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Zo zien alle pinautomaten er binnenkort uit

zo-zien-alle-pinautomaten-er-binnenkort-uit12/06 12:15 - Zo zien alle pinautomaten er binnenkort uit
Het wordt even wennen, maar over anderhalf jaar zijn alle pinautomaten in Nederland felgeel. Vanmorgen is de eerste ‘Geldmaat’, de nieuwe gezamenlijke felgele pinautomaat van ABN, ING en Rabobank, onthuld in Soest. Eind volgend jaar zijn alle pinautomaten omgebouwd....


Meer over economie

17/08 19:15 Hoe ‘zwart’ is de zwarte Vlaamse Leeuw?

17/08 19:15 ‘Mijn vrouw zocht een goedkoop huis. Omdat Brussel te duur was, zijn we het wat verder gaan zoeken’

17/08 19:15 Epstein used his jail bed sheet to commit suicide by hanging while his guards slept, according to report

17/08 18:45 Migrant children have been molested in federal care, according to families, and the government could end up paying $200 million for it

17/08 18:30 Kredietbeoordelaar verlaagt rating Argentinië na economische rampweek

17/08 18:15 Op zoek naar authentiek België: ‘Ik woon hier zesentwintig jaar en heb nog nooit mijn deur op slot gedaan’

17/08 18:15 Meerdere organisaties pleiten voor een efficiëntere manier van ‘Geef geld, en laat mensen zelf beslissen’

17/08 18:15 LIVE - Pukkelpop dag 2: verbod op hokjesdenken

17/08 18:15 ‘Amazon is not their friend’: Amazon sellers are organizing against the retail giant as the FTC and DOJ continues their anti-trust probe

17/08 18:15 Joe Biden has been a self-professed gaffe machine for decades but Democratic primary voters don’t seem to care, yet

17/08 18:15 Shell workers in Pennsylvania say they were told to either attend a recent Trump event, or not get paid

17/08 17:45 Dit is Huawei's nieuwe peperdure onderzoekscampus in Europese stijl

17/08 17:45 United Explorer Business card Generous airline perks for a $95 annual fee

17/08 17:45 Trump thinks he won Michigan’s ‘man of the year’ award, but a former congressman says it was actually just a framed copy of the Gettysburg Address

17/08 17:30 NIBC mikt nu vooral op niches in Europa

17/08 17:30 Studenten wonen langer lost dit het kamerprobleem op?

17/08 17:15 Lil Nas X: ‘Coming-out was niet de bedoeling’

17/08 17:15 Op zoek naar authentiek België: ‘In de Ardennen vond ik Afrika terug’

17/08 17:15 KMI waarschuwt voor fikse regen met code geel

17/08 17:15 Pukkelpop excuseert zich ‘voor mogelijke misverstanden na het verwijderen van vlaggen’

17/08 17:15 How to clean cast iron cookware in a few simple steps

17/08 17:15 The Celebrity Edge was named the best new cruise ship of 2018. It has a 14,000 square-foot spa and a luxury suite that comes with a butler — here’s what it looks like.

17/08 17:15 Epstein’s last days were spent emptying vending machines with his lawyers in a private meeting room, sleeping on the floor of his rat infested cell, and paying off other inmates to leave him alone

17/08 16:45 Retail experts reveal why ‘stodgy, suffering’ Macy’s and JCPenney won’t be saved by partnerships with buzzy startup ThredUp

17/08 16:45 The racial wealth gap in the US keeps getting bigger — and it could cost the economy as much as $1.5 trillion by 2028

17/08 16:45 How to use a personal loan to pay off your credit cards

17/08 16:15 Speelgoed en telefoon duurder voor Amerikaan na importheffingen Trump

17/08 16:15 LIVE - Pukkelpop dag 2: triomferen doe je zò

17/08 16:15 Epstein’s last days were spent emptying vending machines with his lawyers in a private meeting room, avoiding suicide watch, and paying other inmates’ commissaries

17/08 16:15 A mini version of the classic Sega Genesis is almost here, but we got it a month early — take a look

17/08 16:15 Black vultures that smell ‘like a thousand rotten corpses’ have brought a Florida neighborhood to its knees

17/08 15:45 Boek je een reis als je informeert of betaalt? Aegon teruggefloten

17/08 15:45 Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone is rumored to have a new camera feature that should make your pictures better, but the change is actually a terrible idea

17/08 15:45 10 of the most bizarre details people have reported finding in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC mansion, from a painting of Bill Clinton in a dress to prosthetic breasts mounted on a bathroom wall

17/08 15:45 White Claw won over the “bros.” Now, Natty Light, PBR, and Four Loko want to win them back with even boozier hard seltzer.

17/08 15:15 Vluchtelingenschip Open Arms wacht nog steeds op toestemming aan land te gaan in Italië

17/08 15:15 Pukkelpop excuseert zich ‘voor de misverstanden die zouden kunnen zijn ontstaan na het verwijderen van vlaggen’

17/08 15:15 Een kijkje bij achter de façade van China’s techjuweel

17/08 15:15 Here’s why the once solidly Republican state of Texas could become a ticking time bomb for Trump’s GOP

17/08 15:15 The doomsday warnings about the US housing market are getting it backward

17/08 15:15 Here’s what Business Insider readers have to say about the iPhone 11, Apple’s next smartphone expected to arrive in September

17/08 14:45 I was seriously considering buying a Tesla Model 3, but I ultimately decided against it — here’s why

17/08 14:30  Zorgen over pensioenen en een recessie

17/08 14:30 Deze 28-jarige filosofiestudent is de held van de protestbeweging in Hongkong

17/08 14:15 This adorable baby dugong went viral when it was rescued in Thailand. Now it’s dead after ingesting plastic.

17/08 14:15 A new report offers fresh evidence that Trump’s trade-war tariffs are hurting the US — even though he says they’re not

17/08 14:15 Everything you need to know about Scott Borgerson, the tech CEO who has been tied to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell

17/08 13:45 Zat een dubbelspion achter de aanslag in Barcelona?

17/08 13:45 WeWork mania, Citigroup winds down a secretive $1 billion business, real-estate data changing the game

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