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NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has begun its first science campaign

21/07 23:30 - NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has begun its first science campaign
Now about 1 kilometer south of its landing spot, the rover has spotted several promising spots in its search for hints of ancient life....


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27/07 03:30  1972 Club of Rome End of World Prediction Still on Track, Thanks to Climate Change

27/07 01:30 Brains Might Sync As People Interact — and That Could Upend Consciousness Research

27/07 00:30 Keeping Things In Balance

26/07 23:30 Our Planet’s Changing Orbit Helped Life Survive 'Snowball Earth'

26/07 23:30 US Moves to Drop Visa Fraud Charges Against Chinese Researchers

26/07 21:30  The Psychedelic Drug That Could Fight Addiction

26/07 21:30 CDC Warns of Person-to-Person Transmission of Resistant Fungus

26/07 21:30 Monday Mann thrice loses, but is going to court anyway! (wellll, maybe)

26/07 19:30 Why Human Foreskin Is a Hot Commodity in Science

26/07 19:30 Monday Mann thrice loses, but is going to court anyway! (weellll, maybe)

26/07 19:15 Wie de koraalriffen van de ondergang wil redden moet opschieten

26/07 16:45 We Still Don’t Know What’s Killing the Birds

26/07 16:30 A stunning visualization of Alaska’s Yukon Delta shows a land in transition

26/07 15:45 3 Best CBD Dog Organic CBD for Dogs

26/07 15:30 Time To Assume That Health Research Is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise?

26/07 15:15 Plasma-aandrijving voor satellieten op hete lucht

26/07 15:15 Marshelikopter voltooit ‘ingewikkeldste vlucht ooit’

26/07 14:30 ‘Wild Souls’ explores what we owe animals in a human-dominated world

26/07 14:15  talentenshows slecht voor kinderen

26/07 12:30 3.42-billion-year-old fossil threads may be the oldest known archaea microbes

26/07 12:15 Merken we iets van de botsing met Andromeda?

26/07 11:45  vroege maskerplicht scheelde Corona-doden

26/07 11:45 Kaketoes leren hun soortgenoten hoe ze containers moeten plunderen

26/07 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #464

26/07 09:15 Picture zeekolossen in Cromarty Firth

26/07 08:45 Antibioticaresistente bacteriën ontdekt in hondenvoer

26/07 07:45 Record Coral Cover Of Great Barrier Reef Shames Climate Alarmists, Media

26/07 03:30  Climate litigation only needs evidence to succeed… ROTFLMFAO!

25/07 23:30 Western Hudson Bay polar still some out on the sea ice, some causing trouble

25/07 19:45  Covid-19 Spread by Farting in a Confined Space

25/07 15:30 Veteran Swiss Meteorologist Calls Germany’s Natural Disaster Protection “A Failed State”

25/07 11:45 What is the National Food Strategy and how could it change the way England eats?

25/07 10:15 ‘Ik wil weten wat er in het koppie van een aap gebeurt’

25/07 09:45 Het is nu de coronacrisis stompt af

25/07 07:30 Hubble Returns to Full Science Observations and Releases New Images

25/07 03:30 With Steven Weinberg’s death, physics loses a titan

25/07 03:30 Ohio Eviscerates Preferred Siting, Accelerated Permission for Wind/Solar Developers (communities win!)

24/07 23:45 G20 fails to agree on climate goals in communique

24/07 21:30 The Psychology of Why Consumer Rewards Programs Suck You In

24/07 19:45 California’s carbon mitigation efforts may be thwarted by climate change itself

24/07 19:30  What They Are and Where They Come From

24/07 17:30 Awkward Maybe It's Time to Stop Avoiding Them and Start Embracing Them

24/07 15:45 China’s carbon-monitoring satellite reports global carbon net of six gigatons

24/07 11:30 The Japanese Green Energy Targets Threaten Australia’s Gas Exports

24/07 10:15 Antibioticaresistentie kost nu al kinderlevens in Bangladesh

24/07 09:15 Welke organen kun je allemaal missen?

24/07 07:30 Can we predict long-term solar variability?

24/07 03:45 Dual USB-C

24/07 03:45 Life Expectancy Plunges! … or Does It?

23/07 23:45 Pielke Jr. On Recent Climate Attribution Claims


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