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August 2018 ENSO ‘game show edition’

09/08 18:45 - August 2018 ENSO ‘game show edition’
From climate.gov by Emily Becker By nearly all measurements, the tropical Pacific is comfortably gliding along in ENSO-neutral conditions, and forecasters expect that will continue through the rest of the summer. The chance that our old buddy El Niño will be around during the fall is about 60%, rising to 70% by winter, and the El Niño Watch is continued…...


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19/11 05:30 ‘Extinction Rebellion’ protesters block London bridges over climate change call

19/11 04:45 Lentivirus 101: Simple Gene Delivery

19/11 03:30 Three days in the life of Earth as seen by GOES-17, soon slated to be our latest operational weather satellite

19/11 02:45 Anti-Carbon-Tax Revolt Threatens To Paralyse France

19/11 00:30 California “In Less than Five Years, Even the Worst Skeptics Will Be Believers”

18/11 23:30 Wombats are the only animals whose poop is a cube. Here’s how they do it.

18/11 22:45 Medical "When a Dying Patient Confesses to Murder"

18/11 22:45 Small doses of peanut protein can turn allergies around

18/11 22:45 ‘De buitenwereld is geen objectieve werkelijkheid; besef dat andere mensen de wereld totaal anders kunnen waarnemen’

18/11 22:45 The Case for Sustainable Meat

18/11 22:30 #CampFire #WoolseyFire Blaming climate – ignoring incompetence

18/11 20:30 Part Two of Curio A Word From Co-Founder, Paul Hickey

18/11 20:30 Part Three of Curio Q&A with Co-Founder, Conor Nugent

18/11 19:30 Warming assessment of the bottom-up Paris Agreement emissions pledges

18/11 18:30 Part One of Curio Protect Urban Forests With Curio

18/11 15:30 Hoogsensitief modegril of echt probleem?

18/11 15:30 System to rid space station of astronaut exhalations inspires Earth-based CO2 removal

18/11 14:45 19-jarige sterft na inhaleren deodorantspray

18/11 14:45 'Klimaat snel extremer, actie is zeer urgent'

18/11 13:30 Tiny satellites will relay news of InSight’s Mars landing in minutes, not hours

18/11 11:15 Een kijkje in de glazen bol van je genen

18/11 10:30 Dit is waarom er nog geen ‘antikaterpil’ op de markt is

18/11 10:15 Dit is waarom er nog geen ‘antikaterpil’ op de markt is

18/11 08:45 The Picasso Problem

18/11 07:15 Biologische lemmingen plegen massaal zelfmoord

18/11 06:30 Metric system overhaul will dethrone the one, true kilogram

18/11 05:30 Waarom het jaar 536 ‘het ergste jaar ooit’ was

18/11 05:15 Waarom het jaar 536 ‘het ergste jaar ooit’ was

18/11 02:45 In the Climate Deception Game Where The End Justifies the Means, the Objective is the Headline.

18/11 02:30 Could Neanderthals Speak? The Ongoing Debate Over Neanderthal Language

18/11 02:30 The Anthropic Are the Laws of the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

18/11 02:30 Will The Snowiest Decade Continue?

18/11 00:30 What Studying Primate Communication Tells Us About The Evolution of Human Language

17/11 22:30 Coral Adaptation and Epigenetics

17/11 18:45 “Scientists” Determine That the Worst Year in Human History Was… 536 AD.

17/11 17:45  3-D Printing Parts For Historic Ringling Bros Train Car

17/11 17:30 What Studying Primate Communication Tells Us About Our Own Language Abilities

17/11 15:30 Fact-checking the NY Times’ Fact-checking

17/11 13:30 Aflikken speentje beschermt mogelijk tegen allergieën bij baby’s

17/11 13:15 Glinsterende oorwormvleugels stelen de show

17/11 11:45 Aflikken speentje beschermt mogelijk tegen allergieën

17/11 10:45 Wratten, schimmels, soa’s, zweten en haren waar je die niet in Ongemak worden lichamelijke taboes besproken

17/11 09:45 Inslagkrater verstopt onder de Hiawatha-gletsjer in Groenland?

17/11 07:30 Reef Scientist Receives “Standing Up for Science” Award for Defending His Climate Change Claims

17/11 07:15 Column #23 van Hens Hoe repareer je een ruimtestation?

17/11 05:30 A massive crater hides beneath Greenland’s ice

17/11 00:30 Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy

16/11 23:45 A New Treatment for Alzheimer's? It Starts With Lifestyle

16/11 23:45 Our Attempts to Eradicate Insects are Just Making them Resistant to Pesticides

16/11 23:45 Inslagkrater verstopt onder de Hiawatha-gletsjer in IJsland?


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