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Hotelgasten verwachten kamerprijs met wifi-kosten inbegrepen

06/09 13:15 - Hotelgasten verwachten kamerprijs met wifi-kosten inbegrepen
Vandaag de dag wil een hotelgast snelle en liefst gratis beschikbare wifi. In een wereld waarin steeds meer mensen op reis zijn, is draadloos internet in een hotel essentieel voor toegang tot apps zoals mail en social media. Een sterk wifi-netwerk binnen een hotelkamer is inmiddels net zo belangrijk als standaard warm water of elektriciteit. »...


Meer over economie

24/04 07:15 17 expert-tips om je conversie te verhogen

24/04 07:15 Kaaimantaks levert geen 500 maar schamele 5 miljoen op

24/04 07:15 Voor bedrijf kamperen om als eerste ontslag te in Turnhout gebeurt het

24/04 07:15 Afgestoft Miss Etam is klaar voor het buitenland

24/04 07:15 Afgestoft Miss Etam is klaar voor het buitenland

24/04 07:15 Mitt Romney heckled Russell Westbrook while sitting courtside at the Jazz-Thunder game — and the internet lost its mind

24/04 06:45 Vijf Nederlandse bedrijven in de Red Herring Top 100 Europe

24/04 06:45 Bijna helft van muziekomzet komt van streaming

24/04 06:30 Enquête tieners kiezen vooral voor lekker eten

24/04 06:15 Proef met OV-chip Mobiel ‘volledig mislukt’

24/04 05:45 Kwart van arbeidsovereenkomsten van onbepaalde duur wordt binnen het jaar stopgezet

24/04 05:45 Senate lawmakers postpone confirmation hearing for Trump’s Veterans Affairs nominee

24/04 05:15 Te derde van aandelen Brussels Airport

24/04 04:45 Bestuur Belfius boos op regering na weigering opslag

24/04 04:45 Here’s what we know about Alek Minassian, the 25-year-old suspect in the Toronto van attack

24/04 03:45  opnieuw economische groei, met name in Almere en regio Eindhoven

24/04 03:45 Kevin Durant ‘liked’ an Instagram comment criticizing Russell Westbrook and called it an accident

24/04 03:45 This tech startup is starting its own net neutral, independent internet

24/04 03:15 Trump and Macron are meeting up for a state dinner — here are 9 US presidents who previously hosted French leaders

24/04 03:15 Macron and Trump’s bromance is big, but experts warn it might not be enough to get things done

24/04 03:15 ‘ALL OF TORONTO IS WITH YOU’: The Toronto Maple Leafs had a moving tribute for the victims of the van collision that killed at least 10

24/04 03:15 How LeBron James and Lance Stephenson formed one of the oddest and most entertaining rivalries in the NBA

24/04 03:15 George H.W. Bush hospitalized and in intensive care

24/04 02:45 Alaska Airlines is joining Delta, American, and United and launching a basic-economy class — but the cheap tickets come with a catch

24/04 02:45 Clouds on Uranus smell like farts, astronomers have confirmed — a clue that there was ‘a big shakeup’ early in the solar system

24/04 02:45 Gap’s CEO has a plan to make the company’s secret weapon more powerful

24/04 02:15 Dynamiek van radiolandschap biedt kansen

24/04 02:15 Apple sells 5 different types of iPad and it’s hard to choose — but there’s one that’s best for most people

24/04 02:15 Kanye West covers his laptop camera with tape

24/04 02:15 Flight records obtained by Bloomberg shed new light on Trump’s heavily scrutinized Moscow trip — and they seem to contradict what he told James Comey

24/04 02:15 A former assistant US attorney explains why Michael Cohen is likely to flip — something Trump’s allies seem to have conceded

24/04 01:45 Janneke Staarink verruilt IFFR voor De Doelen

24/04 01:45 Quince lanceert AR-campagne voor Samsung

24/04 01:45 A doctor’s office that charges $150 a month and doesn’t take insurance just raised millions to make it the future of medicine

24/04 01:45 A Marine colonel took us behind the scenes of the intense annual military drills where US troops train in Jordan amid explosions and gunfire

24/04 01:45 US veteran who survived blast in Afghanistan receives first penis and scrotum transplant

24/04 01:15 The New York Giants have become the X-factor heading into the 2018 NFL Draft

24/04 01:15 Americans remain confident in safety of US airlines after Southwest passenger death

24/04 01:15 Washing your romaine lettuce won’t eliminate E. coli — here’s how to minimize your risk during the current outbreak

24/04 01:15 Princess Charlotte just became a middle child — here’s what that could mean for her future

24/04 01:15 Google beat revenue targets but didn’t ease Wall Street’s biggest worries

24/04 01:15 A new ‘DOOM’ movie based on the classic video game franchise is in the works

24/04 00:45 Kate Middleton’s delivery of her third baby probably cost less than a typical birth in the US

24/04 00:45 Apple is reportedly working on a pair of smart glasses — here’s what it might look like

24/04 00:30 Regio's rondom Eindhoven en Almere tonen grootste economische groei

24/04 00:15 Democrats, health groups say Trump’s new insurance plan could undermine Obamacare and drive up healthcare costs for sick Americans

24/04 00:15 Waffle House says ‘police intervention was appropriate’ after a video of officers forcing a black woman to the ground, exposing her breasts, sparks outrage

24/04 00:15  Google Alphabet beats revenue targets, but shares hovering near closing price

24/04 00:15 Wall Street will never have the courage to admit why Eddie Lampert failed

24/04 00:15 ‘This is all a sham’: Ex-Sears executive says the CEO’s new bid to revive Sears will kill off the 125-year-old retailer once and for all


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