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Parabel over prostitutie – eigendom is diefstal!

13/01 11:15 - Parabel over prostitutie – eigendom is diefstal!
Deze parabel is bedoeld u er op te wijzen dat niet alles automatisch is wat het lijkt te zijn. Wat dat betreft: bekijk na lezing de illustratie ook nog eens goed. Een discussie tussen The post Parabel over prostitutie – eigendom is diefstal! appeared first on Veren Of Lood....


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21/03 17:45 Vijf verdachten opgepakt voor stelen politiekleding bij overval in Utrecht

21/03 17:45 Nog onzeker of importheffingen VS ook voor Europa gaan gelden

21/03 17:45 HTC maakt zelfstandige VR-bril Vive Focus dit jaar wereldwijd beschikbaar

21/03 17:45 Gemeenten verwachten meeste uitslagen raadsverkiezingen rond middernacht

21/03 17:45 Rusland eist excuses van UK

21/03 17:45  Model of New World Order

21/03 17:45  First Interstellar Asteroid From Binary Star System

21/03 17:45  Media’s Role in Covering for Big Pharma

21/03 17:45  France’s Submission to Islam Tied to Destruction of Free Speech

21/03 17:45  Merkel’s Right-Wing Opposition Says She Belongs in Court

21/03 17:45 Fed to Raise Rates With Trade Tensions on Horizon

21/03 17:45 Trump Admin Condemns California for Appointing Illegal to State Post

21/03 17:45 University of MLK Jr Is A Racist

21/03 17:45 Saudi Crown Women Are ‘Absolutely’ Equal To Men

21/03 17:45 Michael Kim Jong-un And President Trump Could Negotiate An Official End To Korean War

21/03 17:45 Trump’s Right On Trade, Media Is Wrong

21/03 17:45 Are Austin Bombings Zodiac Part 2?

21/03 17:45  Battle Breaks Out During Protests Outside Anti-Cop Coffeeshop

21/03 17:45 Trump Aims to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

21/03 17:45 Why Is America In Decline?

21/03 17:45 CNN Panel Trump Can Fire Mueller

21/03 17:45 French Baker Fined For Not Taking Day Off

21/03 17:45 Follow Interest Rates To Follow The Market

21/03 17:45 Democrats Pick Porn Star And Traumatized High-Schoolers To Lead Their Party

21/03 17:45  Lavender, Tea Tree Oil May Be Making Young Boys Grow Breasts

21/03 17:45 Lib Freaks Out After Virtue Signalling Poll Backfires

21/03 17:45 “The Bombs Are Connected”: Package Bound For Austin Explodes At Texas FedEx Warehouse

21/03 17:45 Obama’s Former Campaign Director Makes Bombshell Facebook Was “On Our Side”

21/03 17:45  Demographics In America Are Changing ‘Bewilderingly Fast’ — ‘Without Any Real Public Debate On The Subject’

21/03 17:45 Michael Moore Hammers the Media for Obsessive Coverage of Russia and Stormy Daniels

21/03 17:45 ‘That’s Not Going To Happen’ — Hillary Clinton Gets Triggered When Asked About Ivanka Trump Becoming First Female President

21/03 17:45 Ex-French President Sarkozy In Police Custody Over ‘Libyan Aid’ For His 2007 Campaign

21/03 17:45 Shooting at Maryland High School

21/03 17:45 Austin Mail Bomber Inspired by Netflix Show About Ted Kaczynski?

21/03 17:45 Turkey’s President Erdogan Threatens to Expand Military Offensive Beyond Kurdish Town of Afrin

21/03 17:45 ‘You Are Going, White Man’ – Julius Malema to South African Mayor

21/03 17:45 Watch Fifth Explosion In Month Has Texas On High Alert

21/03 17:45 YouTuber Convicted For “Offensive” Joke Video, Faces Prison

21/03 17:45 Facebook Loses Almost $40 Billion Over Privacy Scandal

21/03 17:45 Tech Startup Develops Robots, Self-Driving Bulldozers For Safer, Cheaper Construction Sites

21/03 17:45 Expelled Russian diplomats leave Britain in nerve agent crisis

21/03 17:45  FTC probing Facebook for use of personal data

21/03 17:45 Congress Should Provide Obamacare Opt-Outs, Not Bailouts

21/03 17:45 Cryptocurrency Twitter Reportedly Will Prohibit Cryptocurrency Ads

21/03 17:45 Iran denies Saudi allegations of harboring bin Laden’s son

21/03 17:45 Last male northern white rhino in the world dies

21/03 17:45  Suspicious Package at FedEx Facility in Austin

21/03 17:45  MSNBC Panics About Americans Waking Up To The Deep State

21/03 17:45 Mississippi Governor Signs Nation’s Toughest Abortion Ban Into Law

21/03 17:45 Even Adam Schiff Admits President Trump Was Right To Fire McCabe


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