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AVG Verklaring

01/07 00:15 - AVG Verklaring
Deze website wordt gehost door het platform Medium. Medium heeft een AVG voor alle websites die gebruik maken van het platform. Deze verklaring vind je hieronder:Data Protection Statement for European Union UsersDescription of Processing ActivityMedium collects and stores personal information about its users to customize their reading experience and enable personalized distribution of content. It shares minimal data with its service providers.Purposes of ProcessingProvide, test, promote, and improve the servicesGather usage statistics of servicesProvide customized reading experiencePublish and distribute user-generated contentProvide access to paid contentPay authors in Partnership Program for certain contentFight spam, fraud, and other abuse of servicesLegal BasesIn order to provide the services, Medium collects and stores personal data about its users on the legal basis of consent given when you create an account and agree to the Privacy Policy.Medium also pursues its legitimate interests by collecting minimal data of logged out users to provide the services, as outlined above.Where Medium collects and stores personal data about non-users, it does so under performance of contract obligations with users who use the services to publish content on web sites hosted by Medium. In such cases, users authoring such content containing personal data of third parties are responsible for that content. Medium will consider related complaints in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation’s rights of the data subject, as well as rights of expression and access to information.Public Nature of Personal DataLogged-in users may choose to interact publicly with the Medium Services in the form of clapping for a post, highlighting parts of a post, following other user accounts, sharing links on connected social media accounts, or writing original posts. Where such personal data may reveal special category protected data, it is processed on the basis that it is manifestly made public by the user. Additional information on potential consequences of such processing can be found below. If you do not agree to this public usage, do not create an account or use these features of Medium Services.Categories of Personal Data CollectedLogged out usersReading historyIP addressBrowser informationDNT statusLogged in users:UsernameDisplay nameBioAvatar imageEmail address (non-public)Session activity (security)Linked social media accounts (optional)IP addressBrowser informationReading history (on Medium network only)Network interactions (recommends, follows, etc.)Posts, responses, or series published by userMembers:Billing information and historyPartner authors:Bank account for paymentsBusiness information, if applicableCategories of RecipientsMedium shares minimal personal data with third-party processors in order to provide the Services. These processors offer at least the same level of data protection as that set out in this statement. This includes the following categories of recipients:Hosting, Storage, & Other InfrasructureSecurityAnalyticsCommunication & SupportPayment ProcessorsSearch engines will index user profiles, public interactions, and any user-generated content. Users may also share links to your content on social media.Payment ProcessorsMedium provides Services in conjunction with several payment processors, including: Stripe, Paypal, Google Play, and Apple Pay, through which users may pay for Medium memberships or receive payment based on participation in our Partner program. Those companies acting as payment processors may collect and store personal data related to your billing information and history in order to provide their services, and may collect and store personal data and business data to prevent fraud and other abuse.When you delete your Medium account, Medium deletes your personal data as outlined in this document. However, to delete your payment or billing information, you will need to do so with your payment provider, as Medium only has minimal secure access to those records as needed to provide the services.Embedded ContentMedium posts may contain third-party embeds, which may in some cases collect and store personal data. The use of personal data by embedded content providers is not covered by this statement, but by the privacy policies of those sites or services.Existence of Automated Decision-makingMedium collects and stores personal data about its users to customize reading. This includes automated decision-making to promote content tailored to the preferences and interests indicated by the user, and to their browsing history and network interactions.Medium also filters content for the purposes of fighting and preventing spam, fraud, and other forms of abuse.Potential Consequences of ProcessingBy creating an account on Medium, users may make certain personal data about themselves public and accessible to others on their profile and through network interactions. This may in some cases constitute special category protected data which is considered manifestly made public by the user.Due to the public nature of information posted to Medium, it may be possible for third parties to derive identifying personal data from posts, whether by reading, inference, supplemental research, or automated extraction and analysis.Users are free to use their real name and information, or a pseudonym of their choosing, for their account. Users may also choose to use the service without posting data or engaging in network interactions. However, if you do not agree with and accept the risks of such usage, you may not use the services.Cross-border TransfersMedium is hosted in the United States. By using Medium Services, you authorize Medium to transfer, store, and use your information in the United States and any other country where we operate. Where your data is disclosed to our processors, it is subject by contract to at least the same level of data protection as that set out in this statement.RetentionMedium retains personal data associated with your account for the lifetime of your account. If you would like to delete your personal information, you can delete your account at any time. Deleted account profile pages will yield an error 404 “file not found” page, immediately upon initiating deletion, and will become unrecoverable in our system after a period of fourteen days. It may take several additional days for your personal data to be de-indexed from search engines, depending on those search engines’ practices, over which Medium may have limited or no control.To delete your payment or billing information, you will need to do so with your payment provider, as Medium only has minimal secure access to those records as needed to provide the services.Rights of Data SubjectsIf you sign up for a Medium account, you may at any time request an export of your personal information from the Settings page.You may correct information associated with your account from the Settings page, and the Customize Your Interests page to update your interests.You may withdraw consent by deleting your account at any time through the Settings page, which will erase your personal information completely within 14 days (except to the extent Medium is prevented by law from deleting your information).You may object at any time to the use of your personal data by contacting privacy@medium.com. If your complaint relates to alleged misuse of your personal data by a third party, it may result in suspension of that post or account in keeping with relevant law, public interest, our contractual obligations, and the rights of expression and access to information of others.You may at any time lodge a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data by Medium with the Supervisory Authority of your EU member state.Contact InformationA Medium Corporation799 Market Street, 5th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94103United States of AmericaAVG Verklaring was originally published in ZEF Magazine on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story....


Meer over cultuur Muziek

17/07 11:45 ADE en Entrée presenteren Jameszoo Quartet en Bruxas in het Concertgebouw

17/07 11:45 Cardi B en Beyoncé & Jay-Z grootste kanshebbers bij de MTV VMAs 2018

17/07 11:45 Het tourleven volgens ABBA

17/07 11:30 Trump krijgt WK-bal van 'Hier Melania, vang!'

17/07 11:30 Weinig verschil tussen mannelijke en vrouwelijke baas

17/07 11:30 Euthanasie zit nog niet aan plafond

17/07 11:30 Waarom we nog niet van een hittegolf kunnen spreken

17/07 11:30 24Hrs & Ty Dolla $ign – Still Down

17/07 11:30  Rody – Beneden ft. Devi Dev

17/07 11:30 Frans international Kurzawa en zijn vrienden vieren WK winst met Afstand van Dopebwoy

17/07 11:30 WOO HAH! wil in de toekomst de Drake’s, Kanye’s en Kendrick’s

17/07 10:45 N-VA wil gemeenschapsdienst als wapen tegen sluikstort

17/07 10:45 Leave-campagne beboet voor verbergen van uitgaven

17/07 10:45 Nieuwe president van Mexico snoeit stevig in eigen salaris

17/07 10:45 Arcangel & Tory Lanez – Victoria

17/07 10:30 Geert Bourgeois komt als eerste aan in Catalonië

17/07 10:30  G-Eazy – Power ft. Nef The Pharaoh & P-Lo

17/07 10:30 Curren$y – Targa

17/07 10:30 Memphis Depay previewt nieuwe track No Love

17/07 10:30 Hoe zit het eigenlijk met ghostproducers bij dj's?

17/07 10:30 Alles wat je misschien nog niet wist over de Zwarte Cross

17/07 09:45 België lanceert strijdplan tegen Russische trollen in federale verkiezingen

17/07 09:45 ‘Piloot verantwoordelijk voor vliegtuigcrash in Cuba’

17/07 09:30 Supermarkten worden straks ook mini-apotheken

17/07 09:30 May krijgt steun na ‘verstrenging’ van Brexit-strategie

17/07 09:30 Terugroepactie kost Greenyard 30 miljoen euro

17/07 08:30 Straks ook hiv-tests in supermarkt

17/07 08:30 Strand ligt weer vol 'Afval is niet de prioriteit'

17/07 08:30 Samusocial kan zelfs geen waterflesjes meer kopen

17/07 08:15 Cité de l’ Joyce, Marcel en Paul

17/07 07:45 Verkeerslichten moeten bus en tram voorrang geven

17/07 07:45 Expert over Russische ‘Welkom in de nieuwe Koude Oorlog’

17/07 06:30 Vlaamse ‘Keur statiegeld goed’

17/07 05:30 Poetin geeft Westen de schuld van slechte betrekkingen

17/07 05:30 Koersval zet Greenyard onder hoogspanning

17/07 03:30 Vulkanische bom doorboort dak toeristenboot op Hawaï

17/07 01:30 Netflix krijgt klappen na tegenvallende resultaten

17/07 00:30 Ronaldo slaagt voor medische tests bij Juventus en pakt meteen uit in videoclip

16/07 22:45 Russische spion opgepakt in Amerika

16/07 22:45 Honderd migranten aangetroffen in vrachtwagen in Libië, acht doden

16/07 22:45 Twee nieuwe besmettingen met ziekte van Newcastle bij pluimvee

16/07 22:30 Franse chouchou Warren Barguil heeft opvallend “Doel is om met opzet tijd te verliezen”

16/07 22:30 Paus gaat voor in huwelijksviering in Rome

16/07 22:30 Je gelooft je ogen ongeziene entree van Maradona bij zijn nieuwe club in Wit-Rusland

16/07 22:30 Maximale straf voor 6ix9ine verlaagd van 7 jaar naar 1 jaar cel

16/07 21:45 ‘Een Amerikaanse president geeft zijn eigen land de schuld voor Russische agressie. Schandelijk’

16/07 21:45 6LACK overleeft een motorongeluk in Switch video

16/07 21:30 Dierenwelzijn neemt verwaarloosde dieren in beslag

16/07 21:30 Kassa 3,6 miljoen euro voor Belgische clubs na WK, Anderlecht is ruimschoots koploper

16/07 21:30 Uitschuiver van Kroaten tijdens ultranationalistische zanger mag aan boord van spelersbus...


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