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Huawei’s Honor ziet toekomst in gaming smartphones

huawei%E2%80%99s-honor-ziet-toekomst-in-gaming-smartphones10/08 13:45 - Huawei’s Honor ziet toekomst in gaming smartphones
Huawei-dochter Honor wil zich richten op smartphones die zijn geoptimaliseerd voor het spelen van games, zoals de Honor Play. Deze smartphone werd eerder deze week gelanceerd in Singapore en de Filipijnen....


Meer over economie

16/12 12:15 Meghan Markle wants Prince Harry to skip the royals’ Christmas shoot because she hates blood sport

16/12 10:45 ‘An insult to the office he once held’: Theresa May savaged Tony Blair for supporting a second Brexit referendum

16/12 10:30 Feest Personeelsfeest Utrecht Disco Party

16/12 10:15 Japanese medical school admits rigging entrance exams in favor of men because ‘women mentally mature faster’

16/12 09:45  De balans van beleggingsjaar 2019

16/12 09:45 Deze foto’s laten zien dat vliegen in de eerste klas soms behoorlijk teleurstellend is

16/12 09:45 The 15 wildest military prototypes from AK-47 maker Kalashnikov — from the flashy, to the bizarre, to the totally implausible

16/12 09:15 Toekomst voor de laatste nertsenfokkerijen ‘Veertig jaar voor niets gewerkt’

16/12 09:15 Toekomst voor de laatste nertsenfokkerijen ‘Veertig jaar voor niets gewerkt’

16/12 09:15 Theresa May’s key allies are secretly pushing for a second Brexit referendum

16/12 08:30 ‘Gele Hesjes’ ontregelen Franse industrie en dienstensector

16/12 08:30 China trekt hoger tarief invoerheffing op Amerikaanse auto’s tijdelijk in

16/12 08:30 ABN Nog zeker twee jaar personeelstekorten bij bedrijven

16/12 08:30 Netbeheerder vervangt uit voorzorg 50.000 gasmeters

16/12 08:30 Kansspelautoriteit legt goksite zonder vergunning boete van 3 ton op

16/12 08:30 Shakira aangeklaagd voor fraude via belastingparadijs

16/12 08:30 Eurolanden gaan verder nadenken over aparte begroting voor eurozone

16/12 08:30 ‘Nederlandse verzekeraars kwetsbaar voor dalende rente’

16/12 08:30 DSM-topman Sijbesma volgens Volkskrant invloedrijkste Nederlander

16/12 08:30 Is de bitcoin op weg naar nul?

16/12 07:45 Aanvullend slim?

16/12 07:15 Op zoek naar een kerstcadeau? Dit zijn de populairste dingen per leeftijdsgroep (Rituals is bijna bij iedereen populair)

16/12 04:15 The family of a 7-year-old migrant girl who died in Border Patrol custody is disputing US officials’ account of her death

16/12 03:15 Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke top the list of favored 2020 presidential candidates, Iowa poll shows

16/12 03:15 The trailer for HBO’s upcoming Brexit movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch has been released — watch it here

15/12 21:45 ‘Low code’ and ‘no code’ products is the hottest trend in enterprise startups

15/12 21:45 One of Google’s new sexual-harassment policies could be the key to changing all of Silicon Valley’s bro culture

15/12 21:45 Tumblr users are leaving in droves as it bans NSFW images. Here’s where they’re going instead

15/12 21:45 Juul to its No more vaping at your desk

15/12 21:15 Pete Davidson deleted his Instagram after making a disturbing post and weighing in on a debate between Kanye West and Ariana Grande

15/12 20:15 ‘De bitcoin gaat wel weer omhoog’

15/12 20:15 ‘De bitcoin gaat wel weer omhoog’

15/12 20:15 25 thoughtful gifts for teachers to thank them around the holidays

15/12 20:15 McKinsey held a lavish corporate retreat in Kashgar miles from where the Chinese government is imprisoning thousands of ethnic Uighurs

15/12 19:45 Here are the top contenders to replace Ryan Zinke as interior secretary

15/12 19:15 A day in the life of a NYC Coca-Cola delivery truck driver, who gets to work at 4 a.m. and spends his morning pushing 175-pound carts full of bottles through Penn Station

15/12 19:15 A woman who sells 6-figure engagement rings through Instagram says there’s a big misconception about the 4 C’s of buying diamonds

15/12 18:45 Delta just banned ’emotional support animals’ on long flights — and science is on the airline’s side

15/12 18:15 I went to NYC’s biggest luxury watch show, and the most memorable part wasn’t the $1.8 million diamond watch or the $182,000 piece they let me try on

15/12 18:15 People are accusing Amazon of ‘ruining’ Christmas by sending items without their own boxes, but there’s a really easy fix

15/12 18:15 19 unique golf gifts for players of all skill levels

15/12 18:15 Trump celebrates collapse of The Weekly Standard as the conservative magazine’s reporters lose jobs over holiday season

15/12 18:15 An early retiree who interviewed 100 millionaires found many of them built their fortunes using a simple investment strategy championed by Warren Buffett

15/12 17:45 The trailer for HBO’s upcoming Brexit movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch has been released, and not everybody is happy

15/12 17:15 Flipping a house is nothing like HGTV shows, according to people who’ve done it. From 4-month delays to doubling your budget, here’s what it’s really like

15/12 16:45 Financieel een zeer dure decembermaand

15/12 16:45 Botsingen op de werkvloer door diversiteit

15/12 16:45 America’s fifth-largest trucking company ‘defrauded’ the Department of Defense, DOJ suit alleges

15/12 16:45 These were the biggest innovations in home fitness in 2018

15/12 16:15 Dubai’s glittering, futuristic metropolis came at the cost of hundreds of thousands of workers, and recommending it as a tourist destination feels wrong


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