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How a Descent into Climate Fanaticism Wrecked a Family

how-a-descent-into-climate-fanaticism-wrecked-a-family14/02 10:45 - How a Descent into Climate Fanaticism Wrecked a Family
Guest essay by Eric Worrall How does climate change obsession affect families? A long NYT post about the Valve Turners provides an unexpected insight into the tragic consequences of what happens when someone truly believes in climate doomsday. ‘I’m Just More Afraid of Climate Change Than I Am of Prison’ How a group of five…...


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19/12 03:30 This 200-Acre, 'Humungous Fungus' May Help Unravel Why Cancer Genes Are Unstable

19/12 03:30 Canadian Government Ending Networks of Centres of Excellence Program

19/12 03:30 Climate change leading to water shortage in Andes, Himalayas Rapidly melting glaciers causing similar problems on two continents

19/12 01:00  This Hummingbird's Elaborate Mating Display Lasts Just Milliseconds

19/12 01:00 When Black Hole Jets Create Natural Particle Accelerators

18/12 23:45 Nature's 10: erkenning voor de man die open access moet forceren

18/12 23:30 Changes in agriculture could cut sector non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50 percent

18/12 23:15 Waarom de Chinezen zo lang onderweg zijn naar het maanoppervlak

18/12 23:00 Virgin Galactic Teases Their Timeline For Sending Tourists to Space

18/12 22:30 ‘Romanleraar doet docentenimago weinig goed’

18/12 22:30 Versiertrucs van de kolibrie zijn niet met het blote oog te zien

18/12 21:30 Steep Funding Cuts for Australian Science Announced

18/12 21:30 The Scientista Foundation (“Scientista”) and Perricone MD Announce Extension of Born Seekers Fellowship Application Call

18/12 20:30 European Orbiter Finds No Methane in Mars' Atmosphere, Puzzling Scientists

18/12 20:30 Bennu and Ryugu look like spinning tops and scientists want to know why

18/12 19:30 Report on Greenpeace and more

18/12 17:00 Waarom vrouwen geniepig seksisme accepteren

18/12 16:30 New Horizons gears up for its close encounter with Ultima Thule

18/12 16:30 Bill “divestment is hitting the fossil fuel industry where it hurts”… NOT!

18/12 16:15  bezorgrobot ‘Kiwibot’ in de hens

18/12 16:00 SYNENTEC Nearly Doubles Throughput with its New Automated Cell Imager

18/12 15:30 Clemson University Climate Change “Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?”

18/12 14:45 Parijs in opstand

18/12 14:45 Slaaptekort leidt tot zin in junkfood

18/12 13:15 Is Trumps Space Force mogelijk?

18/12 12:30 Erosion has erased most of Earth’s impact craters. Here are the survivors

18/12 12:30 Geredde witte orang-oetan Alba mag naar haar eigen oerwoudeilandje

18/12 11:30 Berichtenapp Signal gaat zich niks aantrekken van die Australische backdoor-wet

18/12 11:30 Shot and chaser in Whistler

18/12 11:30 Geredde witte orang oetan Alba mag naar haar eigen oerwoudeilandje

18/12 11:15 Bloodhound gaat tóch op snelheidsrecord jagen

18/12 09:15 ‘Nieuwe accu’s voor Tesla’s batterijpark’

18/12 07:30 “We are still in” totalitarians flunk basic reality

18/12 06:30 12 Days of Christmasy Citizen Science

18/12 04:30 A Second X Chromosome Could Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

18/12 03:30 Tenured Biology Professor Sacked for Research Misconduct

18/12 03:30 Inside The Acceleration Factory

18/12 01:45 Cassini Catches Two of Saturn's Moons Building a Cosmic Snowman

18/12 01:45  This Startup Says They've Made The First Lab-Grown Steak

18/12 01:45 Astronomers Have Found the Most Distant Dwarf Planet in the Solar System to Date

18/12 01:45 Stroking a Baby During Medical Procedures Really Can Reduce an Infant's Pain

18/12 00:30 Kaal, zwart oerreptiel (die engerd uit Jurassic Park) had mogelijk kleurrijke veren

17/12 23:45 Despite Concerns, Space Junk Continues to Clutter Earth Orbit

17/12 23:45 Planets? Who Needs ‘Em! A Massive Star Forms a Companion Instead

17/12 23:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #340

17/12 22:45 Wondering about the probability of a white Christmas where you live?

17/12 21:30 It's Probably OK to Eat Raw Cookie Dough — As Long As You're Smart About It

17/12 21:30 These sound waves can levitate and move particles in new ways

17/12 20:45 Allstate Insurance is misleading their customers over weather events

17/12 20:15 Waarom Saqqara nog nieuwe Oud-Egyptische schatten in petto heeft


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