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Wall Street begint in het rood

13/02 15:45 - Wall Street begint in het rood
De aandelenbeurzen in New York zijn dinsdag lager geopend. Daarmee komt een einde aan twee handelsdagen met herstel. Beleggers verwerken onder meer cijfers van frisdrank- en snackproducent PepsiCo. De agenda is verder nagenoeg leeg....


Meer over economie

18/10 23:15 Maisie Williams says Arya’s final ‘Game of Thrones’ scene is ‘beautiful’ and she was ‘alone’

18/10 23:15 NFL WEEK 7: Our official predictions for who wins this weekend

18/10 23:15 30 magical photos of Disney parks during Christmas

18/10 23:15 John Krasinski is writing a sequel to his hit horror movie, ‘A Quiet Place,’ after first telling the studio to move on without him

18/10 22:45 PayPal kijkt positiever vooruit

18/10 22:45 Recordomzet voor American Express

18/10 22:45 In plaats van het pensioenstelsel te moderniseren lijkt het meer op improviseren

18/10 22:45 Handelsoorlog raakt Amerikaanse ‘We kunnen hard vallen als het tegenzit’

18/10 22:45 We tried five veggie slicers of varying prices on Amazon – here’s how they lined up

18/10 22:45 We rode in this museum’s collection of rare and expensive cars

18/10 22:45 Stephen Humans need to leave Earth or risk being annihilated by nuclear war or climate change

18/10 22:45 A teacher uses memes to grade papers — and people think it’s a clever way to boost classroom morale

18/10 22:45 PayPal beats on earnings, revenue, and guidance

18/10 22:45 Samantha Grant just apologized to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the most dramatic way

18/10 22:45 In a fiery warning to rivals, Putin says any country that nukes Russia will ‘drop dead’

18/10 22:30  Beurscorrectie biedt koopkansen

18/10 22:30 Italië moet aan de bak

18/10 22:30 Wall Street kleurt rood

18/10 22:15 Meghan Markle wore a young fan’s handmade pasta necklace with her $873 dress

18/10 22:15 9 ‘The Walking Dead’ Halloween costumes you can do yourself

18/10 22:15 Millennials are heeding Warren Buffett’s advice during this stock-market sell-off

18/10 22:15 OnePlus is having some terrible luck with scheduling the launch of its latest smartphone

18/10 22:15 Why a homeowner designed his house for his 24 rescue cats

18/10 22:15 The game developer behind ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption’ is embroiled in an ongoing controversy — here’s what’s been going on

18/10 22:15 One of the men suspected of killing Jamal Khashoggi reportedly died in a car crash after returning to Saudi Arabia

18/10 22:15 Iran has found a new way to harass US warships, and it’s got the US Navy on edge

18/10 21:45 GE en Siemens azen op miljardencontract Irak

18/10 21:45 Italië krijgt van EU vier dagen om begroting uit te leggen

18/10 21:45 People are posting fake stories about celebrities to get Americans to vote — and everyone hates it

18/10 21:45 The 19 biggest horror movies of all time, ranked by how much money they made at the US box office

18/10 21:45 Meet the man who builds life-size Transformers costumes to wear to ComicCon

18/10 21:45 These are the 10 riskiest countries in the world to visit — and why

18/10 21:45 This CEO just got millions of dollars in funding to help you automate the most boring and mundane parts of your life

18/10 21:30 Porsche weer op recordjacht

18/10 21:15 Waarom we nooit tevreden zijn met ons salaris

18/10 21:15 Why San Francisco is a nightmare, according to science

18/10 21:15 3 kinds of drinks that actually dehydrate you — and why

18/10 21:15 Saudi Arabia reportedly plans to admit Khashoggi was murdered and use top general close to crown prince as scapegoat

18/10 21:15 Emily Ratajkowski wore a halter top that can best be described as a giant silk scarf hanging from a rope

18/10 21:15 How the Rubik’s Cube became one of the bestselling toys in history

18/10 21:15 Top US commander in Afghanistan survives a deadly insider attack that killed senior Afghan officials and wounded 2 Americans

18/10 21:15 Uber is reportedly making a new service to provide short-term jobs in security, hospitality, and more

18/10 20:45 15 simple ways to refresh your look for fall

18/10 20:45 A bride-to-be called off her dream wedding a week before it was supposed to happen — and then donated it to a couple she’s never met

18/10 20:45 Kendall Jenner slammed TMZ for publishing the ‘exact location’ of her ‘You’re putting my life in danger’

18/10 20:45 Apple reimagined its iconic logo in dozens of ways for its upcoming iPad event — here are all of the creative and cool designs

18/10 20:45 Tesla is te belangrijk om te mogen omvallen – en dat draait om meer dan Tesla zelf

18/10 20:45 Mueller is said to be asking Paul Manafort for information on Roger Stone

18/10 20:45 The 10 most popular TV shows of the year so far, according to Nielsen ratings

18/10 20:45 Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin pulls out of investor conference in Saudi Arabia amid outrage over journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance


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