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Hollywood-icoon Jeffrey Katzenberg zit op goud, grote vriend van KLM Naresh Goyal op zwart zaad

hollywood-icoon-jeffrey-katzenberg-zit-op-goud-grote-vriend-van-klm-naresh-goyal-op-zwart-zaad10/08 22:15 - Hollywood-icoon Jeffrey Katzenberg zit op goud, grote vriend van KLM Naresh Goyal op zwart zaad
Jeffrey Katzenberg is een naam die deuren opent. Grote deuren. Deuren die voor anderen gesloten blijven. Deuren bij Walt Disney, Entertainment One, 21st Century Fox, Lionsgate, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, ITV, NBC-Universal, Sony Pictures, Viacom en Warner Media. Het zijn de namen die over het scherm rollen als we naar onze favoriete films of tv-series kijken....


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15/11 03:45 Michelle Obama shares what the ‘darkest day’ was like in the White the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting

15/11 03:45 New text messages show Roger Stone associate Randy Credico may have known more than he was letting on about WikiLeaks’ plans during the 2016 election

15/11 03:15 ‘Riverdale’ star Casey Cott says fans are getting closer to the truth of the Gargoyle King

15/11 03:15 Everything we know about Archie’s cellmate, Mad Dog, on ‘Riverdale’

15/11 03:15 Carrie Underwood revealed that she’s expecting a boy

15/11 03:15 Everything we know about the deadly role-playing game ‘Gryphons and Gargoyles’ on ‘Riverdale’

15/11 03:15 ‘I have never struck a woman’: Michael Avenatti denies domestic violence allegations after his arrest by the LAPD

15/11 03:15 Michael Avenatti arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of domestic violence

15/11 02:45 Trump and Republicans escalate unsubstantiated voter-fraud conspiracies as recounts move forward in Florida

15/11 02:15 Mark Zuckerberg made his executives use Android phones after Tim Cook slammed Facebook’s approach to privacy

15/11 02:15 Trump is handing another US ambassadorship to a member of his Mar-a-Lago resort that costs $200,000 to join

15/11 02:15 Popular bedding startup Brooklinen has launched a new baby collection — and we wish these sheets came in adult sizes

15/11 02:15 ‘Riverdale’ star Casey Cott says he didn’t study to play a younger version of his dad on the flashback episode

15/11 02:15 Sen. Chuck Schumer intervened on Facebook’s behalf this summer, telling a prominent Democratic critic of the company to back off

15/11 01:45 Michael Avenatti arrested in Los Angeles on domestic violence accusation

15/11 01:45 Video released during the World Chess Championships has many wondering if it was a terrible blunder or crafty a bit of gamesmanship

15/11 01:15 Some investors are donating their homes to families in need, as the tech industry responds to the California wildfires

15/11 01:15 15 fascinating things on Earth you had no idea existed

15/11 01:15 Sheryl Sandberg repeatedly tried to downplay Russia’s involvement in misinformation on Facebook, report says

15/11 01:15 A lawyer who reps cruise-ship workers reveals the most shocking thing he’s heard about their job

15/11 00:45 A pasta maker in New Jersey makes a mesmerizing variety of pasta, inspired by his wife’s bracelet

15/11 00:45 This couple lives on a floating island they built by hand

15/11 00:45 8 experiences to add to your wine bucket list

15/11 00:45 23 festive and fun Christmas decorations under $25

15/11 00:45 Michelle and Malia Obama once sneaked out of the White House

15/11 00:45 25 things you didn’t know about J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ universe

15/11 00:45 Why the royal family doesn’t open presents on Christmas Day

15/11 00:30 Problemen door tekort aan personeel

15/11 00:30 Ondernemers kijken ondanks personeelstekorten positief naar 2019

15/11 00:15 Sheryl Sandberg and other Facebook execs reportedly investigated if they could ban Trump after Zuck was ‘appalled’ by his call for a Muslim ban

15/11 00:15 This dog DNA test helped me figure out what breed my rescue dog is — and what health conditions to watch out for

15/11 00:15 Silicon Valley’s favorite e-cig company shut down its social media accounts — but Juul’s advertising now has a life of its own

15/11 00:15 Cinnamon buns are a family affair at the Minnesota State Fair

15/11 00:15 An Arizona couple will have to pay Nintendo over $12 million for running websites that offered free downloads of classic video games

15/11 00:15 Nashville will become a critical hub for Amazon’s logistics business — but it doesn’t mean there will also be a boom in warehouse jobs

15/11 00:15 The real meanings behind 46 different names in the ‘Harry Potter’ universe — and what they say about the characters

15/11 00:15 Kevin Durant has twice taken the same contract gamble as LeBron James, and it seems to be at the source of the Warriors’ tension

15/11 00:15 Michael Avenatti reportedly arrested on domestic violence accusations

14/11 23:45 Houdini glitter appears before your very eyes

14/11 23:45 The 3 biggest games on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this holiday season

14/11 23:45 Jeff Flake threatens to block Trump’s judicial nominees until Senate votes on bill to protect Mueller

14/11 23:45 We tried a dog DNA kit — and learned a bunch of secrets about our dogs

14/11 23:45 Which hair dye will last the longest — we put 3 of them to the test

14/11 23:45 Facebook reportedly had its Republican-linked PR firm try to blame George Soros for the anti-Facebook movement

14/11 23:45 Bored on the The US military’s ‘border support’ mission is said to be killing troop morale

14/11 23:30 Ondernemer blijft administratie bespaard

14/11 23:15 Here’s how easy it is for the US president to launch a nuclear weapon

14/11 23:15 Juul will soon stop selling flavored e-cigarette packs in retail stores, but a workaround could make the ban pointless

14/11 23:15 There’s only one color you should consider if you’re thinking about buying the iPhone XS

14/11 23:15 An asteroid crater the size of Paris is hiding in Greenland. Here’s how scientists found the 16-mile-wide impact site.


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