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YouTube Red naar honderd landen

youtube-red-naar-honderd-landen13/02 15:15 - YouTube Red naar honderd landen
De betaalde versie van YouTube, Red, komt beschikbaar in zeker honderd landen. Dat heeft Susan Wojcicki van YouTube bekend gemaakt op Recode’s Code Media congres....


Meer over economie

26/04 18:30 Gerrit Zalm aan de slag als bestuurder bij ratingbureau Moody's

26/04 18:15 Alles voor die ene ict'er uit São Paulo

26/04 18:15 Microsoft is rallying ahead of earnings

26/04 18:15 Beleggers straffen de cijfers van Philips Lighting en Besi genadeloos af

26/04 18:15 A trendy diet is designed to slow aging by mimicking fasting — and followers buy these $250 meal kits for their fasts

26/04 18:15 Avicii’s family has implied his death was a suicide, stating ‘he could not go on any longer’

26/04 18:15 The US attorney is already using Trump’s ‘Fox & Friends’ comments about Michael Cohen against him

26/04 17:45 Oud-commissaris claimt miljarden van meubelconcern Steinhoff

26/04 17:45 Bpost schrapt enkele honderden banen

26/04 17:45 A US soldier who worships the Norse thunder god Thor just got permission to keep his beard

26/04 17:45 Nintendo just replaced its president with a Pokémon veteran

26/04 17:45 Jeff Bezos says he liquidates a whopping $1 billion of Amazon stock every year to pay for his rocket company, Blue Origin

26/04 17:45 The site of the world’s worst nuclear meltdown is about to become a solar farm

26/04 17:45 Donald Trump will make a ‘working visit’ to Britain on July 13

26/04 17:15 Staking streekvervoer gaat definitief door

26/04 17:15 Personeel streekvervoerders mag maandag en dinsdag werkgevers verliezen kort geding

26/04 17:15 Staking streekvervoer gaat definitief door

26/04 17:15 The 10 highest-paid WWE stars in 2018

26/04 17:15 The US attorney is already using Trump’s ‘Fox and Friends’ comments about Michael Cohen against him

26/04 17:15 Trump just had a wild ‘Fox & Friends’ interview reminiscent of the early days of the 2016 campaign — here are the highlights

26/04 17:15 An ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ company is making a fortune on these bitcoin and Ethereum sweaters — and the crypto crowd loves them

26/04 17:15 Why kickboxing is a better full-body workout than boxing, according to the venture capitalist and COO duo who started a gym dedicated to it

26/04 17:15 Amber Rudd refuses to rule out Britain staying in a customs union after Brexit

26/04 17:15 Potential No. 1 pick Josh Allen apologizes to Stephen A. Smith after offensive tweets resurface just before NFL Draft

26/04 17:15 A former Facebook moderator says she took down beheadings, child pornography, and animal abuse every day — but was ‘treated like nothing’

26/04 17:15 My 6 favorite things about the gorgeous, epic new ‘God of War’ on PlayStation 4

26/04 16:45 Afschrijving NAM Groningen kan Shell zo'n 30 miljard omzet kosten

26/04 16:45 Bonden eisen hoger loon rijksambtenaren en dreigen met acties

26/04 16:45 Supermarktketen misbruikt met nep-content

26/04 16:45 Kanye West verklaart Donald Trump de liefde op Twitter – dit waren de reacties van zijn vrouw Kim en Trump zelf

26/04 16:45 America’s first lynching memorial is now open in the ‘Cradle of the Confederacy’ — take a look inside

26/04 16:45 This is what it’s like to be a woman with a sex addiction — and what everyone gets wrong about it

26/04 16:45 Disney’s ‘Smart House’ came out in 1999 — here are all the technologies from the movie that we’re actually using two decades later

26/04 16:45 Subway is closing another 500 stores — here’s why

26/04 16:45 Trump says his longtime attorney Michael Cohen only handled a ‘tiny, tiny fraction’ of his legal work — and the government is already using it against him

26/04 16:45 Trump just had a wild ‘Fox and Friends’ interview reminiscent of the early days of the 2016 campaign — here are the highlights

26/04 16:45  staking in het streekvervoer maandag en dinsdag mag doorgaan

26/04 16:45 ‘Isn’t that leaking?’: CNN’s Anderson Cooper grills James Comey over release of FBI memos

26/04 16:30 Minder plastic in de supermarkt in Groot-Brittannië, en Nederland dan?

26/04 16:30  ingrijpende maatregelen nodig bij groei Schiphol

26/04 16:30 Staking streekvervoer op 30 april en 1 mei mag doorgaan van rechter

26/04 16:30 'Benzineprijs stijgt naar hoogste niveau sinds 2015'

26/04 16:15 Vijftien procent meer conversie met gamified check-out

26/04 16:15 Ahold Delhaize in zee met UvA

26/04 16:15 AH To Go tegenover Jumbo City sluit deuren

26/04 16:15 Staking bussen gaat definitief door

26/04 16:15 Staking bussen gaat definitief door

26/04 16:15 The 10 actors who Americans like the most

26/04 16:15 These are the most powerful militaries in Asia

26/04 16:15 People across the US are throwing away romaine lettuce due to an E. coli outbreak — here’s how to avoid getting sick


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