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Fernbach et al.: Advantages of Pre-Registration of Study Design

12/02 21:30 - Fernbach et al.: Advantages of Pre-Registration of Study Design
Guest Essay by Kip Hansen We recently saw on this blog a  guest essay from Joel O’Bryan regarding a paper from Fernbach et al. titled “Extreme opponents of genetically modified foods know the least but think they know the most” which appears in the form of a “Letter” in the journal Nature – Human Behavior.    The…...


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23/04 05:30 Earth Day 2019: The sixth mass extinction and the imperative of apocalypse

23/04 04:30 MSNBC Twice Cancelled “Ratings Killer” Climate Action Advocate Katharine Hayhoe

23/04 03:30 Decade-Long Geology Project Rewrites Origins of Earth's Methane

23/04 01:30 The cult of Greta Thunberg

22/04 22:45 How Does the Impossible Burger Look and Taste Like Real Beef?

22/04 22:45 Crew Dragon Test Mishap Could Delay First SpaceX Human Flight

22/04 22:45 ‘Criminelen gaan minder snel opnieuw de fout in als ze zelf koken in de gevangenis’ – klopt dit wel?

22/04 22:30 Kijken naar de cellen in een tumor is als het kijken naar het je bent ‘een onfeilbare God’ en ziet alles

22/04 22:30 Peak Oil, Abiotic Oil & Real(ish) Things That Don’t Matter, Part Peak Oil

22/04 21:30 Spider's Orange Colors Both Lure Prey and Frighten Predators

22/04 20:45 Inventions that show why accessible tools matter for scientific discovery

22/04 20:45 Three Researchers Ousted from MD Anderson

22/04 20:30 How Scientists Are Bringing Our AI Assistants to Life

22/04 20:30 The Fight Over Who Really Found the First Exoplanet

22/04 20:30 The Grim Origins of 'Gluten-Free'

22/04 20:30 Prenatal Sequencing for Some Autism Genes May Soon Be Available

22/04 20:30 USDA Scientists Must Say Published Research Is “Preliminary”

22/04 19:45 If Precipitation Extremes Are Increasing, Why Aren’t Floods?

22/04 19:30 Reinvent the Wheel

22/04 18:30 20 Things You Didn't Know About Rainbows

22/04 16:30 Mercury has a massive solid inner core

22/04 15:45 Earth Not a Single Environmental Prediction of the Last 50 Years Has Come True

22/04 14:30 Ancient sculptors made magnetic figures from rocks struck by lightning

22/04 14:30 Image of the Multicolor Brain

22/04 13:15 Drie vrolijke ‘paasproefjes’

22/04 12:30 The M87 black hole image showed the best way to measure black hole masses

22/04 11:45 Extinction Rebellion Downsizing their Climate Change Demonstrations

22/04 11:15 Picture een uiltje knappen

22/04 10:30 De man die zijn eigen diabetespomp ontwierp

22/04 07:30 Eco-woke “We’re losing the war on climate change”

22/04 07:15 ''Mensen mogen niet meer klagen over muggen!''

22/04 02:45 Celebrate Earth Day with Citizen Science

22/04 02:30  Climate Change Caused by Anthropogenic CO2

21/04 22:30 Harvard Offering Advice to Climate Apocalypse Survivalists

21/04 22:30 Sunday Satire – the #ExtinctionRebellion “official response”

21/04 16:15 Krachtvoer uit de dieet op maat voor soldaat

21/04 15:30 University of Minnesota Offering Advice to Climate Apocalypse Survivalists

21/04 14:15 IQ-test! We worden slimmer, maar niet per se wijzer

21/04 14:15 IQ-test! We worden slimmer, maar niet per se wijzer

21/04 12:30 When anxiety happens as early as preschool, treatments can help

21/04 11:15 De hoe het christendom begon

21/04 09:30 Cooling Down the Hysteria About Global Warming

21/04 07:15 Hoe leren kinderen lezen?

21/04 03:30 Financial Creating Commuter Misery Will Build Support for Climate Action

21/04 00:45 An End… and a New Direction

20/04 21:30 Eye roller Make farmers play computer games to understand climate threat

20/04 19:30 Myles 1.5C Global Warming “will not feel like Armageddon”

20/04 15:30 Climate Modellers Waiting for Observations to Catch Up with Their Predictions

20/04 13:15 Google A.I. helpt je selfies te maken

20/04 09:15 Ontwikkeling nieuwe tiltrotor op stoom


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