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Treinen volledig op groene 1,5 miljard kilo CO2 bespaard

treinen-volledig-op-groene--15-miljard-kilo-co2-bespaard12/02 19:45 - Treinen volledig op groene 1,5 miljard kilo CO2 bespaard
Doordat NS-treinen sinds twee jaar volledig op groene stroom rijden is 1,43 miljard kilogram kooldioxide minder in de atmosfeer terechtgekomen. Dat is evenveel als 3,3 miljoen ritjes met de auto naar Zuid-Frankrijk, becijfert Milieu Centraal....


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20/04 01:45 How these savvy ‘Jeopardy!’ champions use statistics and game theory to walk away with millions

20/04 01:15 BuzzFeed is struggling to defend its major Trump scoop after Mueller’s report discredited it

20/04 01:15 Tesla is shuffling its board of directors amid ongoing negotiations with the Securities and Exchange Commission

20/04 00:45 The 10 characters fans think are most likely to die in ‘ Endgame’

20/04 00:45 Here’s another sign Apple wants to make its Mac software more like the iPhone

20/04 00:15 The mother of the YouTube and 23andMe CEOs has a 5-letter catchword for raising successful children and she wrote a book about it

19/04 23:45 You can now buy an inflatable pickle pool float for less than $10 on Amazon

19/04 23:45 A hidden camera was found in a women’s bathroom on a warship, and investigators are looking for answers

19/04 23:45 I’ve used this essential oil-infused memory foam pillow every night for 4 months, and I’ve never slept better

19/04 23:45 Millennials are willing to spend $5000 or more on vacation, making them the age group that spends the most on travel — but Gen Z isn’t far behind

19/04 23:45 Elizabeth Warren becomes the first senator — and first 2020 candidate — to call for impeaching Trump over the Mueller report

19/04 23:15 Demonstranten Shell-kantoor mogen naar huis

19/04 23:15 A new character joins Mario in Super Mario Odyssey to save Princess Peach — I think it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games ever

19/04 23:15 A local TV station is receiving backlash for uncritically covering two anti-Muslim pundits

19/04 23:15 There is one key difference in how ‘Jeopardy!’ champions James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings dominated the game

19/04 23:15 What everyone gets wrong about this famous Steve Jobs quote, according to Lyft’s design boss

19/04 23:15 10 of the most famous celebrity-athlete couples

19/04 23:15 A dad called a Valentine’s Day father-daughter dance ‘creepy’ and ‘romantic,’ sparking a heated discussion online

19/04 22:45 THEN AND How famous New York City landmarks have changed over the years

19/04 22:45 Here are 7 takeaways from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation

19/04 22:45 THEN AND How the ‘Game of Thrones’ characters have changed since the first season

19/04 22:45 Mitt Romney says he’s ‘sickened’ by Trump’s ‘dishonesty and misdirection’ after reading the Mueller report

19/04 22:45 A California couple were sentenced to life in prison after years of torturing their children

19/04 22:45 The billionaire leading the charge to impeach Trump is calling on Democrats to get the ball rolling after the Mueller report

19/04 22:45 How Columbine changed American schools forever

19/04 22:15 A California couple was sentenced to life in prison after years of torturing their children

19/04 22:15 How to delete photos from an iPad, with an easy method for deleting all of your photos at once

19/04 21:45 ING-gerucht doet Commerzbank goed, weer nieuw lijk in de kast van Deutsche Bank

19/04 21:45 The Raiders sent their scouts home 6 days before the draft because the new GM reportedly ‘does not know who he can trust with his draft secrets’

19/04 21:45 Mueller revealed why he didn’t charge Trump with obstruction, and it directly contradicts what Barr told the public

19/04 21:45 The entrepreneur behind the coveted B Corp label shares why he’s partnering with the UN to solve our most pressing workforce problems

19/04 21:45 21 celebrities who’ve made millions of dollars outside of Hollywood

19/04 21:45 You can get a cocktail with George Clooney’s face in the ice cube it but it’ll cost you $25

19/04 21:15 Miljoen internationale toeristen verwacht met Pasen

19/04 21:15 The Mueller report is finally out, now here come the subpoenas

19/04 21:15 A local TV station is getting backlash for uncritically covering two Islamophobic pundits

19/04 21:15 Forget beer and Some companies are holding weed happy hours, where employees can light up in the office

19/04 21:15 How to right click on a Mac computer in three different ways

19/04 21:15 Portland has permanently banned a man from its public transportation system after a decade of terrorizing women and targeting their hair

19/04 21:15 Here’s what everyone gets wrong about this famous Steve Jobs quote, according to Lyft’s design boss

19/04 20:45 People aren’t buying the iconic, sprawling mansions in one of America’s richest cities, a haven for Wall Street types an hour from NYC. I spent a day there — here’s what it was like.

19/04 20:45 The US government has grounded the Cirrus VisionJet — the cheapest private jet in the world — because of defective sensors that are ‘potentially fatal’

19/04 20:45 Here’s how a 13-pound $646 chocolate egg is made

19/04 20:45 The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will go 49 days without playing a home game and the man in charge of making the NFL schedule said he’d ‘love to take another shot’

19/04 20:45 The Mueller is finally out, now here come the subpoenas

19/04 20:30 ‘Gezondheidsrisico 5G? Grote onzin!’

19/04 20:15 De ‘liberale’ argumenten tegen een verplichte verzekering voor zzp’ers zijn flinterdun

19/04 20:15 2 moms started an online kids clothing company that sells colorful, logo-free basics for less than $25

19/04 20:15 Gig-economy workers like Uber and Lyft drivers may be skewing low unemployment numbers

19/04 20:15 Why you could suddenly lose feelings for your partner — and what to do about it


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