in the world — and there’s a clear winner

18/06 22:45 Harry Kane saves England from disaster with stoppage-time header to beat Tunisia

18/06 22:45 A longtime Silicon Valley investor has spent over $1 million to get Californians to weigh in on splitting the state into 3

18/06 22:45 Here’s the management theory that John Doerr regards as one of the most tested and proven in the last 50 years

18/06 22:30 ’Pinkpop-slachtoffers zaten op de weg’

18/06 22:30 Engeland op de valreep langs Tunesië

18/06 22:30 Meisje (16) dood gevonden in Duitsland

18/06 22:30 Macron zet brutaal ventje voor schut

18/06 22:30 VIDEO - Vliegtuig Saoedi-Arabië vat vlam in de lucht

18/06 22:15 Pokémon Go is adding a feature it promised since day one — and it’s the perfect time to return to the game

18/06 22:15 Border agents telling migrant parents they’re taking their kids to get baths illustrates how Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy is being carried out on the ground

18/06 22:15 Dunkin’ Donuts is under fire after a manager offered a reward for customers to report workers for shouting ‘in a language other than ENGLISH’

18/06 22:15 Google AI is sometimes better than doctors at predicting when patients will die

18/06 22:15 Hillary Trump’s blaming of ‘zero-tolerance,’ family-separation policy on Democrats is an ‘outright lie’

18/06 22:15 World Cup star Romelu Lukaku fought his way to soccer stardom from humble upbringings

18/06 22:15 Here’s how the ‘unlimited’ plans from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile compare

18/06 21:45 Doortrapte dieventruc €1000 aan postzegels weg!

18/06 21:45 Nieuwe malafide bedrijven smeren ondernemers peperdure domeinnamen aan

18/06 21:45 Willen spaarders veiligheid of een hogere rente?

18/06 21:45 Ligt de straat open? Dan sluiten we de buurt meteen aan op de warmtecentrale

18/06 21:45 Nieuwe malafide bedrijven smeren ondernemers peperdure domeinnamen aan

18/06 21:45 AOL cofounder Steve Case is betting $150 million that the future of startups isn’t in Silicon Valley or New York, but the money isn’t what’s making his prediction come true

18/06 21:45 Hillary Trump’s blaming of ‘zero tolerance’ family-separation policy on Democrats is an ‘outright lie’

18/06 21:45 Trump’s approval rating just reached its highest level yet in the gold standard of presidential indicators

18/06 21:45 What the future of Apple looks like

18/06 21:45 Viral footage shows a live mouse wiggling in a bag of burger buns at Wendy’s

18/06 21:45 The most mesmerizing photos from the World Cup so far

18/06 21:30 Jongen vast boven op hek

18/06 21:30 Poetin nodigt Blatter uit om Ronaldo te zien

18/06 21:30 Kleine pensioenen vervallen vanaf 2019

18/06 21:30 Bonden schorten nieuwe staking Air France op

18/06 21:30  350 miljoen voor uitbreiding stations

18/06 21:30 Schutter opent vuur op passanten in Malmö

18/06 21:30 Eerste beelden incident Zweden

18/06 21:15 A Getty photographer tells the story behind a heartbreaking photo he took of a migrant girl sobbing while agents questioned her mom at the border

18/06 21:15 3 TV shows you should stream this week, including the new season of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’

18/06 21:15 Swarms of bugs cause chaos for England and Tunisia at the World Cup


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