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'De Fed is helemaal gek geworden'

11/10 13:30 - 'De Fed is helemaal gek geworden'
De Amerikaanse koepel van centrale banken, de Federal Reserve, draait door met het verhogen van de rente, heeft president Donald Trump gezegd na de zware koersverliezen op de beurzen....


Meer over economie

21/04 21:15 The second episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 was leaked just like the season premiere

21/04 21:15 I got to play the new ‘Mortal Kombat’ before it comes out, and it’s a vicious delight

21/04 21:15 Oekraïne kiest 41-jarige komiek tot president – Hij deed presidentiële ervaring op in TV-serie

21/04 20:45 Tesla wil minder bestuurders met een kortere termijn – aandeelhouders krijgen daardoor meer invloed

21/04 20:45 Shell sluit miljoenendeal met Saudi Aramco

21/04 20:45 People are criticizing an MSNBC reporter for hounding Robert Mueller with questions outside of his Easter Sunday service

21/04 19:45 Top Democrats say the party is still weighing impeachment after the Mueller report

21/04 19:15 This guy made physical flip-flops out of Trump’s contradictory tweets — and he sold out his entire inventory in less than a month

21/04 19:15 At least 2 Americans died in the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombings that claimed hundreds of lives

21/04 18:45 How Queen Elizabeth has embraced technology over the years, from broadcasting her coronation on TV to sending her first Instagram post

21/04 18:45 I visited one of America’s richest zip codes, a neighborhood known for its country clubs and sprawling mansions, where the average income is $857,300. Here’s what it looks like.

21/04 18:45 3 reasons the Chase Sapphire Preferred is the right credit card to help me see the world

21/04 18:15 Sri Lanka has temporarily blocked access to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp after a series of bombings left over 200 dead, fearing the spread of misinformation

21/04 18:15 Giuliani says ‘There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians,’ referencing Trump Tower meeting

21/04 17:45 How to get rid of bed bugs and the products you need to do it

21/04 17:15 32 photos of the Queen doing commoner things that will make you chuckle

21/04 17:15 Harrowing photos show devastating aftermath of Sri Lanka Easter bombing attacks that claimed hundreds of lives

21/04 17:15 World leaders including Pope Francis, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama offered their support after Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka claimed hundreds of lives

21/04 16:45 Dash cam footage appears to show the horrifying moment a bomb exploded at a church in Sri Lanka’s capital

21/04 16:45 Chains like Chipotle, Starbucks, and Cava are revolutionizing the drive-thru to compete with fast-food giants

21/04 16:45 ‘I never plan to fly on it’: Workers reportedly recount poor practices at a Boeing factory in South Carolina that could spell trouble for Dreamliner plane

21/04 16:45 Italy’s ‘perma-recession’ could trigger a €2 trillion financial crisis that threatens the eurozone itself

21/04 16:30 Korte maar drukke beursweek in het verschiet

21/04 16:15 Midden-Oosten steunt Soedan met 3 miljard dollar

21/04 16:15 I visited NYC’s highest nightclub, a 35th-floor lounge that’s decked out in flowers and looks out onto the Empire State Building. Here’s what it looks like.

21/04 16:15 Michael Phelps reveals the simple things parents can do to help their kids learn to swim like fearless champs

21/04 16:15 There’s a simple rule to determine whether investing while paying off student loan debt is a smart move, according to the experts

21/04 15:45 Samsung is at the bleeding edge with the Galaxy Fold, and we forget too easily that first-generation products are rarely perfect

21/04 15:45 Sri Lankan police issued an intelligence alert warning that terrorists planned to hit ‘prominent churches’ 10 days before Easter bombings

21/04 15:45 Cloud computing wars, tax frustrations, and chaos at HQ Trivia

21/04 15:15 The 24 coolest cars at the 2019 New York Auto Show

21/04 15:15 We went inside Casper’s mattress-testing lab in San Francisco — here’s what we saw

21/04 15:15 How to find your ring size with a tape measure or ring sizer

21/04 15:15 Long hours, isolating loneliness, and confusing Uber drivers in Washington D.C. are struggling to make ends meet

21/04 15:15 Sri Lankan police issued an intelligence alert warning that terrorists planned to hit ‘prominent churches’ 10 days before the Easter suicide bombings

21/04 14:15 This CEO explains how his DevOps startup runs 15,000 clones each day and helps developers release code faster

21/04 14:15 At least 207 people killed in Sri Lanka after churches and luxury hotels hit by explosions

21/04 13:45 Dividend appeltje voor de dorst

21/04 13:45 Tesla wil door met kleiner bestuur

21/04 13:45 At least 190 people killed in Sri Lanka after churches and luxury hotels hit by explosions

21/04 13:15 Brabantia doet al 100 jaar ‘Nu nog het strijken leuker maken’

21/04 12:45 De elektrische Jaguar I-Pace SUV is uitgeroepen tot beste auto van 2019 – we vergeleken ‘m met Tesla’s Model X

21/04 12:30 Shell sluit miljoenendeal met Saudi Aramco

21/04 11:45 Disney-wonderland breidt uit

21/04 11:45 Paaschocolade erg prijzig

21/04 11:45 Millennials zijn de meest reislustige ze geven duizenden euro’s uit aan vakantie

21/04 11:30 Topman Apple werkt meedogenloos

21/04 11:15 At least 156 people killed in Sri Lanka after churches and luxury hotels hit by explosions

21/04 10:45 Aanslagen in Sri Lanka eisen volgens lokale politie 156 doden en honderden gewonden – ook Nederlandse slachtoffers

21/04 10:15 Top 6: Teamuitjes met GPS


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