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CO2-uitstoot in Nederland licht gedaald in vierde kwartaal

14/02 10:30 - CO2-uitstoot in Nederland licht gedaald in vierde kwartaal
De CO2-uitstoot in Nederland is in het vierde kwartaal 2,2 procent gedaald ten opzichte van dezelfde periode een jaar eerder. ...


Meer over economie

23/06 04:45 Nieuwe telecomspeler betekent lagere prijzen én lagere kwaliteit volgens studie

23/06 03:45 All the US states that ship more than $1 billion worth of goods to China that would be slammed by tariffs

23/06 02:45 23andMe plans to send DNA kits to try to reunite families separated at the border — but privacy issues loom

23/06 01:45 Ook BMW waarschuwt voor Brexit

23/06 01:45 Ook BMW waarschuwt voor Brexit

23/06 01:30 Oud-minister Griekenland zal tot 2060 bankroet blijven

23/06 01:30 Zes aanhoudingen na drie geweldsincidenten Tilburg

23/06 01:15 The Brexit vote has already wiped £440 million a week from Britain’s economy

23/06 01:15 China is slamming $34 billion worth of US goods with tariffs. Here are the states that will be hurt the most.

23/06 01:15 ‘They cannot find the children at all’: Migrant parents face chaos and red tape trying to reunite with their kids

23/06 01:15 Labour says Theresa May’s ‘rash, reckless and ideological red lines’ are trashing Brexit negotiations

23/06 01:15 The founder of notorious failed startup Clinkle is reportedly coming back with a blockchain project

23/06 00:45 Kindhuwelijken verboden in New Jersey

23/06 00:45 Na Airbus verhoogt nu ook BMW druk op Britse regering voor goed brexitakkoord

23/06 00:45 The wildest costumes at Burning Man

23/06 00:45 A judge outlined exactly what qualifies as privileged in the Michael Cohen case — and almost nothing involves Cohen’s work for his clients

23/06 00:30 Sinds 1990 niet zo weinig vakbondsleden

23/06 00:30 Aantal vakbondsleden in vijf jaar tijd verder afgenomen

23/06 00:15 See inside the California estate actor Rob Lowe is selling for $47 million, where Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres are neighbors

23/06 00:15 Apple is finally doing something about the notorious MacBook Pro keyboard that everybody has been complaining about

23/06 00:15 Roger Stone says he could be indicted by Mueller

23/06 00:15 Iran’s supreme leader just torpedoed his country’s best chance to get off the terror financing blacklist

23/06 00:15 Amazon has so many summer interns, it costs $4.4 million to feed and house them and Seattle has to add extra city buses

23/06 00:15 The surprising Sixers-Suns trade during the draft comes back to a deal made 3 years ago and shows the hilarious circular nature of the NBA

23/06 00:15 Facebook is rejecting ads from restaurants, hair salons, and job fairs because they’re too ‘political,’ and people are furious

22/06 23:45 Vermist meisje (14) uit Amersfoort weer terecht

22/06 23:45 ‘Wie wil nou blokken als je je examen al hebt gehaald’

22/06 23:45 Bejaarde maffiabaas schuldig aan moord

22/06 23:45 Paul Manafort is having a very bad month — and the odds of his flipping on Trump just keep getting higher

22/06 23:45 Over 100 Amazon employees, including senior software engineers, signed a letter asking Jeff Bezos to stop selling facial-recognition software to police

22/06 23:45 Trump invited ‘permanently separated’ families to speak about loved ones allegedly killed by unauthorized immigrants — and he autographed posters of the victims’ faces

22/06 23:30 Dreigend tekort bij spoorprogramma loopt op

22/06 23:15 Zolang een ander maar betaalt, wil iedereen het klimaat wel redden

22/06 23:15 Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi reportedly gave its CEO a $1.5 billion bonus — one of the largest CEO bonuses in history

22/06 23:15 Trump praises Supreme Court’s sales tax decision in a shot at Amazon, but it could affect his own business too

22/06 23:15 Young Trump staffers are complaining they can’t date in DC because everyone hates them

22/06 23:15 Pokémon trading has finally come to Pokémon Go for all players

22/06 23:15 19 science-backed ways men can appear more attractive to women

22/06 22:45 Moeder gedupeerde leerling in ‘Niet te bevatten’

22/06 22:45 Spanje wil Malta helpen met migrantenschip

22/06 22:30 ’Vrienden verdachte Panorama beschoten rechtbank’

22/06 22:30 Moeder gedupeerde leerling in ‘Dit is niet te bevatten’

22/06 22:30 Nederland helpt eilanden bij verbeteren zorg

22/06 22:30 Raad Maastricht verontrust over vmbo-debacle

22/06 22:30 12 jaar cel geëist voor fatale steekpartij

22/06 22:15 Mexican officials are ready stop helping the US fight terrorism and drug trafficking to get back at Trump

22/06 22:15 Facebook’s controversial app for children, Messenger Kids, is expanding outside of the United States for the first time

22/06 22:15 This controversial Supercross star has 20 minutes to make $1 million

22/06 22:15 China is slamming the US with $34 billion in tariffs. Here are the states that will be hurt the most.

22/06 22:15 An anti-Trump movement is calling for the boycott of these 24 retailers


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