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Yale investeert in cryptofonds

10/10 08:30 - Yale investeert in cryptofonds
Het beleggingsfonds van Yale University trekt zich niets aan van scepsis over digitale munten en stapt in het nieuwe cryptofonds Paradigma met een startkapitaal van 400 miljoen dollar....


Meer over economie

10/12 21:45 'Meerdere records in heel goed horecajaar'

10/12 21:45 Mark Rutte ontvangt dinsdagochtend de Britse premier Theresa May voor overleg over de Brexit

10/12 21:45 Netflix’s ‘Mowgli’ is a gritty, nuanced, but largely unnecessary version of the beloved ‘Jungle Book’ story

10/12 21:45 Emmanuel Macron zegt de diepe woede van de gele hesjes te begrijpen en kondigt verhoging minimumloon aan

10/12 21:45 29 thoughtful and creative gifts your sister will love — especially if she’s hard to shop for

10/12 21:45 FX leads the Golden Globes TV nominations, with Netflix falling behind Amazon and HBO

10/12 21:45 The father of a murdered 13-year-old girl was denied a visa to enter the US for her funeral

10/12 21:45 A top executive at Chinese tech giant Huawei was arrested. Here’s how the incident could escalate Trump’s trade war

10/12 21:30 Toezichthouder zoekt goedkopere stroom in buitenland

10/12 21:30  arrestaties tonen verharding spelregels

10/12 21:15 Stekker gaat al in april uit Google Plus

10/12 21:15 The internet’s worst New Year’s Eve horror stories

10/12 21:15 50 unique gifts your mom actually wants this holiday season — for every budget

10/12 21:15 Tesla is reportedly planning to pay off its next chunk of convertible debt in an odd way

10/12 21:15 The remarkable stories behind 5 iconic photos of the Pearl Harbor attack

10/12 21:15 Meet William What you need to know about the possible once and future attorney general

10/12 21:15 A state official accused an aide for New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy of rape. Then, she said, officials ignored her claims.

10/12 20:45  Canada schendt afspraken

10/12 20:45 De deelscooter rukt Felyx snel naar andere steden

10/12 20:45 24 thoughtful and useful gifts for runners — according to an avid runner

10/12 20:45 Spotify’s annual year in review playlists are out, and the internet has a lot of questions about their accuracy

10/12 20:45 A 101-year-old man credits his longevity to his daily Coors Light. Here’s what 5 other centenarians had to say about their secret to a long life — and whether they’re backed by science.

10/12 20:30 Automakers VS eisen barrière tegen Japanners

10/12 20:15 De deelscooter rukt Felyx snel naar andere steden

10/12 20:15 The winner of this year’s National Geographic Photo Contest is a picture of thousands of recalled cars sitting in a desert

10/12 20:15 Reuters released its most-liked Instagram photos of 2018, and they’re an unforgettable portrait of the past 12 months

10/12 20:15 Burger King doubles down on its McDonald’s rivalry with a new deal to win over budget shoppers

10/12 20:15 Lululemon beats, but shares slide as ‘what is good enough has become somewhat of a moving target’

10/12 20:15 Michael Avenatti reportedly has turn over cars, watches, and a jet to pay nearly $2 million to his estranged wife as part of their divorce

10/12 20:15 Walmart is acquiring the world’s largest online seller of art

10/12 19:45  stop aanleg gaspijplijn Nord Stream 2

10/12 19:45 Brexit en handelsvete drukken Wall Street

10/12 19:45 Portugal lost IMF-lening af

10/12 19:45 Portugal lost laatste deel IMF-lening af

10/12 19:45 20 stunning abandoned hotels around the world and the history behind them

10/12 19:45 Trump is losing the trade war with China based on his favorite report card, and it’s probably going to keep getting worse

10/12 19:45 India is beefing up its navy to counter China’s increasingly powerful fleet

10/12 19:45 Chinese tech giant Huawei’s CFO proves Trump’s trade war is ‘escalating to a new level’

10/12 19:45 Fiat Chrysler will reopen a factory in Detroit to build more Report

10/12 19:45 Rich retirees are paying over $1 million to move into luxury communities that operate like ‘five-star resorts’ with award-winning chefs, wine cellars, and VIP treatment

10/12 19:45 ‘I was not sent to Washington to play nice’: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other new House progressives are tweeting their dissatisfaction with orientation at Harvard

10/12 19:45 Y Combinator cofounder Paul Graham said there are 2 things everyone needs to be wildly successful, and they’re still spot-on 14 years later

10/12 19:30 ‘Gênant hoe Elon Musk Tesla leidt’

10/12 19:30  stop met aanleg gaspijplijn Nord Stream 2

10/12 19:30 ’Onmogelijk om goed voorbereid te zijn op Brexit’

10/12 19:15 7 real-life heroes you’ve never heard of from the Pearl Harbor attack 77 years ago

10/12 19:15 Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are about to celebrate 10 years together — here’s a timeline of their relationship

10/12 19:15 An unauthorized immigrant who makes Trump’s bed at his Bedminster golf resort says ‘we are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us’

10/12 19:15 What actually happens if you don’t pee after sex

10/12 19:15 I took a short flight on a Delta Boeing 717 — here’s why it’s now my favorite plane


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