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Ugly Witch Hunts

ugly--witch-hunts13/06 00:30 - Ugly Witch Hunts
Between the 15th and 18th centuries, hundreds of women -and some men- were tortured and executed for witchcraft during the age of witch hunts. It was an accusation you really couldn't defend yourself against. Brian A. Pavlac explains what happened and why in this TED-Ed talk. -via Laughing Squid...


Meer over lifestyle

27/06 09:30 Rentree Fit for Fun onder Luciana Diniz in Knokke

27/06 08:30 'Huawei-medewerkers werkten samen met leger China'

27/06 08:30 Classico TN en Cicero Z leveren beste veulens op Z-Festival Marl

27/06 06:45 Glow-in-the-Dark Puppy Puppet

27/06 06:45 When Pepsi Had a Navy

27/06 06:45 The Unexpected History of the Air Conditioner

27/06 06:45 Rice Plus Tapioca Bubble Tea

27/06 04:45 Ryan Reynolds Reviewed His Own Gin and Wrote About It On Twitter

27/06 04:30 The Martini-Drinking Cat

27/06 04:30 A Gong Is an Amazingly Precise and Refined Instrument in the Hands of a Master

27/06 04:30 Toys ‘R’ Us Revived, Will Open US Stores in 2019

27/06 04:30 Photographer Shares to Us His Photo Collection of Elegant Chinese Goldfish

27/06 04:30 “Ekiben” : Boxed Meals On Train Stations

27/06 04:30 These Aren't Real Cats, They're Adorable Cat Bags

27/06 04:30 Chengdu's Kung Fu Performance or Tradition?

27/06 04:30 The Border Wall Won't Stop Drug Entry in the US, But Maybe an X-Ray Machine Can

27/06 00:45 These Are 5 of the Workplace Habits That May Contribute to Cognitive Decline

27/06 00:45 Behind the Scenes of the Apollo Mission : Healthcare Edition

27/06 00:45 Swatting a Fly

27/06 00:30 Ever Heard of the Chameleon Prawns?

26/06 23:30 Adairs Retail Assistant Shares How To Fold Your Linens Perfectly Every Time

26/06 23:30 From A Speeding Ticket On Her Last Birthday to A Lottery Win This Year

26/06 23:30 Birmingham Museum's Tribute to Black Sabbath's 50 Years

26/06 23:30 This LUUM Temple Is Made From Bamboo Weaved Together

26/06 23:30 The Nazca Lines of Peru

26/06 23:30 I Need This Private Shouting Room

26/06 23:30 Everyday Life in A Python Swallows a Crocodile

26/06 23:30 GoPro Strapped onto a Turtle

26/06 22:30 WhatsApp- status makkelijk delen via Facebook

26/06 22:30 SubtopStephanie ‘De slipjas is al jaren m’n grootste wens’

26/06 21:45 YouTube laat gebruikers kanalen uit videosuggesties verwijderen

26/06 21:30 YouTube laat gebruikers videosuggesties verwijderen

26/06 20:45 Landgestüt Marbach verkoopt Rock My Soul en Lemercier

26/06 20:30 'Tesla werkt in geheim lab aan eigen batterijen'

26/06 20:30 Winnen we het Wereldkampioenschap duurzame bouw?

26/06 20:30 AI-dienst zorgt dat je werkdag optimaal verloopt

26/06 20:15 Bye-bye Min Hogg, founding editor van World of Interiors

26/06 19:45 Concours afgelast door uitbraak processierups in Kralingse Bos

26/06 19:30 This Sofa is Made of Lentils

26/06 19:30 Woman Wakes Up Alone in a Darkened Plane

26/06 19:30 Bright Stuff- 4 betaalbare nieuwkomers

26/06 19:30 Vidar x Deveraux-hengstveulen krijgt 10,5 voor beweging

26/06 18:45 Forest What It's About

26/06 18:45 Japanese Baker Makes Amazingly Accurate Cartoon Character Breads

26/06 18:45 Father Makes Bag For His Son To Save Money

26/06 18:30 'Dure grap': Rekenkamer kraakt belastingvoordeel elektrische auto's

26/06 18:30 SBS6 mag Betrapt!-uitzending met paardenkwestie uitzenden

26/06 18:30 Dorothee Schneider maakt uitstapje naar voltige

26/06 17:45 Bright Xiaomi Mi 9T

26/06 17:45 Bright Motorola One Vision


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