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Watts Up With That? - wetenschap

24/04 11:30  Baby Birds Can’t Cope with Climate Change

24/04 08:30  California to get “climate whiplash” between drought and floods

24/04 03:30  “Climate change” is enticing monkeys to have more promiscuous inter-species sex

23/04 21:45  Twenty years ago today, the infamous “hockey stick” was published in Nature

23/04 20:30 Eye roller reporting from Climate Change ‘Making Allergy Season Worse’

23/04 17:30 Reality Nunatsiavut wildlife manager says polar bears not starving, public misinformed

23/04 16:45  Less Svalbard polar bear habitat during the early Holocene than now

23/04 05:30 Michael Bloomberg Pays USA’s Paris Agreement Tithe

23/04 02:30 Earth Day should Celebrate “Engines and Electricity”

22/04 22:30  Bringing the stunning hypocrisy of a climate conference out into the open

22/04 17:30 It’s been a bad winter all over – Snow in Japan 56 feet high!

22/04 02:30 Climate Fanatic Demands “Regulatory Hell” to Drag Everyone Else into His Misery

21/04 12:30 18 examples of the spectacularly wrong predictions made around the first “Earth Day” in 1970

21/04 07:30 Britain to ban Disposable Plastic – Cotton Buds, Drink Stirrers, Drinking Straws…

21/04 01:30 Curious Circles in Arctic Sea Ice

21/04 00:45  Climate Superstorms May Scuttle the Caribbean’s Green Energy Plans


20/04 20:30 Martian Muddy Waters

20/04 19:30 Interplanetary Shock Wave Sparks Electric-Blue Auroras

20/04 17:45 Where, Exactly, Is The Man-made Climate Problem?

20/04 17:30  Study says corals adapting fast enough to withstand another century of climate change

20/04 14:30 Humans Are Causing Mammals to Shrink!

20/04 05:30  Climate Skeptics Think What Elites Tell Them to Think

20/04 02:30 Reconstructing a Temperature History Using Complete and Partial Data

19/04 23:45 Arctic ice like you’ve not seen it before

19/04 22:30 Japan’s Mount Io erupts for the first time in 250 years

19/04 20:30 Mississippi River Megafloods – Worst in 500 years!!!

19/04 16:30 A (Satirical) Rebuttal to “The Astounding Non-Success Of Sparky Cars”

19/04 12:30  Republicans more persuasive than scientists on ‘climate change’

19/04 08:30 Green Entire Forests Being Murdered to Produce Wood Pellet Biomass

19/04 05:30 Sea level trends, starting points, and datum shifts

19/04 01:30 Canada’s Climate Change Policies Are Affecting Its Economy When it Comes to Resource Development

18/04 21:30 Putting The Hype Back Into Hyperloop

18/04 20:45 @usatoday @usatodayweather pushes Fake Climate News about the 100th meridian Agricultural belt

18/04 17:45 An interesting plot twist – call it an anomaly

18/04 12:45 Texan “Is the [climate] science settled? It does not matter”

18/04 06:30 Australian Green Front Northern Territory Lifts Fracking Ban

18/04 03:30 Colorado Communities Sue Exxon to Prevent The End of Snow

17/04 22:30 The Astounding Non-Success Of Sparky Cars

17/04 19:45 “Climate restoration” is the “New Coke” of climate alarmism

17/04 17:45 Arctic Ocean may have been covered by an ice shelf nearly double the size of Greenland’s ice sheet

17/04 17:45  diamonds in meteorite may indicate a lost planet that once roamed our solar system

17/04 15:45 HOW BAD IS THE GOVERNMENT’S SCIENCE? (It’s worse than we thought.)

17/04 05:45 NASA Gavin Schmidt Searching For the Silurians

16/04 23:30  Early Europeans Prospered Despite Abrupt Climate Change

16/04 23:30 Can Humans Melt the Antarctic Icecap?


16/04 17:30 Remember that “unprecedented” Arctic heating event in February 2018? Never mind.

16/04 16:45 “Ryan Zinke’s Great American Fire Sale” AKA The New Yorker’s total ignorance of oil & gas leasing.

16/04 16:30 “Ryan Zinke’s Great American Fire Sale” AKA The New Yorker’s total ignorance of the oil & gas leasing.

16/04 10:30  Eleven Minute Friendly Interview with Climate Skeptic Ian Plimer

16/04 06:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #312

16/04 02:45  Previously Unknown Asteroid had a Near Miss with Earth today

16/04 02:30  Global Warming Will Trigger Volcanic Eruptions

16/04 02:30  Previously Unknown Asteroid Nearly Misses Earth today

15/04 22:45 Getting the Public’s Attention on Global The Final Challenge

15/04 19:30 PBS to turn NOVA science into climate propaganda machine

15/04 01:30 Green activist lawyer burns himself to death to protest global warming

14/04 19:45 A conversation with Dr. Willie Soon – on polar bears, the sun, and Earth’s climate

14/04 09:45  Cute Animal Toys Lull Our Awareness of Endangered Species

14/04 01:30 Central Bankers Consider Dictating Climate Policy to Private Businesses

13/04 21:45 The Hubble Space Telescope finds an ‘Einstein Ring’

13/04 20:30 The world’s first climate propaganda satellite to be launched?

13/04 19:45 The world’s first climate propaganda satellite to be lauched?

13/04 12:45 Aussie Coal to Hydrogen Plant Part of the Seamless Transition to Clean Energy

13/04 06:30 It appears Solar Cycle 25 has begun – Solar cycle 24 one of the shortest and weakest ever

13/04 05:45 It appears Solar Cycle 25 has begun – Solar cyle 24 one of the shortest and weakest ever

13/04 03:45 More evidence that it’s COLD not WARMTH that hurts humanity

12/04 21:30 New Zealand Bans Offshore Gas and Oil Exploration

12/04 20:30 “Welcome to the Fabulous Anthropocene!”

12/04 18:30 70+ scientific papers Today’s Sea Level Change Indistinguishable From Noise

12/04 14:45 The “Alarmist Gone Wild” Perspective of the Increase in Antarctic Snowfall

12/04 07:30  CO2 Will Cause Baby Fish To Lose Their Way Home

12/04 00:45 BBC Climate Explainers Recycle Yesterday’s “The Day After Tomorrow”

11/04 21:30 Solar activity crashes – the Sun looks like a cueball

11/04 19:30 The recent “atmospheric river” that soaked California, as seen in a forecast

11/04 14:45 What Did Shell Know and When Did They Know It?

11/04 11:30 Pushing back against “The stupidest scientific paper ever published”

11/04 06:30 Latest nutty Geoengineering Salt the atmosphere

11/04 01:30 LA Painting Streets White to Prevent Global Warming

10/04 22:30 Apple caught fibbing about running on 100% renewable energy

10/04 18:45  Melting of Arctic mountain glaciers unprecedented in the past 400 years

10/04 16:45 Organic Agriculture is Worse for the Environment and Climate Than…

10/04 11:45 Oh No – Repealing Fuel Economy Standards Might Liberate Consumer Choice

10/04 04:30 Infrastructure encroachment at a NOAA Climate Reference (USCRN) site makes the data warmer

10/04 02:30 Private Firm Attracting Climate Research Funds

09/04 22:45 Big increase is Antarctic Snowfall helps to prevent sea level rise

09/04 20:45 A surprising finding about Nitrogen in our atmosphere

09/04 18:45 A troubling omission of condemnation by NASA’s Dr. Gavin Schmidt @ClimateOfGavin

09/04 17:45 Climate It Was The Sun All Along – So Say The Bulgarians

09/04 17:30 Pielke harasser, Judd Legum, turns tail and runs from debate challenge

09/04 07:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #311

08/04 23:45 Bangladesh, Ethiopia, China Demand More Geoengineering Money

08/04 18:45  Tens of Thousands of Black Holes Exist in Our Galaxy’s Center

08/04 01:45 A rebuttal to an ugly amicus brief attack in the #ExxonKnew case

07/04 17:30 Easter Island’s “ecological suicide” – myths and realities

07/04 14:45 Climate skeptics feel empowered to ‘keep pushing’ under Trump

07/04 02:45 NASA reports massive hole in Sun’s atmosphere

06/04 23:45 Looping the how the IPCC’s feedback aerobatics failed

06/04 20:45 UAH finds a warming error in satellite data, lowers “tropical hotspot” temperature trend, contradicts IPCC models

06/04 20:30 UAH finds a warming error in satellite data, lowers global temperature trend, contradicts IPCC models

06/04 14:30 Will There Be A 2018/19 El Niño?

06/04 11:45 NASA GISS gets slammed in Inspector General report for questionable ‘$1.63 million of GISS’ expenditures since 2012’

06/04 11:30  White Evangelicals Have Sold Their Souls on Climate Change

05/04 21:30 Appeasement in the Bizarre World of Climate, Politics, and Big Oil

05/04 19:30 Whitestown Revisited – a weather benchmark location for the Corn Belt

05/04 17:30 A factual comment on Willlis Eschenbach’s and Christopher Monckton’s most recent posts, concerning clouds and ECS, respectively.

05/04 13:30 A look at the GHCN Daily Minimums Debunks a Basic Assumption of Global Warming

05/04 06:30 Roger Pielke Jr. calls out harasser @juddlegum

05/04 03:30 Automobile emissions research benefits the study of exoplanet atmospheres

04/04 23:45 The Road To Hell Is Paved With Solar Panels – “Solar Road” fails miserably

04/04 23:30 Court Case to Force Shell to “Reinvest” More in Renewables

04/04 21:30 The Road To Hell Is Paved With Solar Panels

04/04 20:30 US power sector carbon emissions intensity drops to lowest on record (because EPA forced coal power closure)

04/04 16:45 Global Temperature March 2018

04/04 14:45 Shocking! The SEC rules that activist shareholders can’t force oil companies to stop being oil companies!

03/04 23:45 Clouds Down Under

03/04 21:30 Mann and Lewandowsky’s polar bear paper enters Climate change leads to more…neurosurgery for polar bears?

03/04 19:30 Bizarre Climate Change will poison Monarch Butterflies

03/04 17:30 Earth’s stable temperature past suggests other planets could also sustain life

03/04 16:45 Junk Science “Lyme disease the first epidemic of climate change.”

03/04 14:30  Your wood stove affects the climate more than you might think

03/04 10:45 Californian Bird Lovers Wonder If Climate Change Killed or Confused Their Missing Birds

03/04 04:30 Errorless Global Mean Sea Level Rise

03/04 00:30 Climate Oil Conspiracy “Smoking Gun” Goes Up in Smoke


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