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Opkomende economieën roepen op handelsoorlog te stoppen

11/10 15:45 - Opkomende economieën roepen op handelsoorlog te stoppen
De G-24, een groep van opkomende economieën in de wereld, roept economische grootmachten op het wereldwijde handelssysteem te hervormen en te versterken in plaats van het af te breken....


Meer over economie

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12/11 22:15 The inside story behind the Marvel movie you were never supposed to see

12/11 22:15 These linen sheets are undoubtedly expensive, but their superior comfort and breathability won me over

12/11 22:15 9 photos of world leaders standing in the rain to honor fallen soldiers

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12/11 22:15 These are the top 10 games for your new PlayStation 4, according to critics

12/11 22:15 Stan Lee spent a lifetime condemning racism, most prominently through the heroes in his comic books

12/11 22:15 The Obamas are worth 30 times more than when they entered the White House in 2008 — here’s how they spend their millions

12/11 21:45 7 myths about oral sex you need to stop believing

12/11 21:45 We went to Alibaba’s 24-hour shopping extravaganza that is like nothing in America, featuring a Mariah Carey performance and an online-shopping-themed Cirque du Soleil act. Here’s what it reveals about the future of retail.

12/11 21:45 Stan Lee, Marvel legend, dead at 95

12/11 21:45 Walmart has apparently been worried about Amazon for more than 15 years — here are all of the changes it has made to keep up in the online-shopping battle

12/11 21:45 Stan Lee has made 57 cameos in the Marvel universe — here they all are

12/11 21:30 'Maleisië wil 600 miljoen terug van Goldman'

12/11 21:15 Celebrities react to Marvel creator Stan Lee’s death

12/11 21:15 An American Airlines flight attendant is suing the airline for $1 million, accusing another crew member of assaulting her with a scarf and dragging her down the aisle

12/11 21:15 UPS Freight just avoided a strike of 11,000 drivers — but not all its employees are happy

12/11 21:15 De geestelijk vader van Spider-Man, de Hulk en X-men is overleden – Stan Lee gaf zijn superhelden menselijke trekjes

12/11 21:15 Outrageous photos show what flying on private jets is really like, from private bedrooms with plush bedding to exquisitely crafted meals served with Champagne

12/11 21:15 The creative director of New York City’s Playboy Club says that he looks for 2 qualities when hiring a Playboy Bunny — and that one red flag will keep someone from getting the job

12/11 20:45 Brood wordt dubbeltjes duurder

12/11 20:45 'Rabobank onderzoekt verkoop van activiteiten in Verenigde Staten'

12/11 20:45 De tijd van vrijblijvende groene plannetjes is voorbij, het is de banken menens

12/11 20:45 Top 12 waiver-wire pickups for Week 11 of fantasy football

12/11 20:45  The 10 best law schools for landing a high-paying job after graduation

12/11 20:45 Meghan Markle stood on a different balcony than Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II during a Remembrance Day service because of her rank in the royal family

12/11 20:45 The Trump administration’s new rules allow more employers to drop birth control coverage — here’s how they could impact you

12/11 20:45 A doctor who achieved a near-perfect score on the medical-board exam shares his 6 best strategies to memorize any kind of information

12/11 20:45 What 10 famous Christmas movie destinations look like in real life

12/11 20:45 I installed this $160 smart lock on my front door, and now letting in our Airbnb guests is a snap

12/11 20:30 Rabobank bekijkt verkoop onderdelen in VS

12/11 20:30 'Rabobank bekijkt verkoop onderdelen in VS'

12/11 20:30 De allerlaatste kans voor Blokker!

12/11 20:15 Jaden Smith announced onstage that Tyler, The Creator is his boyfriend — and fans caught the whole exchange on film

12/11 20:15 6 toepassingen op de smartphone die ook geweldig zouden zijn op een laptop

12/11 20:15 Why you should consider opening Bank of America’s $95-a-year rewards credit card

12/11 20:15 Police officers mistakenly shot and killed a security guard at a Illinois bar after he pulled out his gun to stop an armed patron

12/11 20:15 Good news, Wall You’re probably going to get a bigger bonus this year

12/11 20:15 Several UK businesses are discussing implanting microchips in their employees’ hands

12/11 20:15 Stan Lee has made 56 cameos in the Marvel universe — here they all are

12/11 19:45 KPN-deelneming voor $113 miljoen verkocht

12/11 19:45 Tech onder druk op rood Wall Street

12/11 19:45 Een vliegveld op zee lijkt niet langer te hoog gegrepen

12/11 19:45 Een vliegveld op zee lijkt niet langer te hoog gegrepen

12/11 19:45 A doctor who achieved a near-perfect score on the medical board exam shares his 6 best strategies to memorize any kind of information

12/11 19:45 These 2 charts reveal a growing problem for Apple in China — searches for the new iPhones ‘fell off a cliff’ in October

12/11 19:45 From arguing federal judges should be Christian to being involved in a scam shut down by the FTC, here’s a full timeline of acting AG Matthew Whitaker’s controversial past

12/11 19:45 Home Depot is bucking a major retail trend and staying closed on Thanksgiving, but it’ll get its sales going early on Black Friday

12/11 19:45 The death toll from California’s fires has risen to 31, with thousands of homes destroyed in Malibu and Northern California

12/11 19:45 Apple is getting crushed after analysts predict that iPhone unit sales will shrink next year — which is the same time it will stop disclosing iPhone sales


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