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'Meer nazorg door hypotheekadviseur nodig'

09/11 09:30 - 'Meer nazorg door hypotheekadviseur nodig'
Hypotheekadviseurs doen te weinig om huiseigenaren te helpen tijdens de looptijd van hun hypotheek, vindt de Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH)....


Meer over economie

12/12 22:45  Nu weer door met regelen van Brexit

12/12 22:45 Italië verlaagt begrotingstekort naar 2 procent na druk Europese Commissie

12/12 22:45 This NYC gym helps you create the best workout Instagram content

12/12 22:45 MoviePass competitor Sinemia has 7 different ways it can charge you fees, and many customers are furious

12/12 22:45 Congress just quietly passed a law that could could spell a boom for the $1 billion marijuana-based CBD industry

12/12 22:45 The 5 biggest snubs of this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations, which are voted on by actors

12/12 22:45 7 dietitians reveal what they actually order from Taco Bell

12/12 22:45 Theresa May wins no confidence vote, but 117 Conservative MPs vote to get rid of her

12/12 22:30 Britse premier May kan aanblijven

12/12 22:30 May houdt steun parlementariërs eigen partij

12/12 22:30 Winsten voor Amerikaanse beurzen

12/12 22:30 Premier May geeft statement na winnen vertrouwensstemming

12/12 22:15 Draft report on the Parkland shooting calls for internal review of 7 deputies for reportedly not responding to the gunfire fast enough

12/12 22:15 The 7 best things I learned in college that had nothing to do with my grades

12/12 22:15 Theresa May overleeft vertrouwensstemming en blijft voorlopig premier – maar daarmee is de Brexitchaos nog lang niet voorbij

12/12 22:15 Abercrombie removed its shirtless models and turned up the lights in stores, leading to the biggest retail comeback of the year

12/12 22:15 The royal family’s photographer picked his favorite photos of the year, and they aren’t what you’d expect

12/12 22:15 Lyft is quickly catching up to Uber in the US as the ride-hailing companies race to go public

12/12 22:15 Theresa May survives Conservative party vote of no confidence

12/12 22:15  Theresa May wins no confidence vote, but 117 Conservatives vote to get rid of her

12/12 22:15 Michael Cohen is set to spend 3 years in a ‘cushy’ prison that’s been called a ‘castle behind bars’

12/12 21:45 ‘Nieuwe eigenaar Hudson's Bay denkt aan ontslagen in Nederland’

12/12 21:45 ‘Nieuwe eigenaar Hudson's Bay denkt aan ontslagen in Nederland’

12/12 21:45 10 tricks to help you solve every crossword puzzle, every time

12/12 21:45 A woman who sells 6-figure engagement rings on Instagram says there’s a simple way to buy diamonds that look bigger for a lower price

12/12 21:30 Conservatieve parlementariërs stemmen over lot premier May

12/12 21:15 ‘Amazon has got to go’: Protesters swarmed City Hall as New York’s city council held its first hearing about Amazon’s HQ2 deal

12/12 21:15  These 10 risks could throw the markets and economy for a loop in 2019

12/12 21:15 The Air Force just hit a major milestone with the US military’s upgraded, highly precise nuclear bomb

12/12 21:15 Tesla wants its factory workers to wear futuristic augmented reality glasses on the assembly line

12/12 21:15 ‘Do you realize how out of touch that seems?’: NYC lawmakers rail against Amazon for HQ2 helipad demand in heated hearing

12/12 20:45 ’Veel fabeltjes over flexibele kantoren’

12/12 20:45 Google wijzigt voorwaarden Google CSS partners

12/12 20:45 Waarom is de Tata Nano een grote miskleun?

12/12 20:45 Amazon’s public policy exec got booed in a meeting with New York council members when he evaded a question about the company’s business with immigration agencies

12/12 20:45  Theresa May promises to quit before next election as Conservative MPs decide whether to get rid of her

12/12 20:45 Under Armour is getting slammed after its investor day disappoints

12/12 20:45 ESPN’s Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser blast Stephen Curry for saying the moon landing was ‘Does that mean you don’t believe in slavery?’

12/12 20:45 Italië komt uiterst kritische EU tegemoet met plan voor lager begrotingsoverschot

12/12 20:45 Los Angeles is finally regulating Airbnb stays — here’s what the new short-term rental law means for hosts and travelers

12/12 20:45 An Audible gift subscription is a thoughtful present for people who love to read — and it starts at $15

12/12 20:45 8 cities and towns where you can get a home for free — or buy one at a massive discount

12/12 20:45 Russian cosmonauts stabbed a spaceship with a knife to locate a mysterious hole in the International Space Station

12/12 20:30  ING-baas Hamers is getapte jongen af

12/12 20:30 Ex-GTST-ster verdient lekker aan crypto’s

12/12 20:30 Hudson’s lijdt in ons land zware verliezen

12/12 20:30 Google wijzigt voorwaarden Google CSS nieuwe vereisten vanaf begin 2019

12/12 20:15 ‘Energienota stijgt wél fors, Nederlander laat zich niet foppen’

12/12 20:15 ‘Energienota stijgt wél fors, Nederlander laat zich niet foppen’

12/12 20:15 76 unique gift ideas from startups that are worth having on your radar


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