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VodafoneZiggo pleit voor meer openbaar vervoer en minder auto's

10/08 12:30 - VodafoneZiggo pleit voor meer openbaar vervoer en minder auto's
VodafoneZiggo introduceert een nieuw mobiliteitsbeleid voor zijn werknemers: gratis reizen met het openbaar vervoer. Alle ruim 7.500 medewerkers op kantoren en in winkels van het bedrijf kunnen vanaf oktober kosteloos reizen met een NS-Business Card....


Meer over economie

19/11 00:15 Julio Jones delivered a massive hit to prevent an interception and now the NFL world is convinced he could play safety

19/11 00:15 10 best-selling online classes from Udemy on sale for $10 each as an early Black Friday sale

18/11 23:45 Drug cartels make billions in the US, but somebody else is doing the selling

18/11 23:15 Meet this year’s 32 genius American Rhodes scholars — including a record-setting 21 women

18/11 22:45 Het actieplan tegen eenzaamheid gaat voor hardnekkige zorgmijders niet helpen

18/11 22:45 Facebook former security exec recounts the moment Sheryl Sandberg yelled at him

18/11 22:45 Nancy Pelosi is using gender to win over progressives in her fight to become House speaker

18/11 22:15 30 clever gifts for coworkers that they’ll actually be happy to receive

18/11 22:15 Costco employees share 31 things they’d love to tell shoppers but can’t

18/11 22:15 Costco sells millions of pumpkin pies every year — and the recipe has apparently been the same since 1987

18/11 22:15 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is backing an effort to primary fellow Democrats in 2020

18/11 21:45 Meet the Here’s a complete timeline of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s relationship and apparent marriage

18/11 21:45 An executive at a luxury concierge service says they once flew In-N-Out burgers from the West Coast to NYC in a private jet

18/11 20:45 Simonis bouwt al sinds de 19de eeuw aan zijn visimperium, maar kijkt nu gespannen naar de Brexit

18/11 20:45 New York City’s secret subway line with antique cars is going back into service — here’s what it’s like to ride it

18/11 20:15 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook over ‘we moeten het toegeven als de vrije markt niet werkt’

18/11 20:15 Rick Scott defeats Bill Nelson for Florida Senate seat after tense recount

18/11 20:15 Lamar Jackson led the Ravens to a touchdown on his first drive as a starter without a single pass, and it’s an early sign oh how his unique skills translate to the NFL

18/11 19:45 Trump says he won’t attempt to amend the Constitution to win a 3rd term despite previous praise of abolished Chinese term-limits

18/11 19:45 Fox News host Chris Wallace says Trump is seen as a ‘beacon for repression’ as they get into a heated back-and-forth over fake news

18/11 19:15 I partied at the Brooklyn club named the 2nd best thing to do in the world. It was a wild night of dance parties, gravity-defying performances, and crazy costumes.

18/11 19:15 Browns reportedly want to interview Condoleezza Rice to be head coach and it may not be as crazy as it sounds

18/11 18:15 Berry werkt bij ‘We waren twee jaar op zoek naar nieuwe collega’

18/11 18:15 I visited a secluded park on top of a garage in downtown Manhattan, and it’s clear why the acre of green is one of New York’s best-kept secrets

18/11 18:15 We tested the futuristic $349 oven that some say could replace every cooking appliance that you own, and we were blown away by it

18/11 18:15 These 5 amazing cars from Tesla, Subaru, Lincoln, Ferrari, and Jaguar nearly won Business Insider’s 2018 Car of the Year award

18/11 18:15 The fabulous life of billionaire Michael Dell, who is once again fighting with Carl Icahn over the future of his company

18/11 18:15 Trump tells ‘Fox News Sunday’ he is considering changes in ‘3 or 4 or 5’ Cabinet positions

18/11 17:45 The top 26 states where rich people give away the most money

18/11 17:45 Trump says he didn’t know Acting AG Whitaker was critical of Mueller before appointing him

18/11 17:15 How an LA upstart is redefining the media world by helping African-American millennials ‘tell their own story’

18/11 17:15 Trump tells Fox News he is considering changes in ‘3 or 4 or 5’ Cabinet positions

18/11 17:15 Joe Biden adopted a German Shepherd shelter puppy named Major — and the official picture is priceless

18/11 17:15 ‘Fantastic Beasts 2′ earns a weekend-winning $62 million, but it’s the lowest domestic opening ever for a ‘Harry Potter’ film

18/11 16:45 28 restaurants that are going to be open on Thanksgiving

18/11 16:45 From hiding their mansions on Google Maps to building $500,000 panic rooms, rich people are sparing no expense to keep their lives private and secure

18/11 16:45 Steve Carrell played Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on ‘SNL’ and promised that he wasn’t trolling Trump with HQ2

18/11 16:30 Laatste pluk bedrijfscijfers op Damrak

18/11 16:15 17 high-paying jobs Amazon’s HQ2 could bring to Long Island City and Arlington

18/11 16:15 Apple CEO Tim Cook on ‘we have to admit when the free market is not working’

18/11 15:45 Saoedische beurs omlaag na sancties VS wegens dood Khashoggi

18/11 15:45 If you hate the new Gmail version that Google is forcing on users, here’s a trick to make your Gmail look old again

18/11 15:45 8 glaring inconsistencies in ‘Fantastic The Crimes of Grindelwald’ that will frustrate ‘Harry Potter’ fans

18/11 15:30  Brexit-akkoord goed voor Nederland

18/11 15:15 Hoe verboden Nederlandse peren toch in Rusland belanden

18/11 15:15 Alibaba and Amazon want to take over every part of your life — and it could be setting up a battle over the future of retail

18/11 15:15 Amazon’s new $130 Kindle Paperwhite is a boring device that can’t do very much — but that makes it perfect for helping break your app addiction

18/11 15:15 GOLDMAN GE Capital has a $20 billion funding gap that needs to filled by 2020

18/11 15:15 Trump’s landmark trade deal with Canada and Mexico is suddenly in trouble

18/11 14:45 Saudische beurs omlaag na sancties VS


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