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01/01 00:15 - Plak iets op uw webcam!
FBI directeur James Comey heeft tijdens een conferentie in Washington laten ontvallen dat hij de camera in zijn laptop heeft afgeplakt. “Het is niet raar dat de FBI-directeur om zijn persoonlijke veiligheid geeft,” aldus Comey die ook laat doorschemeren dat Continue Reading →...


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21/03 17:45 Vijf verdachten opgepakt voor stelen politiekleding bij overval in Utrecht

21/03 17:45 Nog onzeker of importheffingen VS ook voor Europa gaan gelden

21/03 17:45 HTC maakt zelfstandige VR-bril Vive Focus dit jaar wereldwijd beschikbaar

21/03 17:45 Gemeenten verwachten meeste uitslagen raadsverkiezingen rond middernacht

21/03 17:45 Rusland eist excuses van UK

21/03 17:45  Model of New World Order

21/03 17:45  First Interstellar Asteroid From Binary Star System

21/03 17:45  Media’s Role in Covering for Big Pharma

21/03 17:45  France’s Submission to Islam Tied to Destruction of Free Speech

21/03 17:45  Merkel’s Right-Wing Opposition Says She Belongs in Court

21/03 17:45 Fed to Raise Rates With Trade Tensions on Horizon

21/03 17:45 Trump Admin Condemns California for Appointing Illegal to State Post

21/03 17:45 University of MLK Jr Is A Racist

21/03 17:45 Saudi Crown Women Are ‘Absolutely’ Equal To Men

21/03 17:45 Michael Kim Jong-un And President Trump Could Negotiate An Official End To Korean War

21/03 17:45 Trump’s Right On Trade, Media Is Wrong

21/03 17:45 Are Austin Bombings Zodiac Part 2?

21/03 17:45  Battle Breaks Out During Protests Outside Anti-Cop Coffeeshop

21/03 17:45 Trump Aims to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

21/03 17:45 Why Is America In Decline?

21/03 17:45 CNN Panel Trump Can Fire Mueller

21/03 17:45 French Baker Fined For Not Taking Day Off

21/03 17:45 Follow Interest Rates To Follow The Market

21/03 17:45 Democrats Pick Porn Star And Traumatized High-Schoolers To Lead Their Party

21/03 17:45  Lavender, Tea Tree Oil May Be Making Young Boys Grow Breasts

21/03 17:45 Lib Freaks Out After Virtue Signalling Poll Backfires

21/03 17:45 “The Bombs Are Connected”: Package Bound For Austin Explodes At Texas FedEx Warehouse

21/03 17:45 Obama’s Former Campaign Director Makes Bombshell Facebook Was “On Our Side”

21/03 17:45  Demographics In America Are Changing ‘Bewilderingly Fast’ — ‘Without Any Real Public Debate On The Subject’

21/03 17:45 Michael Moore Hammers the Media for Obsessive Coverage of Russia and Stormy Daniels

21/03 17:45 ‘That’s Not Going To Happen’ — Hillary Clinton Gets Triggered When Asked About Ivanka Trump Becoming First Female President

21/03 17:45 Ex-French President Sarkozy In Police Custody Over ‘Libyan Aid’ For His 2007 Campaign

21/03 17:45 Shooting at Maryland High School

21/03 17:45 Austin Mail Bomber Inspired by Netflix Show About Ted Kaczynski?

21/03 17:45 Turkey’s President Erdogan Threatens to Expand Military Offensive Beyond Kurdish Town of Afrin

21/03 17:45 ‘You Are Going, White Man’ – Julius Malema to South African Mayor

21/03 17:45 Watch Fifth Explosion In Month Has Texas On High Alert

21/03 17:45 YouTuber Convicted For “Offensive” Joke Video, Faces Prison

21/03 17:45 Facebook Loses Almost $40 Billion Over Privacy Scandal

21/03 17:45 Tech Startup Develops Robots, Self-Driving Bulldozers For Safer, Cheaper Construction Sites

21/03 17:45 Expelled Russian diplomats leave Britain in nerve agent crisis

21/03 17:45  FTC probing Facebook for use of personal data

21/03 17:45 Congress Should Provide Obamacare Opt-Outs, Not Bailouts

21/03 17:45 Cryptocurrency Twitter Reportedly Will Prohibit Cryptocurrency Ads

21/03 17:45 Iran denies Saudi allegations of harboring bin Laden’s son

21/03 17:45 Last male northern white rhino in the world dies

21/03 17:45  Suspicious Package at FedEx Facility in Austin

21/03 17:45  MSNBC Panics About Americans Waking Up To The Deep State

21/03 17:45 Mississippi Governor Signs Nation’s Toughest Abortion Ban Into Law

21/03 17:45 Even Adam Schiff Admits President Trump Was Right To Fire McCabe


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