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Actress Meg Ryan and rocker John Mellencamp are engaged

09/11 16:15 - Actress Meg Ryan and rocker John Mellencamp are engaged
Meg Ryan announced her engagement to John Mellencamp on Thursday. The couple dated for three years before splitting in 2014 and reuniting in 2017. The post Actress Meg Ryan and rocker John Mellencamp are engaged appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


Meer over economie

13/11 23:45 Italië gaat omstreden begroting definitief niet aanpassen

13/11 23:45 Take a look inside a gorgeous inventor’s paradise in a remote part of Brooklyn that used to be a deserted, rotted-out machine shop

13/11 23:45 7 reasons why traveling by train is better than flying

13/11 23:45 The 25 US cities where a middle-class American salary goes furthest

13/11 23:45 You will have 2 more chances to see Stan Lee cameos before the end of 2018

13/11 23:30 Investeren in andermans dromen? Je kan er aan verdienen

13/11 23:15 Urban Decay’s 10-day Black Friday sale includes its fan-favorite Naked palettes for 50% off

13/11 23:15 The 4 movies or TV shows coming to Netflix this week that are worth watching

13/11 23:15 A nurse drove through flames to help victims of the Camp Fire as his truck melted around him

13/11 22:45 ‘Black Panther’ star Michael B. Jordan fondly remembers when Stan Lee visited the ‘The room gets quiet’

13/11 22:45 Sweetgreen is now valued at more than $1 billion

13/11 22:45 You’ll no longer be able to buy flavored Juul e-cigarettes in retail stores because too many teens are vaping

13/11 22:45 ‘Red-light district on the move’: Self-driving cars open up a whole world of on-the-go activities — including sex

13/11 22:45 The 76ers trade for Jimmy Butler is a ‘high risk, high reward’ gamble that could change the course of the franchise

13/11 22:45 Trump talks tough about the military, but he hasn’t visited a war zone where US troops are fighting — unlike his predecessors

13/11 22:45 10 reasons you should travel by train this holiday season

13/11 22:30 Olieprijzen trekken Wall Street mee omlaag

13/11 22:15 482 hiring managers looked at nearly 20,000 résumés and found the classic advice to limit your résumé to one page might be wrong after all

13/11 22:15 The losers of Amazon’s HQ2 contest have been revealed — but some locals are rejoicing

13/11 22:15 Here’s everyone who has been charged and convicted in Mueller’s Russia probe so far

13/11 22:15 White House bashes ‘self-avowed socialist’ Bernie Sanders as ‘ridiculous’ for calling Trump an authoritarian

13/11 22:15 ‘We are here to stay’ — Pence says he personally challenged China with a South China Sea flyby

13/11 22:15 The US airlines most and least likely to mishandle your luggage

13/11 21:45 Pon achterop bij fietsenreus Accell

13/11 21:45 John Kelly reportedly clashed with Melania Trump, which could spell the end of his time in the White House

13/11 21:45 Google is consolidating DeepMind’s healthcare AI business under its new Google Health unit

13/11 21:45 I drove a $474,000 Ferrari 812 Superfast to see if the most powerful Ferrari in the world is worth the price tag — here’s the verdict

13/11 21:45 A month after a botched debut that deleted people’s files, the next big Windows update is finally starting to roll out

13/11 21:45 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joined a protest of Democratic leadership, and she’s not even officially in Congress yet

13/11 21:45 15 revelations we learned from Michelle Obama’s new memoir ‘Becoming’

13/11 21:45 The elite warship that collided with a massive tanker on its way home from NATO’s big war games unexpectedly sank overnight

13/11 21:45 Police give ‘all clear’ at Ohio hospital after active-shooter scare

13/11 21:15 Benzine en diesel mogelijk binnenkort goedkoper

13/11 21:15 Benzine en diesel mogelijk binnenkort goedkoper

13/11 21:15 Onderzoek naar fraude door medewerkers Vestia

13/11 21:15 94% of teachers say they spend their own money on their classrooms — and some have turned to sites like GoFundMe for help

13/11 21:15 9 tips to make your flight more enjoyable

13/11 21:15 Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone could be an impressive overhaul in design and features — here are 10 rumors about what it’ll look like

13/11 21:15 ‘We were not elected to serve as Amazon drones’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other NYC politicians voice outrage about Amazon HQ2’s move to Long Island City

13/11 21:15 Amazon is forcing New York and Virginia to help it build helipads in return for building ‘HQ2’ in their states

13/11 21:15 Woman with a gun prompts active-shooter scare at Ohio hospital, police say no shots fired

13/11 20:45 Pon voert belang in fietsenmaker Accell op

13/11 20:45 Olieprijzen gedaald met meer dan 6 procent

13/11 20:45 Benzine en diesel mogelijk binnenkort goedoper

13/11 20:45 Elon Musk has tried to help fix these 8 humanitarian crises — here’s how he’s doing so far

13/11 20:45 Household staples from Hershey’s chocolate to Crest toothpaste will get more expensive next year, and executives are partially blaming the ‘overrun’ trucking industry

13/11 20:45 New York City won over Amazon in its HQ2 quest by claiming the site was 15 minutes from LaGuardia — the worst airport in America

13/11 20:45 Ireland Baldwin says police accused her of being a looter when she tried to return home during the California wildfires

13/11 20:45 11 things that are ruining your dyed hair

13/11 20:45 Amazon is essentially creating a new neighborhood in Virginia for its HQ2 — and people are confused


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