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Gaat deze nieuwe winkelketen H&M en Zara van de kaart vegen?

gaat-deze-nieuwe-winkelketen-h&m-en-zara-van-de-kaart-vegen?14/02 14:15 - Gaat deze nieuwe winkelketen H&M en Zara van de kaart vegen?
De Japanse kledingketen Uniqlo opent dit najaar zijn eerste winkel in Nederland. Ketens als H&M en Zara zijn gewaarschuwd; de Japanners zeggen ze binnen drie jaar voorbij te streven. Hoe? Met sobere, stijlvolle basics én met een alternatief voor fastfashion. ,,Consumenten raken uitgekeken op goedkope shirtjes.''...


Meer over economie

12/11 19:15 Volkswagen is reportedly in talks with Ford about a plan that could help both companies take on rivals like Waymo, Cruise, and Tesla

12/11 19:15 SAP is buying Utah-based startup Qualtrics for $8 billion — days before its scheduled IPO

12/11 19:15 Players in the World War 1 video game ‘Battlefield 1’ held a ceasefire to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the day the war ended

12/11 19:15 ‘We were afraid to hope’: Michelle Obama reveals she didn’t expect Barack to win the presidency

12/11 19:15 Jared Goff turned into a ‘giddy kid’ when he learned Halle Berry heard the Rams’ audible named in her honor

12/11 19:15 Travis Scott says he was initially ‘nervous and scared’ of parenthood because he and Kylie Jenner are both so young

12/11 19:15 No, it’s not just you — Facebook is down

12/11 19:15 This is the perfect year to buy a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One — they’re both dropping to their lowest prices ever

12/11 19:15 Death toll rises to 31, thousands of homes destroyed in Malibu and Northern California as windy wildfires rage across the state

12/11 18:45  Het familiebedrijf Blokker

12/11 18:45 [video] Sainsbury trapt af met kerstcommercial 2018

12/11 18:45 10 ways loneliness can affect your health — physically and mentally

12/11 18:45 Multiple Kardashian-Jenner compounds have been threatened by the California wildfires — here’s everything we know

12/11 18:45 Prince Charles’ official title has 18 separate elements — here’s what each part of it actually means

12/11 18:45 Trump zinspeelt weer eens op een vertrek uit de NAVO

12/11 18:45 Adriana Lima just walked in her last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Here’s a look back at her most memorable runway looks.

12/11 18:45 Trump wants Florida to stop counting votes, potentially excluding military ballots

12/11 18:30 Siemens bouwt digitale tweeling van patiënt

12/11 18:30 Ease2pay werkt mee aan nieuwe app Rabobank

12/11 18:15 Aviodome gaat verder als Amsterdome

12/11 18:15 We tested the new $90,000 Lincoln Navigator for a week to see if this Car of the Year runner-up delivered both luxury and performance — here’s the verdict

12/11 18:15 Trump makes baseless claim that the stock market is plunging because of the prospect of Democrats investigating him

12/11 18:15 Oliebedrijven onttrekken zich aan misère op de beurs aan het begin van de handelsweek

12/11 18:15 Most people have the wrong idea about how to make adult friends, but an expert says they should look for 3 things

12/11 18:15 Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is worth $5.5 billion — here’s how he spends his fortune, from a $36.4 million penthouse to a year-long trip around the world

12/11 18:15 Baker Mayfield says he ‘woke up feeling dangerous’ before the Cleveland Browns’ big win over the Falcons

12/11 18:15 A Lime executive insisted it has ‘the safest product’ even though the company was recalling thousands of its scooters

12/11 18:15 Finland says its GPS was disrupted during NATO’s biggest war games in years, and it’s pointing the finger at Russia

12/11 17:45 Beurs (slot): Afkoeling bij ASML doet AEX das om

12/11 17:45 Verdwijnt straks óók Blokker uit ons straatbeeld?

12/11 17:45 Verdwijnt straks óók Blokker uit ons straatbeeld?

12/11 17:45 22 photos of Prince Charles doing commoner things that will make you chuckle

12/11 17:45 Kim Kardashian wore a sheer naked dress that looked like a swirling optical illusion

12/11 17:45 25 creative and unexpected gifts for ‘Star Wars’ fans of all ages

12/11 17:45 A top Apple executive unwittingly provided a perfect explanation for why the iPad is a bad computer replacement

12/11 17:45 Tucker Carlson addresses assault allegation in first tweet since Fox News’ Twitter blackout

12/11 17:45 Michelle Obama says Melania Trump has never reached out to her for advice on being first lady

12/11 17:45 A Lyft driver was arrested after police say he exposed himself to a teenager, and the victim’s family is blaming the company for not doing more

12/11 17:45 Malibu is Wildfires are spreading through southern California, and photos show a hellscape on the ground

12/11 17:30 ABN AMRO Clearing sluit deal met Frontclear

12/11 17:30 Goedkopere verzekering boer tegen slecht weer

12/11 17:30 Vleesveehouders moeten fosfaatrechten teruggeven

12/11 17:30 Europese deadline voor Italië: Sancties dreigen voor Italiaanse regering

12/11 17:30 [video] Sainbury trapt af met kerstcommercial 2018

12/11 17:15 Ultimatum voor Achmea om woekerpolis

12/11 17:15 Ultimatum voor Achmea om woekerpolis

12/11 17:15 5 dingen die je kunt doen om jezelf online te beschermen

12/11 17:15 Het duurste huis in de VS kost € 234 miljoen — en is voorzien van bowlingbaan en een autocollectie van € 28 miljoen

12/11 17:15 Stewardessen delen de 5 meest irritante dingen die passagiers doen

12/11 17:15 Doctors and nurses respond with stories of gun trauma after the NRA told them to ‘stay in their lane’


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