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Huiseigenaren laten massaal geld liggen bij nieuwe rente hypotheek

03/01 20:15 - Huiseigenaren laten massaal geld liggen bij nieuwe rente hypotheek
Ruim 90% van de huiseigenaren accepteert bij renteherziening ‘gewoon’ het nieuwe rentevoorstel van de hypotheek van zijn bank. Van deze groep heeft bijna 60% zelfs niet overwogen om over te stappen naar een andere geldverstrekker. Dit blijkt uit onderzoek van Vereniging Eigen Huis onder 575 leden. Veel van deze huiseigenaren zouden elders waarschijnlijk goedkoper uit zijn. De vereniging roept huiseigenaren bij renteherziening daarom op actief op zoek te gaan naar concurrerende aanbiedingen....


Meer over economie

18/01 19:45 Handelsoptimisme stuwt Wall Street

18/01 19:45 ’Laat winkelier zitten, eerst geldautomaat’

18/01 19:45 Loonstrook blijft raadsel

18/01 19:45 De kwaliteit van het onderwijs moet omhoog, maar hoe?

18/01 19:45 Attorney general nominee William Barr’s comments about obstruction take on a whole new meaning after a bombshell report claiming Trump ordered his lawyer to lie to Congress

18/01 19:45 16 myths about sperm donation you should stop believing

18/01 19:45 I stayed at a hotel booked through AmEx’s Fine Hotels and Resorts program to see if it is worth all the hype

18/01 19:45 Acting AG Matthew Whitaker’s wife sent an email to a reporter claiming that the Mueller probe is ‘wrapping up’

18/01 19:30 Consumentenvertrouwen VS op laagste niveau in twee jaar door 'shutdown'

18/01 19:15 Furious people are destroying their razors after watching Gillette’s ad — but it gave the company a crucial advantage over some of its biggest competitors

18/01 19:15 Any Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 20 moves, but it took over 30 years for anyone to figure that out

18/01 19:15 GoFundMe campaigns to help furloughed federal employees pay their bills during government shutdown may now be in legal trouble

18/01 19:15 Dr. Pimple Popper treated a man with intensely painful, scaly skin, and his improvement was dramatic

18/01 19:15 The White House is exaggerating how bad the government shutdown will be for the economy, a group of analysts say

18/01 19:15 Henry Ford built a utopian city inside Brazil’s Amazon rainforest that’s now a ghost town — take a look around the abandoned city that was once ‘Fordlandia’

18/01 19:15 Melania Trump reportedly took a military plane to Florida hours after Donald Trump canceled Nancy Pelosi’s flight because of the shutdown

18/01 19:15 Trump’s attorney general nominee’s comments about obstruction take on a whole new meaning after a bombshell report that Trump ordered his lawyer to lie to Congress

18/01 18:45 Consumentenvertrouwen VS op laagste niveau in ruim twee jaar door 'shutdown'

18/01 18:45 Nieuwe Audi- ‘Angst voor Tesla? Voor geen centimeter’

18/01 18:45 54 condiments you should add to your next meal

18/01 18:45 How this dummy car tests collision detection systems in your car

18/01 18:45 Democrats are calling for Trump’s impeachment after bombshell report alleging he instructed Cohen to lie to Congress

18/01 18:45 The maker of Vans shoes and the North Face is soaring after beating on earnings and guidance

18/01 18:45 Netflix says it’s more worried about competition from video games like ‘Fortnite’ than other streaming services

18/01 18:45 Trump leaves ‘military option’ on the table for Venezuela, which he calls as threatening as North Korea

18/01 18:45 The US has a major truck driver shortage — but the co-founder of a trucking startup that’s attracted $80 million in funding says there are 3 other problems that are making the shortage seem worse than it is

18/01 18:15 AFM en DNB pleiten voor cryptoregulering op internationaal niveau

18/01 18:15 The most searched thesaurus word in every state

18/01 18:15 Save up to 50% on outdoor clothing and gear from L.L.Bean and REI — and more of today’s best deals from around the web

18/01 18:15 13 ways ‘The Bachelor’ has changed since the very first episode

18/01 17:45 WhatsApp- ’Politie is er te druk voor’

18/01 17:45  AEX dendert langs grens van 500 week uit

18/01 17:45 Forse koerswinsten op beurzen Europa

18/01 17:45 11 surprising double standards that still exist for women in the US

18/01 17:45 Advanced Russian fighter jets collide in mid-air with at least one crashed near Japan

18/01 17:45 We watched both Netflix and Hulu’s docs about the doomed Fyre Festival, and one gives you a better look inside the fiasco

18/01 17:45 Military women report they are being denied access to birth control for ‘ridiculous’ reasons that may violate Pentagon policy

18/01 17:45 10 of the most amazing LEGO creations

18/01 17:45 Tesla’s layoffs mean the company’s lead on electric vehicles could be ending, one Wall Street analyst says

18/01 17:45 Here are the top places where people are googling about the government shutdown

18/01 17:45 Americans are worried Trump’s tariffs and the government shutdown will hurt the economy

18/01 17:30 'China wil handelsoverschot met VS wegwerken'

18/01 17:30 'China voert invoer vanuit VS stevig op om handelsoverschot af te bouwen'

18/01 17:15 Netflix says its hit British series, ‘Bodyguard,’ was watched by 23 million households in its first month

18/01 17:15 Trump’s Pentagon has expanded its secretive war on terror to 80 countries — here’s what we know

18/01 17:15 Steve King is fundraising by accusing ‘the rabid leftist media’ and ‘NeverTrumpers’ of trying to ‘destroy’ him over his own racist comments

18/01 17:15 The 10 cancers US women are most likely to face

18/01 17:15 7 common regrets you might have after a breakup

18/01 17:15 Police are investigating a second assault accusation at the Arizona care facility where a woman gave birth while in a vegetative state

18/01 16:45 DNB valt fraude met crypto’s aan


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