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Persoonsgegevens 10.000 gebruikers ah.nl gelekt

persoonsgegevens-10000-gebruikers-ahnl-gelekt09/11 10:15 - Persoonsgegevens 10.000 gebruikers ah.nl gelekt
Door een programmeerfout zijn de ah.nl-inloggegevens van zo'n tienduizend klanten onbedoeld gedeeld met enkele online service providers van Albert Heijn. Dat meldt de grootgrutter op haar website....


Meer over economie

21/11 07:30 FC Twente strikt nieuwe financieel directeur

21/11 07:30 Niet alle banken voldoen aan nieuwe privacywet

21/11 07:30 'Een op de zes ambtenaren wordt door baas aangezet tot niet-integer werk'

21/11 07:15 Redactie Actief bedrijfsuitje Survival Plus arrangement

21/11 07:15 Deze maand de twee miljardste betaling met iDEAL

21/11 07:15 People recovering from the California wildfires are now scrambling to get ready for rain and potential mudslides

21/11 06:45 Consument opnieuw iets minder positief

21/11 06:45 Deze 5 tips vergroten jouw omzet

21/11 06:45 Verkoopbereidheid ondernemers in twee jaar gehalveerd

21/11 06:30 Steeds minder mkb’ers verkopen bedrijf

21/11 06:30 'Hoogste schadeniveau door files voor bedrijfsleven in 2017 sinds crisis'

21/11 06:15 Bitcoin naar 4300 dollar

21/11 06:15 Minder investeringen door Nederlandse angels

21/11 06:15 Dit zijn de 20 duurste files van Nederland

21/11 06:15 Dit zijn de 20 duurste files van Nederland

21/11 06:15 The death toll from California’s fires has risen to 84 — and nearly 870 people are still missing

21/11 05:30 Oudere werkzoekenden bereid salaris in te leveren

21/11 05:15 China’s top security agency is accused of directing a wave of cyberattacks against Australia

21/11 03:15 Apple’s App Store and Apple Music went down for 32 minutes, just days before Black Friday

21/11 03:15 ‘Saudi Arabia First, not America ’ Even top GOP allies of Trump are railing against his defense of Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi’s brutal murder

21/11 03:15 Jamal Khashoggi was barred from writing in Saudi Arabia after he criticized Trump, then left his native country

21/11 02:45 We know the name of the next Harley Quinn movie and people are seriously confused

21/11 02:45 Apple’s App Store and Apple Music are down, just days before Black Friday

21/11 02:15 Walmart wants its campaign donation back after uproar over Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s ‘public hanging’ remarks

21/11 02:15 More Mexican leaders are being implicated in the Sinaloa cartel’s dirty dealings during ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s trial

21/11 02:15 US Homeland Security reportedly infiltrating WhatsApp groups and using paid undercover informants to monitor migrant caravan

21/11 01:45 Facebook’s ad platform has crashed — causing chaos just days before Black Friday

21/11 01:15 Trump reportedly wanted to order the DOJ to prosecute Comey and Clinton

21/11 01:15 Phil Mickelson challenged Tiger Woods to a $100,000 bet on the first hole of their upcoming match and Tiger responded by doubling it

21/11 01:15 Romaine lettuce has been linked to an E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 32 people in 11 states. Here’s why this food-poisoning expert never orders salad in restaurants.

21/11 01:15 An E. coli outbreak from romaine lettuce has sickened 50 people — here’s how to avoid getting sick

21/11 00:45 NFL Power Where all 32 teams stand going into Week 12

21/11 00:45 Why customers should be wary of MoviePass and Sinemia, from class-action lawsuits to ‘F’ ratings from the Better Business Bureau

21/11 00:45 LuLaRoe’s CEO tearfully addresses inventory problems in leaked audio

21/11 00:30 Treurig dat polder faalt met pensioen

21/11 00:15 Bella Hadid and The Weeknd reportedly signed a lease together — here’s a timeline of their relationship

21/11 00:15 7 common mistakes people make when writing email subject lines

21/11 00:15 17 Black Friday mattress sales from popular companies like Casper, Leesa, and Helix

21/11 00:15 The US Air Force put the destructive power of nearly three dozen F-35 stealth fighters into the air in just 11 minutes

21/11 00:15 How an automatic floodgate is helping communities against natural disasters

21/11 00:15 Microsoft is about to roll out an amazing holiday discount to what’s already the best deal in video games

21/11 00:15 Facebook and Instagram are both down for some users — Facebook said it was working on a fix

21/11 00:15 ‘They weren’t deleted like Hillary Clinton’s’: Trump defends daughter Ivanka’s use of a private email account for government business

21/11 00:15 ‘Naive and self-destructive’: Big Democratic donors back Nancy Pelosi and warn that funding will be cut in half if she’s pushed out

20/11 23:45 Overleg over pensioenen mislukt, minister beraadt zich op vervolg

20/11 23:45 Overleg over pensioenen mislukt, minister beraadt zich op vervolg

20/11 23:45 We visited Old Navy and saw why it’s Gap’s biggest asset

20/11 23:45 Here are all the best deals for Xbox One consoles and games this holiday season

20/11 23:45 Snapchat’s parent company is trying again with a new version of its Spectacles glasses —this time with two cameras, at a price of $350

20/11 23:45 Forget buying the cheapest house on the best street — a real-estate exec says there’s a smarter move to make


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