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Newfound, Tiny Sun is Among the Oldest Stars in the Universe

08/11 17:45 - Newfound, Tiny Sun is Among the Oldest Stars in the Universe
One of the oldest stars in the universe is quietly hiding out in the Milky Way some 2,000 light-years from Earth. According to a new study published in The Astrophysical Journal, the tiny, 13.5-billion-year-old red dwarf contains barely any heavy elements at all, suggesting it formed out of a nearly pristine cloud of material leftover from shortly after the Big Bang. Furthermore, because the small star is just one-seventh the mass of the sun and is made of primordial matter, it’s making...


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13/02 16:30 NASA To Speak Today on the Fate of Mars Opportunity Rover

13/02 16:30 How to tango with DMSO – A smart way to evaporate tough solvents

13/02 16:15 Britse minister wil zwermen drones

13/02 16:15 Gentherapie voor Nederlandse patiënt met erfelijke geelzucht

13/02 15:30 Onderzoekers voorspelden gister het einde van de insecten, maar hun studie rammelt

13/02 15:30 Laborers’ International Union of North America Savages AOC’s Green New Deal

13/02 15:30 Biologisch gezien zijn wij niet gemaakt voor lange relaties

13/02 14:30 Image of the Neon Collective

13/02 14:15 Productie van groen plastic kan groener

13/02 13:15 Slimme schuilplaats voor katten dankzij AI

13/02 12:30 Photons reveal a weird effect called the quantum pigeonhole paradox

13/02 12:15 ‘Slakachtig organisme als eerst van a naar b’

13/02 11:45 Activision Blizzard ontslaat 800 mensen zodat plunderkapitalisten nog rijker worden

13/02 11:30 ‘Let’s Be Real’: California Governor Ditches High-Speed Rail Project, Cites Hefty Price Tag

13/02 09:30 Learning Through Citizen Enhancing Opportunities By Design

13/02 09:15 Album gemaakt met motherboard-geluiden

13/02 07:30 New intensity scale ranks California’s ‘atmospheric river’ storm events just like hurricanes

13/02 07:15 Biologische lariekoek - Luizen verspreiden zich via jassen

13/02 03:45 Slijmballen beweren een lange penis te hebben

13/02 03:30 California Wildfire “Turn Out the Lights…”

13/02 02:30 NASA Scientist Searched For 'A Couple Hours' Before Spotting Second Greenland Impact Crater

13/02 00:30 China and India Are Literally Making Earth Greener

13/02 00:30 A Hormone Produced When We Exercise Might Help Fight Alzheimer's

13/02 00:30 About SciStarter’s “Participant API,” used by 50+ citizen science projects (and counting)

13/02 00:30 These Are the 24 Sounds Humans Use to Communicate Without Words

13/02 00:30 We'll Need A Whole New Landing Approach to Put Humans On Mars

13/02 00:30 LA Mayor Declares Allegiance to the Green New Deal, Ditches Plans to Rebuild Natural Gas Infrastructure

12/02 23:45 NASA doet ultieme poging om contact met verstomde marslander Opportunity te herstellen

12/02 23:45 NASA doet ultieme poging om contact met verstomde marslander Opportunity te herstellen

12/02 22:30 FDA Cracks Down on "Bad Actors" in Dietary Supplement Market

12/02 22:30 Walter Munk, “Einstein of the Oceans” Dies

12/02 21:45 What’s the Buzz? Mosquitoes Can Hear You From 30 Feet Away

12/02 21:45 Norgen Biotek's Cell-free DNA / Cell-free RNA (cf-DNA/cf-RNA) BCT Tube is Best-In-Class

12/02 21:45 De biologie achter Kim Kardashian haar psoriasis

12/02 21:30 A new 2-D material uses light to quickly and safely purify water

12/02 21:30  Jet aircraft trails create extra rain and snow from clouds

12/02 21:30 Fernbach et al.: Advantages of Pre-Registration of Study Design

12/02 20:30 New research finds possible second impact crater hiding under Greenland ice

12/02 19:45 Ancient Celts Decapitated Their Enemies and Saved Their Heads, Archaeologists Say

12/02 19:45 NASA Once Made an Official Ruling on Women and Pantsuits

12/02 19:30 Where Do New Languages Come From?

12/02 19:30 Anonieme trollen waren in de Gouden Eeuw al actief

12/02 18:30 Government (-driven) shutdowns have human consequences

12/02 17:30 Fossilized Tubes Point to Super-Ancient Mobile Organisms

12/02 17:00 Hoe ontstaat een lawine, welke giga-vliegtuigen zijn er, en hoe werkt tatoeëren?

12/02 16:30 Greenland may have another massive crater hiding under its ice

12/02 16:15 Duizenden nieuwe darmbacteriën ontdekt

12/02 15:30 Are Childless Climate Change Eco-Worriers Modern Day Shakers?

12/02 15:15 Enorme inslagkrater ontdekt onder twee kilometer dik Groenlands ijs

12/02 14:45 Enorme inslagkrater ontdekt onder twee kilometer dik Groenlands ijs


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