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Nationale Week Zonder Vlees noemt eerste editie 'zeer succesvol'

12/03 10:45 - Nationale Week Zonder Vlees noemt eerste editie 'zeer succesvol'
Met 32.000 ingeschreven deelnemers eindigt de eerste editie van de Nationale Week Zonder Vlees. Het bereik was enorm, retailers zagen vleesvervangers pieken. 'Dit smaakt naar meer.'...


Meer over economie

19/11 18:45  Verdwenen power bij GE

19/11 18:45 10 stars who auditioned for popular movie roles but didn’t get them

19/11 18:45 A man thought he had a runny nose for 5 years, but it turns out his brain was leaking

19/11 18:45 This photographer is taking portraits of members of all 566 Native American tribes, and the results are powerful

19/11 18:45 Oscar winner Emma Stone explains why she had to audition for her new movie, but ‘didn’t find it insulting’

19/11 18:45 Lage spaarrente drijft particuliere beleggers naar dat is niet zonder risico

19/11 18:45 Apple doesn’t have Black Friday deals for iPhones — but here are the stores that do

19/11 18:45 14 surprising things you probably didn’t know about Meryl Streep

19/11 18:45 There’s really only one way to correctly grow a mustache

19/11 18:45 Andrew Cuomo claims media is bashing the Amazon HQ2 deal because they compete with the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post

19/11 18:30 ‘ABN Amro moet orde op zaken stellen’

19/11 18:30 Dow tuimelt weer onder 25.000 punten

19/11 18:30  AEX op weg naar jaarbodem van 500

19/11 18:30 Redder van Nissan in ongenade bij eigen concern

19/11 18:15 Het blijft rommelen bij ABN Amro - hoe kan dat?

19/11 18:15 The 50 best things to do around the world in 2018

19/11 18:15 The top 25 states where rich people give away the least money

19/11 18:15 Renault fors onderuit op de beurs na arrestatie topman Carlos Ghosn

19/11 18:15 The Fitbit Versa is the best smartwatch I’ve ever used — and it’s on sale for $150 for Black Friday

19/11 18:15 Apple’s new MacBook Air is a revelation, and I’m glad I bought it — even though it’s too expensive

19/11 18:15 Netflix turned ‘The Last Kingdom’ into a global hit, and season 3 is a worthwhile snack for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans

19/11 18:15 Best Buy will kick off Black Friday early and open again on Thanksgiving

19/11 18:15 The soldier’s best 9 ways that militaries use dogs for missions

19/11 18:15 These 10 fashion and beauty brands are poised to have a huge 2019

19/11 17:45 Adyen valt op lager gesloten Damrak

19/11 17:45 Renault onderuit op rode beursdag

19/11 17:45 Bitcoin duikt even onder $5000

19/11 17:45 Profiel Carlos Redder van Nissan in ongenade bij eigen concern

19/11 17:45 Gwyneth Paltrow’s seasonal gift guide includes solid gold rolling papers and an entire Spanish village

19/11 17:45 Defector shot 5 times while escaping says 80% of younger North Koreans aren’t loyal to Kim Jong Un

19/11 17:45 Chipotle is under fire after terminating a manager who refused to serve customers she suspected of dining and dashing, and it reveals a massive problem plaguing restaurants and retailers

19/11 17:45 Voor het slapen nog even contant geld storten wordt voor ondernemers lastiger – Rabo sluit alle 600 sealbagautomaten ’s nachts en ING volgt binnenkort

19/11 17:45 What it’s actually like to audition for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

19/11 17:45 10 things you probably didn’t know you could deduct on your taxes

19/11 17:30 Staking Stern-garage Amsterdam op dinsdag

19/11 17:30 Bitcoin hard op weg naar daling tot $5000

19/11 17:30 Ook China akkoord met deal Fox en Disney

19/11 17:30 Duitsland en Frankrijk presenteren plannen voor een eurozonebegroting

19/11 17:15 Etos maakt met franchisenemers afspraken over onlineverkoop

19/11 17:15 Nissan bevestigt dat de voorzitter van haar raad van bestuur gearresteerd werd

19/11 17:15 Topman Carlos Ghosn van Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi gearresteerd en op staande voet ontslagen

19/11 17:15 A third of US parents say they’ll skip the flu shots for their kids this year — here’s why that’s not a good idea

19/11 17:15 Watch Emily Blunt sing ‘I Want It That Way’ with the Backstreet Boys

19/11 17:15 Prince Louis grabbed Prince Charles’ face during a formal photo shoot, and people can’t get over how ‘precious’ it is

19/11 17:15 Trump says he was onto Osama Bin Laden before 9/11, blames past presidents for not killing him

19/11 17:15 Goldman Sachs’ big bet on the future of Wall Street had a rocky start. Here’s the inside story of the bank’s struggle to grow its next business

19/11 17:15 Khloe Kardashian called Tristan Thompson a ‘complete piece of s—‘ after cheating reports surfaced

19/11 17:15 Wild high school football championship game features 3 TDs in final 40 seconds and a Hail Mary game-winner

19/11 17:15 10 things you probably didn’t know about chocolate

19/11 17:15 Donald Trump heeft de autoriteit om een kernwapen in te zetten – maar er zijn gelukkig wel wat veiligheidsmarges ingebouwd


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