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Omarosa claims that she walked in on Trump eating a piece of paper in the Oval Office and that it surprised her since he’s a ‘germaphobe’

10/08 22:45 - Omarosa claims that she walked in on Trump eating a piece of paper in the Oval Office and that it surprised her since he’s a ‘germaphobe’
In her new memoir, "Unhinged," the former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault-Newman says she once saw President Donald Trump eating paper in the Oval Office, The Washington Post reported. The post Omarosa claims that she walked in on Trump eating a piece of paper in the Oval Office and that it surprised her since he’s a ‘germaphobe’ appeared first on Business Insider....


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20/04 08:30  Verlaag belasting voor meer koopkracht

20/04 08:15 Geen obstakel houdt de reizende mens nog tegen – Dit zijn de 12 langste tunnels ter wereld

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20/04 07:15  Mueller report exonerates Trump, say Americans who did not actually read the Mueller report

20/04 07:15 Armed vigilante groups at the US-Mexico border have been stopping migrant families and detaining them at gunpoint

20/04 06:45 Klarna geeft creditcard uit met VISA

20/04 06:45 Democrats are split on whether impeachment is a good use of their time, but primary voters love it

20/04 06:15 About 33% of Americans think the Mueller report implicates Trump

20/04 04:45 Trump raged at former White House counsel Don McGahn for taking notes about their conversations

20/04 04:15 Consumer Reports investigation finds ‘potentially dangerous’ amounts of arsenic in 6 brands of bottled water, including one from Whole Foods

20/04 03:45 Twee invloedrijke leden eisen bezwaar van FNV tegen 'extreem-rechts'

20/04 01:45 How these savvy ‘Jeopardy!’ champions use statistics and game theory to walk away with millions

20/04 01:15 BuzzFeed is struggling to defend its major Trump scoop after Mueller’s report discredited it

20/04 01:15 Tesla is shuffling its board of directors amid ongoing negotiations with the Securities and Exchange Commission

20/04 00:45 The 10 characters fans think are most likely to die in ‘ Endgame’

20/04 00:45 Here’s another sign Apple wants to make its Mac software more like the iPhone

20/04 00:15 The mother of the YouTube and 23andMe CEOs has a 5-letter catchword for raising successful children and she wrote a book about it

19/04 23:45 You can now buy an inflatable pickle pool float for less than $10 on Amazon

19/04 23:45 A hidden camera was found in a women’s bathroom on a warship, and investigators are looking for answers

19/04 23:45 I’ve used this essential oil-infused memory foam pillow every night for 4 months, and I’ve never slept better

19/04 23:45 Millennials are willing to spend $5000 or more on vacation, making them the age group that spends the most on travel — but Gen Z isn’t far behind

19/04 23:45 Elizabeth Warren becomes the first senator — and first 2020 candidate — to call for impeaching Trump over the Mueller report

19/04 23:15 Demonstranten Shell-kantoor mogen naar huis

19/04 23:15 A new character joins Mario in Super Mario Odyssey to save Princess Peach — I think it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games ever

19/04 23:15 A local TV station is receiving backlash for uncritically covering two anti-Muslim pundits

19/04 23:15 There is one key difference in how ‘Jeopardy!’ champions James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings dominated the game

19/04 23:15 What everyone gets wrong about this famous Steve Jobs quote, according to Lyft’s design boss

19/04 23:15 10 of the most famous celebrity-athlete couples

19/04 23:15 A dad called a Valentine’s Day father-daughter dance ‘creepy’ and ‘romantic,’ sparking a heated discussion online

19/04 22:45 THEN AND How famous New York City landmarks have changed over the years

19/04 22:45 Here are 7 takeaways from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation

19/04 22:45 THEN AND How the ‘Game of Thrones’ characters have changed since the first season

19/04 22:45 Mitt Romney says he’s ‘sickened’ by Trump’s ‘dishonesty and misdirection’ after reading the Mueller report

19/04 22:45 A California couple were sentenced to life in prison after years of torturing their children

19/04 22:45 The billionaire leading the charge to impeach Trump is calling on Democrats to get the ball rolling after the Mueller report

19/04 22:45 How Columbine changed American schools forever

19/04 22:15 A California couple was sentenced to life in prison after years of torturing their children

19/04 22:15 How to delete photos from an iPad, with an easy method for deleting all of your photos at once

19/04 21:45 ING-gerucht doet Commerzbank goed, weer nieuw lijk in de kast van Deutsche Bank

19/04 21:45 The Raiders sent their scouts home 6 days before the draft because the new GM reportedly ‘does not know who he can trust with his draft secrets’

19/04 21:45 Mueller revealed why he didn’t charge Trump with obstruction, and it directly contradicts what Barr told the public

19/04 21:45 The entrepreneur behind the coveted B Corp label shares why he’s partnering with the UN to solve our most pressing workforce problems

19/04 21:45 21 celebrities who’ve made millions of dollars outside of Hollywood

19/04 21:45 You can get a cocktail with George Clooney’s face in the ice cube it but it’ll cost you $25

19/04 21:15 Miljoen internationale toeristen verwacht met Pasen

19/04 21:15 The Mueller report is finally out, now here come the subpoenas

19/04 21:15 A local TV station is getting backlash for uncritically covering two Islamophobic pundits

19/04 21:15 Forget beer and Some companies are holding weed happy hours, where employees can light up in the office

19/04 21:15 How to right click on a Mac computer in three different ways


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