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These Researchers Think We Can Retrain Our Brains to Tame Chronic Pain

11/02 20:30 - These Researchers Think We Can Retrain Our Brains to Tame Chronic Pain
Just one incident can make the brain overreact to future experiences. Researchers believe the solution is to reframe and retrain....


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23/04 09:15 Hoe werkt een brandstofcel?

23/04 09:15 Niet alle kruisvaarders kwamen uit Europa

23/04 05:30 Earth Day 2019: The sixth mass extinction and the imperative of apocalypse

23/04 04:30 MSNBC Twice Cancelled “Ratings Killer” Climate Action Advocate Katharine Hayhoe

23/04 03:30 Decade-Long Geology Project Rewrites Origins of Earth's Methane

23/04 01:30 The cult of Greta Thunberg

22/04 22:45 How Does the Impossible Burger Look and Taste Like Real Beef?

22/04 22:45 Crew Dragon Test Mishap Could Delay First SpaceX Human Flight

22/04 22:45 ‘Criminelen gaan minder snel opnieuw de fout in als ze zelf koken in de gevangenis’ – klopt dit wel?

22/04 22:30 Kijken naar de cellen in een tumor is als het kijken naar het je bent ‘een onfeilbare God’ en ziet alles

22/04 22:30 Peak Oil, Abiotic Oil & Real(ish) Things That Don’t Matter, Part Peak Oil

22/04 21:30 Spider's Orange Colors Both Lure Prey and Frighten Predators

22/04 20:45 Inventions that show why accessible tools matter for scientific discovery

22/04 20:45 Three Researchers Ousted from MD Anderson

22/04 20:30 How Scientists Are Bringing Our AI Assistants to Life

22/04 20:30 The Fight Over Who Really Found the First Exoplanet

22/04 20:30 The Grim Origins of 'Gluten-Free'

22/04 20:30 Prenatal Sequencing for Some Autism Genes May Soon Be Available

22/04 20:30 USDA Scientists Must Say Published Research Is “Preliminary”

22/04 19:45 If Precipitation Extremes Are Increasing, Why Aren’t Floods?

22/04 19:30 Reinvent the Wheel

22/04 18:30 20 Things You Didn't Know About Rainbows

22/04 16:30 Mercury has a massive solid inner core

22/04 15:45 Earth Not a Single Environmental Prediction of the Last 50 Years Has Come True

22/04 14:30 Ancient sculptors made magnetic figures from rocks struck by lightning

22/04 14:30 Image of the Multicolor Brain

22/04 13:15 Drie vrolijke ‘paasproefjes’

22/04 12:30 The M87 black hole image showed the best way to measure black hole masses

22/04 11:45 Extinction Rebellion Downsizing their Climate Change Demonstrations

22/04 11:15 Picture een uiltje knappen

22/04 10:30 De man die zijn eigen diabetespomp ontwierp

22/04 07:30 Eco-woke “We’re losing the war on climate change”

22/04 07:15 ''Mensen mogen niet meer klagen over muggen!''

22/04 02:45 Celebrate Earth Day with Citizen Science

22/04 02:30  Climate Change Caused by Anthropogenic CO2

21/04 22:30 Harvard Offering Advice to Climate Apocalypse Survivalists

21/04 22:30 Sunday Satire – the #ExtinctionRebellion “official response”

21/04 16:15 Krachtvoer uit de dieet op maat voor soldaat

21/04 15:30 University of Minnesota Offering Advice to Climate Apocalypse Survivalists

21/04 14:15 IQ-test! We worden slimmer, maar niet per se wijzer

21/04 14:15 IQ-test! We worden slimmer, maar niet per se wijzer

21/04 12:30 When anxiety happens as early as preschool, treatments can help

21/04 11:15 De hoe het christendom begon

21/04 09:30 Cooling Down the Hysteria About Global Warming

21/04 07:15 Hoe leren kinderen lezen?

21/04 03:30 Financial Creating Commuter Misery Will Build Support for Climate Action

21/04 00:45 An End… and a New Direction

20/04 21:30 Eye roller Make farmers play computer games to understand climate threat

20/04 19:30 Myles 1.5C Global Warming “will not feel like Armageddon”

20/04 15:30 Climate Modellers Waiting for Observations to Catch Up with Their Predictions


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