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The Japanese Green Energy Targets Threaten Australia’s Gas Exports

24/07 11:30 - The Japanese Green Energy Targets Threaten Australia’s Gas Exports
According to The Guardian, Japanese offshore wind power and hydrogen will replace Australian natural gas exports at a faster rate than the Aussie government expects. But if there is such a market for green energy, why is government intervention required to realise this "opportunity"?...


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26/09 23:30 “Power Mad” (Matt Ridley on the UK Energy Crisis)

26/09 20:30 Greta Thunberg Lashes Out at Deep Green World Leaders

26/09 15:45 Europe is switching back to coal to survive bleak winter

26/09 11:30 Green Energy Companies Fold

26/09 10:15 Is de wolharige mammoet dan de oplossing voor ons klimaatprobleem?

26/09 09:45 ‘Uitdrukkingen zijn alive-and-kicking’

26/09 07:30 Best Delta 8 Top 10 Brands & Buyer’s Guide

26/09 07:30 Lucy Is Going to Space!

26/09 03:45 New Evidence That Humans Populated the Americas During the Last Glacial Maximum

25/09 19:45 Intensified water cycle slows down global warming, new study finds

25/09 17:15 Oeroude, menselijke voetafdrukken zijn mogelijk oudste in Amerika

25/09 16:45 Oudste voetafdrukken in Amerika gevonden

25/09 15:45 “Insulate Now” Climate Radicals Block Imports of Insulation

25/09 14:45 Legos in the Lab

25/09 11:15 How CO2 Saves the Greenhouse Gas have Vital Warming & Cooling Effects

25/09 09:45 Nieuw bedrijf wil de wolharige mammoet tot leven wekken – maar kan dat wel?

25/09 09:15 InSight meet krachtigste Marsbevingen tot nu toe

25/09 07:30 Nancy Aussie PM “leading the way” on Climate Change

25/09 03:45 Shell Goes Full BP – Part Deux

25/09 00:45 Optogenetics and mRNA Vaccines Net Lasker Awards

25/09 00:30 Energy poverty is not an option for India’s 360 million poor

24/09 21:45 Symbols

24/09 19:30 Why Are So Many of Us Afraid of Our Thoughts?

24/09 19:30 Statisticians Reveal the Number of Serial Killers That Were Never Caught During The 20th Century

24/09 19:30 The Butterfly How Humans Made the Xerces Blue Go Extinct

24/09 19:30 Aussie Federal Treasurer Pushes for a Climate Unicorn Powered Economy

24/09 19:15 Microchips kunnen nu ook vliegen

24/09 17:30 Matching Water Purity to Fit Experimental Needs

24/09 16:30 Delta 8 THC Near Where to Buy The Best D8 Products Online

24/09 16:30 Climate vs. What’s the Difference? 

24/09 16:30 Moderna vs. Is There a “Best” mRNA Vaccine?

24/09 15:30 ‘Ice Rivers’ invites you to get to know our world’s melting glaciers

24/09 15:15 ‘Sommige dino’s zwiepten staart voor snellere tred’

24/09 14:30 A desire for knowledge on many science fronts

24/09 14:30 Readers discuss ‘uniquely human’ DNA and Mars’ volcanic activity

24/09 13:45 WHO adviseert medicijn tegen Corona

24/09 13:45 Voetafdrukken bewijzen dat 23.000 jaar geleden al mensen in Amerika rondwandelden

24/09 12:30 Rice feeds half the world. Climate change’s droughts and floods put it at risk

24/09 12:15 ‘Zelfontbranding is totale pseudowetenschap’

24/09 10:45 Het is nu wetenschappelijk mannen zijn soms echt overbodig

24/09 10:15 Ook dieren brabbelen om hun taal te leren

24/09 09:15 Hoe snel kan de mensheid zich verspreiden?

24/09 09:15 Fossiele voetafdrukken herschrijven geschiedenis Amerika

24/09 08:45 Coronapas is niets Gibraltar introduceerde vergelijkbaar immuniteitspaspoort in 1828 al

24/09 07:45 Ultimate Climate Coal Burning BoJo Demands the World “Grow Up”

24/09 03:30 Record number of Chukchi Sea polar bears in 2020

23/09 23:45 Why only some people will get COVID-19 booster shots at first

23/09 23:30 “Lying Flat”: Back to Nature Undermining the Chinese Economy

23/09 22:30 Why Couldn’t Iron Age People Throw Some Stuff Away?

23/09 22:30 Streamlining Cell and Gene Therapy Research


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