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GE en Altice USA verliezers op Wall Street

14/11 22:30 - GE en Altice USA verliezers op Wall Street
De Amerikaanse aandelenbeurzen zijn dinsdag licht lager gesloten. De stemming op Wall Street was wat terneergeslagen vanwege de vele onduidelijkheden rond de belastinghervormingen in de Verenigde Staten. Verder gingen industrieconcern General Electric (GE) en telecom- en kabelbedrijf Altice USA stevig onderuit....


Meer over economie

25/04 18:15 French President Macron gives big speech to Congress filled with subtle shots at Trump after days of flaunting their ‘bromance’

25/04 18:15 Critics say ‘ Infinity War’ lives up to the hype and has a worthy villain in Thanos

25/04 18:15 These risqué images in Victoria’s Secret stores show why the brand is struggling in the #MeToo era

25/04 18:15 We tried KFC’s new chicken sandwich that’s aiming to take on Chick-fil-A — and what we found shocked us

25/04 18:15 Mysterious ticks from Asia that can carry a deadly virus and drain cattle of their blood are now in the US — and efforts to kill them are failing

25/04 17:45 Ouders met kinderopvangtoeslag blijven geld op eigen rekeningen ontvangen

25/04 17:45 Duitse regering verwacht lagere economische groei

25/04 17:45  Vrouwenemancipatie kan 150 miljoen Afrikanen van de honger redden

25/04 17:45 Radio host says Kanye told ‘I love Donald Trump’

25/04 17:45 This Harry Potter-themed cafe serves afternoon tea with a magical twist

25/04 17:45 Tech stocks are getting walloped for a 2nd straight day

25/04 17:45 Casper’s high-tech Wave mattress has given me the best sleep of my life — and I could never go back to a regular mattress

25/04 17:45 I took a 15-hour nonstop flight to India on the country’s national airline— here’s what it was like

25/04 17:45 With the US out of the World Cup, Fox Sports has turned to a DNA testing company in hopes of generating fan interest

25/04 17:30 Europees Parlement ziet Nederlandse autopas als voorbeeld

25/04 17:30 Duitse regering stelt groeiverwachting naar beneden bij

25/04 17:15 Vrouwenemancipatie kan 150 miljoen Afrikanen van de honger redden

25/04 17:15 Amazon is teasing a mysterious new device called the Fire TV Cube on its website

25/04 17:15 16 photos of former US presidents hanging out together

25/04 17:15 Steve Kerr compared Manu Ginobili to Roger Federer and gave him a simple reason to continue his legendary career

25/04 17:15 Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ season 2 has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, topping its Emmy-winning debut season

25/04 17:15 Tech stocks are getting walloped for a 2nd-straight day

25/04 17:15 Trump has shrunk Bears Ears National Monument by 85% — here’s what it looks like

25/04 17:15 Russia now claims the US missile strike on Syria largely failed — and that they’ve captured US missile technology

25/04 16:45 'Luxe merken minder transparant dan grote winkelketens'

25/04 16:45 Spontane staking uitgebroken in minstens 79 Lidl-winkels

25/04 16:45 The Buick LaCrosse Avenir is a $47,500 sedan that gives luxury SUVs a run for their money

25/04 16:45 Netflix is making a new show that follows around BuzzFeed reporters in 15-minute episodes

25/04 16:45 Tech experts talk about what makes virtual reality so promising for making movies and TV

25/04 16:45 I visited the viral, 1,400-foot glass bridge in China — and it was a traveler’s worst nightmare

25/04 16:45 Estée Lauder is now paying employees $10,000 to adopt and giving parents 20 weeks of paid leave

25/04 16:30 Gratis demo financile analyse

25/04 16:30 Europees Parlement vindt Nederlandse autopas voorbeeld voor Europa

25/04 16:30 NexportChina geeft duizend tips aan Chinese bezoekers

25/04 16:15 Trump vloggers Diamond & Silk are sticking to their debunked claim about Facebook censorship

25/04 16:15 25 of the most dangerous things science has strongly linked to cancer

25/04 16:15 The glass bridge across China’s ‘Grand Canyon’ is a trippy architectural marvel that’s all over Instagram — but in real life, it’s a tourist’s worst nightmare

25/04 16:15 Tim Cook is trying to get Trump to back off his trade battle with China

25/04 16:15 14 of George H.W. Bush’s most presidential quotes

25/04 16:15 The Supreme Court is finally hearing arguments on Trump’s travel ban — here’s what to expect

25/04 15:45 Bonden en woningcorporaties bereiken principeakkoord over cao

25/04 15:45 Designbureau Skybox onderdeel van TRIMM

25/04 15:45 Google just revealed a huge update to Gmail — here’s everything new

25/04 15:45 Spanish police made their largest bust of cocaine ever — hidden in a shipment of bananas

25/04 15:45 JPMorgan’s Frenkel says central bankers rescued the global economy from ‘dysfunctional’ governments

25/04 15:45 De Spaanse corruptiebestrijder en regiopresident Cristina Cifuentes stapt op na het stelen van een potje crème

25/04 15:45 Boeing is taking off after earnings, but analysts warn of turbulence ahead

25/04 15:45 The 16 best moments in Marvel Cinematic Universe history, ranked

25/04 15:45 The Mexican peso slides to a 3-month low amid NAFTA and political uncertainty

25/04 15:30 Fabrikant Bosch ziet wel toekomst in dieselmotoren


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