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Half beleggen

-half-beleggen09/11 15:30 - Half beleggen
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Meer over economie

24/04 21:45 Omzetgroei voor bandenmaker Michelin

24/04 21:45 Brazilië blijft groeimarkt voor Carrefour

24/04 21:45 How much your healthcare costs in all 50 states

24/04 21:45  Here comes Microsoft earnings

24/04 21:45 If you’re going to see the 3-hour-long ‘ Endgame,’ plan your bathroom break wisely. Here’s what can happen if you hold your pee too long.

24/04 21:45 Here are 8 weapons of war China showed off during its massive naval parade

24/04 21:45 A photographer recorded Saturn ‘touching’ the moon with his smartphone, and the pictures are stunning

24/04 21:45 26 fun gifts that grown-up Disney and Mickey Mouse fans will love

24/04 21:30 Ook witwaskwestie bij Belgische bank

24/04 21:15 Zou een Catweazle even in het jaar 3000 kunnen kijken?

24/04 21:15 The 10 most popular wedding dates of 2019

24/04 21:15 Michael Phelps teaches his 2-year-old son a special ‘lion’s breath’ technique — part of the mental-health routine that Phelps says saved his life

24/04 21:15 36 of the best graduation gifts you can give to upcoming high school or college grads

24/04 21:15 We scrolled through hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio’s new app, which is filled with personality quizzes, bite-size life advice, and Nickelodeon-like cartoons. Here’s what we found.

24/04 21:15 A Texas school has introduced a dress code for parents that bans hair rollers, leggings, pajamas, and ‘sagging pants’

24/04 21:15 Macy’s is reportedly in talks to plop an 800-foot skyscraper on top of its iconic flagship store

24/04 21:15 6 new ‘Game of Thrones’ photos tease breathtaking action during the longest episode in series history

24/04 21:15 A photographer captured pictures of Saturn ‘touching’ the moon with his smartphone, and the shots are stunning

24/04 21:15  Chipotle is about to release Q1 earnings

24/04 20:45 Redder van Accell schittert door afwezigheid

24/04 20:45 WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The first-round picks from Tom Brady’s infamous 2000 NFL Draft

24/04 20:45 11 home-improvement chains that rose up before Home Depot and Lowe’s took over the industry

24/04 20:45 The stock market just hit a record high and history suggests it’s headed even higher

24/04 20:45 A trumpet that was played at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is up for sale on eBay

24/04 20:30 Kleine minnen op Wall Street

24/04 20:30  Wij hadden diefstal moeten melden

24/04 20:30 Groene kandidaten voor Eneco trekken samen op

24/04 20:15 Measles is spreading rapidly in New York City — 94 more people have gotten sick this month. Elsewhere, the infection has killed more than 1,200 since October.

24/04 20:15 America’s middle class is set apart from the rich by 2 distinct measures of wealth

24/04 20:15 Border Patrol found a crying 3-year-old alone in a cornfield with a phone number written on his shoes

24/04 20:15 10 things you didn’t know about Sophie Turner

24/04 20:15 Trump just explicitly laid out his strategy to fight the overwhelming number of Democratic investigations

24/04 20:15 Apple increased the price for its newest MacBook Air by $200 — but I still think it’s worth the money

24/04 20:15 Chrissy Teigen was gifted a huge ‘Renaissance painting’ of the viral photo showing Dwyane Wade crashing into her and John Legend

24/04 19:45  'Grote bedrijven moeten mkb'ers binnen 30 dagen terugbetalen'

24/04 19:45 Basisinkomen zorgt voor stijging koopkracht

24/04 19:45 Geef robots vakantiegeld, net als Poolse aspergestekers

24/04 19:45 Basisinkomen zorgt voor stijging koopkracht

24/04 19:45 The 22 tallest buildings in the world right now, ranked

24/04 19:45 It’s possible for Amazon employees tasked with listening to Alexa requests to figure out a customer’s home address, report says

24/04 19:45 The 15 states with the smallest middle class

24/04 19:45 35 perfect graduation gifts for her — as recommended by a recent college graduate

24/04 19:45 16 chefs and restaurateurs share their favorite places to eat in NYC

24/04 19:30 Aandeelhouders ABN eens met juridische fusie

24/04 19:15 61 hypotheekadviseurs krijgen beroepsverbod voor kopiëren handtekening

24/04 19:15 Nissan waarschuwt wederom voor lagere winst en wijst op Ghosn-affaire

24/04 19:15 'Grote bedrijven moeten ondernemers binnen dertig dagen terugbetalen'

24/04 19:15 Ketamine, once known for its club-enhancing effects, is now an FDA-approved antidepressant. Here’s what it does to your brain.

24/04 19:15 5 of the best organizations that help survivors of sexual assault

24/04 19:15 Most millennials and Gen Z define financial success the same way — and it has nothing to do with being rich


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