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last van grillige markt

14/11 16:45 - last van grillige markt
Logistiek dienstverlener Ceva heeft de resultaten in het zicht van een verkoop aan de Franse spoorwegen verbeterd....


Meer over economie

15/11 01:15 Some investors are donating their homes to families in need, as the tech industry responds to the California wildfires

15/11 01:15 15 fascinating things on Earth you had no idea existed

15/11 01:15 Sheryl Sandberg repeatedly tried to downplay Russia’s involvement in misinformation on Facebook, report says

15/11 01:15 A lawyer who reps cruise-ship workers reveals the most shocking thing he’s heard about their job

15/11 00:45 A pasta maker in New Jersey makes a mesmerizing variety of pasta, inspired by his wife’s bracelet

15/11 00:45 This couple lives on a floating island they built by hand

15/11 00:45 8 experiences to add to your wine bucket list

15/11 00:45 23 festive and fun Christmas decorations under $25

15/11 00:45 Michelle and Malia Obama once sneaked out of the White House

15/11 00:45 25 things you didn’t know about J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ universe

15/11 00:45 Why the royal family doesn’t open presents on Christmas Day

15/11 00:30 Problemen door tekort aan personeel

15/11 00:30 Ondernemers kijken ondanks personeelstekorten positief naar 2019

15/11 00:15 Sheryl Sandberg and other Facebook execs reportedly investigated if they could ban Trump after Zuck was ‘appalled’ by his call for a Muslim ban

15/11 00:15 This dog DNA test helped me figure out what breed my rescue dog is — and what health conditions to watch out for

15/11 00:15 Silicon Valley’s favorite e-cig company shut down its social media accounts — but Juul’s advertising now has a life of its own

15/11 00:15 Cinnamon buns are a family affair at the Minnesota State Fair

15/11 00:15 An Arizona couple will have to pay Nintendo over $12 million for running websites that offered free downloads of classic video games

15/11 00:15 Nashville will become a critical hub for Amazon’s logistics business — but it doesn’t mean there will also be a boom in warehouse jobs

15/11 00:15 The real meanings behind 46 different names in the ‘Harry Potter’ universe — and what they say about the characters

15/11 00:15 Kevin Durant has twice taken the same contract gamble as LeBron James, and it seems to be at the source of the Warriors’ tension

15/11 00:15 Michael Avenatti reportedly arrested on domestic violence accusations

14/11 23:45 Houdini glitter appears before your very eyes

14/11 23:45 The 3 biggest games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this holiday season

14/11 23:45 Jeff Flake threatens to block Trump’s judicial nominees until Senate votes on bill to protect Mueller

14/11 23:45 We tried a dog DNA kit — and learned a bunch of secrets about our dogs

14/11 23:45 Which hair dye will last the longest — we put 3 of them to the test

14/11 23:45 Facebook reportedly had its Republican-linked PR firm try to blame George Soros for the anti-Facebook movement

14/11 23:45 Bored on the The US military’s ‘border support’ mission is said to be killing troop morale

14/11 23:30 Ondernemer blijft administratie bespaard

14/11 23:15 Here’s how easy it is for the US president to launch a nuclear weapon

14/11 23:15 Juul will soon stop selling flavored e-cigarette packs in retail stores, but a workaround could make the ban pointless

14/11 23:15 There’s only one color you should consider if you’re thinking about buying the iPhone XS

14/11 23:15 An asteroid crater the size of Paris is hiding in Greenland. Here’s how scientists found the 16-mile-wide impact site.

14/11 23:15 The top 20 most charitable states

14/11 23:15 This guy followed ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ characters for a full day and discovered just how detailed the game really is

14/11 23:15 Amazon will develop part of its HQ2 in an area in Arlington, Virginia. Here are some likely reasons it won the e-commerce giant over.

14/11 23:15 Women are tweeting photos of their underwear with the hashtag #ThisIsNotConsent after an Irish teen’s thong was used against her in a rape trial

14/11 23:15 Europe’s trade chief said the EU is ready to fire back if Trump goes through with tariffs on cars

14/11 23:15 Nike is opening a 68,000-square-foot flagship store of the future in New York City

14/11 22:45 You catch your own seafood and then eat it in a hot pot in a restaurant in Singapore

14/11 22:45 Stocks slides as Apple enters a bear market

14/11 22:45 Trump reportedly berated Teresa May over the phone before a disastrous trip to Paris

14/11 22:45 Google confirms Pixel 3 owners are running into a bug where their text messages disappear, and the company is ‘rolling out a fix soon’

14/11 22:45 Why you don’t always feel full after eating, according to a dietitian

14/11 22:45 Every cheese lover needs to try this restaurant dedicated to Georgian cheeseboats

14/11 22:45 A chemical found in some vape flavors has been linked to an irreversible condition called ‘popcorn lung’

14/11 22:45 Trump spreads wild conspiracy about voter fraud, claiming people change clothes before voting a second time

14/11 22:30 Ruzie tussen Rome en Brussel politiek spel

14/11 22:30 Wall Street doet weer stap terug


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