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Harry Potter pop-up store opent zijn deuren in Utrecht

09/11 16:15 - Harry Potter pop-up store opent zijn deuren in Utrecht
Ter ere van het twintigjarig jubileum van de Nederlandstalige Harry Potter boeken opent Uitgeverij De Harmonie vandaag een magische Harry Potter pop-up store in Hoog Catharijne. De pop-up store zal, geheel in thema, 9¾ week openblijven....


Meer over economie

17/01 21:15 New Zealand has kicked out a family of ‘unruly’ British tourists who have wreaked havoc in the country

17/01 21:15 Slack is losing its second-most important executive in the run-up to its expected IPO this year

17/01 21:15 10 warning signs a job offer is too good to be true, according to career experts

17/01 21:15 Trump responds to Pelosi by canceling her foreign travel after she asks him to postpone State of the Union

17/01 20:45 Geldmonopolie dreigt in ons land

17/01 20:45 Cao-akkoorden PostNL zonder vakbond FNV

17/01 20:45 Verenigd Koninkrijk zou EU-voorstel voor uitstel Brexit afwijzen

17/01 20:45 Google betaalt 40 miljoen dollar voor technologie Fossil

17/01 20:45 Instacart workers are fighting back against a policy change they say drastically cut their wages

17/01 20:45 There has been a disturbing rise in the maternal death rate in the US, and experts say it’s the most dangerous developed country to give birth in

17/01 20:45 A $170 hairbrush might seem like an absurd expense, but it’s one I firmly think is worth it

17/01 20:45 Rapper Snoop Dogg investeert in het Zweedse fintech-bedrijf Klarna en wordt daarmee Smoooth Dogg

17/01 20:45 Unpaid TSA workers are ‘trying not to panic’ as bills stack up

17/01 20:45 Michael Cohen reportedly gave a tech firm $12,000 and a boxing glove in a Walmart bag to try and rig polls in Trump’s favor

17/01 20:45 Thousands more children were separated from their parents at the border than were previously known, inspector general reveals in bombshell report

17/01 20:30  Feestje bij uitzenders valt in water

17/01 20:30 Franse supermarkt Casino voelt protesten

17/01 20:15 I answered an AI-powered survey that revealed my innermost motivations, and immediately understood why companies pay thousands for employees to take it

17/01 20:15 The speed of light is torturously slow, and these 3 simple animations by a scientist at NASA prove it

17/01 20:15 My family of 4 spends $946 a month on groceries and eats at home for almost every meal — here’s exactly what we buy

17/01 20:15 Microsoft’s ‘Forza Horizon 4’ removes controversial dances at center of the ‘Fortnite’ lawsuits

17/01 20:15 THEN AND The cast of the ‘High School Musical’ movies 13 years later

17/01 20:15 Lyft wants to use augmented reality to make it easier to meet your driver

17/01 20:15 Netflix’s ‘Fyre’ director hits back at Hulu’s whitewashing criticism and says the Fyre Festival founder wanted $125,000 for an interview

17/01 20:15 Ilhan Omar, the Muslim congresswoman Saudi Arabia tried to smear, secures place on powerful House committee that could stop the US from selling arms to the kingdom

17/01 20:15 Thousands more children were separated from their parents at the border than previously known, inspector general reveals in bombshell report

17/01 19:45 Wall Street licht hoger

17/01 19:45 ’Ongeluk met de Stint was onnodig’

17/01 19:45 Winkelketen Sears krijgt reddingsboei van $5 miljard

17/01 19:45 Duitsland twijfelt over Huawei-apparatuur

17/01 19:45 The 6 biggest things we expect from Xbox in 2019

17/01 19:45 My family of 4 eats at home for almost every meal — here’s what our $946 monthly grocery list looks like

17/01 19:45 A scrappy competitor to SpaceX and Blue Origin just secured a crucial and historic launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida

17/01 19:45 Terug naar de Postgiro? Er moet een publieke bank komen met spaar- en betaalrekeningen zonder franje, stelt deze belangrijke regeringsadviseur

17/01 19:45 What 8 famous cookies looked like when they first came out

17/01 19:45 Before-and-after photos from space show the collapse of the Indonesian volcano that caused a deadly tsunami

17/01 19:45 Anti-vaxxing is one of the biggest health threats to the planet, World Health Organization says

17/01 19:30 Zachte landing voor Brit in ons land

17/01 19:15 Voor de klusser met eigen ideeën: In dit pittoreske Siciliaanse dorpje kan je voor één euro een huis kopen

17/01 19:15 The life and career of Vanguard founder Jack Bogle, the frugal father of low-cost investing whom Warren Buffett called ‘a hero’

17/01 19:15 Ariana Grande has gotten 34 tattoos (and counting). Here’s where they are and what they all mean.

17/01 19:15 Google’s cheaper Pixel 3 ‘Lite’ is totally leaked in a new video and comes with one of the most important features from the $800 Pixel 3

17/01 19:15 Pelosi backtracks on the reasoning for her letter asking Trump to delay State of the Union

17/01 19:15 ‘IMPEACH’: The Atlantic’s March cover makes the case for Trump’s impeachment

17/01 19:15 These leather jackets are under $500 but feel like they cost twice as much — we haven’t found a better value yet

17/01 19:15 Devastating photos show the damage from the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Los Angeles. It could pale in comparison to the next ‘Big One.’

17/01 19:15 American businessman who survived 9/11 attacks was been killed in another act of terror, in Kenya

17/01 18:45 Melinda Gates reveals a disturbing US trend that will be highlighted in her 2019 annual letter

17/01 18:45 LuLaRoe supplier files new demand for immediate seizure of $34 million and claims the company is quietly liquidating goods

17/01 18:45 The next CEO of Airbus explains the major hurdle that stands in the way of electric planes


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