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Gameplatform Steam stopt met Bitcoin

gameplatform-steam-stopt-met-bitcoin07/12 10:45 - Gameplatform Steam stopt met Bitcoin
Gameplatform Steam van Valve, veruit het grootste buiten China, stopt met de acceptatie van bitcoins. De munt is te volatiel en wordt te duur....


Meer over economie

26/04 07:45 Ondanks grootste crisis ooit is omzet Facebook bijna 10 miljard euro

26/04 07:45 Nieuwe president-commissaris voor ForFarmers

26/04 07:45 Fugro verhoogt omzet op eigen kracht

26/04 07:45 Zwak eerste kwartaal Philips Lighting

26/04 07:45 Meer winst op lagere omzet voor Intertrust

26/04 07:45  Groei voor vast-mobiel en Internet of Things

26/04 07:45 Tanken wordt duurder nu olieprijs blijft stijgen

26/04 07:30 Britse bedrijven gaan onnodig plastic aanpakken

26/04 07:30 Vertrouwen producenten daalt

26/04 07:30 ASR bouwt Corins verder uit

26/04 07:30 Hogere omzet GrandVision door overnames

26/04 07:30 Samsung boekt voor vierde kwartaal op rij recordwinst

26/04 07:15 Vodafone stopt ook in Nederland met betaaldienst

26/04 06:30 Duitsland grootste importeur van staal van 'Nederlandse' bodem

26/04 06:30 Golfportal ‘Marktleider in Europa’

26/04 06:15 Crimineel geld in de antiwitwascel ziet Chinese fraudekanalen toenemen

26/04 06:15 North Korea and South Korea will meet in the ‘truce village’ of Panmunjom — these extraordinary photos show what it’s like

26/04 05:15 Steeds langere afwezigheden in privésector wegens ziekte of ongeval

26/04 05:15 Vrees voor straks helemaal 'gestoffeerd' met zonnepanelen

26/04 05:15 Vrees voor straks helemaal 'gestoffeerd' met zonnepanelen

26/04 05:15 LeBron James’ game-saving block may have actually been a violation that the refs missed

26/04 05:15 China quietly pulled a propaganda film celebrating its tech giants days after the US sanctioned one of them — and it could be troubling news for Huawei

26/04 04:45 Samsung waarschuwt voor tegenvallende smartphonemarkt

26/04 04:15 LeBron James saves the Cavs from utter meltdown with game-winning block and 3-pointer back-to-back

26/04 03:15 Adidas just opened a futuristic new factory — and it will dramatically change how shoes are sold

26/04 02:45 The beloved Digg, once the chief rival to Reddit, was just sold to an advertising tech company

26/04 02:45 San Francisco might try to stop the electric scooter invasion by placing limits on how many each startup can rent out

26/04 02:45 Donald Trump will reportedly visit Britain in July

26/04 02:15 Mark Zuckerberg revealed one of his ‘great regrets’ — and the timing is no accident

26/04 01:45 Will.i.am tells us about his friendship with Larry Page, and why he’s so big into the tech scene

26/04 01:45 Michael Cohen says he’ll plead the Fifth Amendment in Stormy Daniels case

26/04 01:15 Arriva en ING hoofdpartners van Hackatrain

26/04 01:15 MediaMonks en DDB grote winnaars bij SpinAwards

26/04 01:15 Apple made a controversial change in 2016 — but now all of Silicon Valley is playing catch-up

26/04 01:15 Starting salaries in 18 European nations, ranked from lowest to highest

26/04 00:45 Here are the 21 best photos from Macron and Trump’s historic state visit

26/04 00:45 Facebook shredded Wall Street’s Cambridge Analytica worries with a giant Q1 and its stock is soaring

26/04 00:30 VS op vier na grootste exportmarkt van Nederlands staal

26/04 00:30 VS grootste importeur van staal van 'Nederlandse' bodem

26/04 00:15 8 ways being too nice at work can backfire

26/04 00:15 A Tesla Model X driver claims her car crashed into a gym after she hit the brakes — but similar incidents point to a different explanation

26/04 00:15 The best map of our galaxy ever created shows where we are in relation to 1.7 billion stars

26/04 00:15 Goldman Sachs is betting a ‘Bachelorette’ star can boost its hot new business

26/04 00:15 Devastating new report alleges Trump’s VA nominee drunkenly ‘wrecked’ a government vehicle

26/04 00:15 Jeff Bezos says he liquidates a whopping $1 billion of Amazon stock every year to pay for his rocket company Blue Origin

26/04 00:15 I took a 15-hour nonstop flight to India on the country’s infamous national airline and was surprised by what I found

26/04 00:15 Two technologies could transform the way we all watch live sports — here’s how close they are to becoming reality

25/04 23:45 Silicon Valley can’t handle hard conversations — and it’s hurting entrepreneurs

25/04 23:45 Conor McGregor inexplicably moves up UFC rankings despite recent chaos and not having fought in 17 months

25/04 23:45 Why Green Berets are the smartest, most lethal fighters in the world


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