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Zorgen over hefboom bij beleggingsfondsen

14/02 17:30 - Zorgen over hefboom bij beleggingsfondsen
Het Europees Comité voor Systeemrisico’s (ESRB) maakt zich zorgen over het gebruik van een ‘hefboom’ in beleggingsfondsen, wat betekent dat met geleend geld of via derivaten wordt belegd. Aanleiding is de sterke groei van de sector en aanwijzingen dat fondsbeheerders meer risico zijn gaan nemen....


Meer over economie

11/12 21:45 The 10 most overhyped songs of 2018

11/12 21:45 US media companies are looking to India as the next battleground, and some have already made huge investments

11/12 21:45 7 tips that can save you money at Bed Bath & Beyond

11/12 21:45 The Geminid meteor shower, one of the year’s most spectacular, peaks this week — here’s how to watch

11/12 21:30 Supermarktketen Colruyt heeft wind mee

11/12 21:30 ’Morgan Stanley mag Uber rit naar beurs geven’

11/12 21:15 Erin Brockovich is warning about an emerging drinking-water crisis in the US. Here’s how she recommends you protect yourself.

11/12 21:15 THEN & The cast of ‘Elf’

11/12 21:15 We’re finally seeing some encouraging signs in the US-China trade war

11/12 21:15 ‘Aquaman’ is an undeniably fun popcorn movie that’s a mix between ‘Power Rangers’ and ‘Tron’

11/12 21:15 10 life lessons of adulthood that my 20-year-old self would never have understood

11/12 21:15 Delta has barred all emotional-support animals on long flights

11/12 20:45 Supermarktbedrijf Colruyt verhoogt omzet

11/12 20:45 Bernie Madoff was arrested 10 years ago today — here’s what his life is like in prison

11/12 20:45 ‘You constantly misstate how much of the wall is built’: Schumer and Pelosi confront Trump over false claims during chaotic, on-camera debate

11/12 20:45 Sundar Pichai says more than 100 Google employees were working on a censored China search engine at one point

11/12 20:45 The Trump administration paid a private company $13.6 million to recruit thousands of Border Patrol agents, and they’ve hired 2 so far

11/12 20:45 Friends say special counsel Robert Mueller is ‘the kind of man’ who flicks lights on and off to tell them it’s time to leave

11/12 20:45 You can now buy an eye-shadow palette that looks like a pizza and it even comes in a takeout box

11/12 20:45 Congress grills Google CEO Sundar Pichai for the first time

11/12 20:45 Trump has been implicated in several federal crimes, but here’s why experts say he hasn’t faced legal consequences

11/12 20:30 'Zet streep door peperduur klimaatbeleid!'

11/12 20:30 Topman zoekmachine in China nog buiten beeld

11/12 20:30 Bouwplaats in ons land blijft dodelijk

11/12 20:15 China and the US have restarted formal trade talks, but that doesn’t mean the trade war will end anytime soon

11/12 20:15 Taco Bell and KFC want to make fried chicken and taco delivery as normal as ordering pizza

11/12 20:15 NASA offers to show Stephen Curry moon rocks after he said he doesn’t believe the moon landing

11/12 20:15 Elon Musk says Tesla will refund customers who don’t receive their cars by the time a lucrative tax break is slashed next month

11/12 20:15 Mike Pence stayed silent and looked uncomfortable during an extraordinary public meeting on Trump’s border wall

11/12 20:15 Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme ignited a $363 billion exodus by investors

11/12 20:15 25 useful Android accessories and compatible gadgets that make great gifts

11/12 20:15 Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu tears into Republican colleagues during Google ‘If you want positive search results, do positive things’

11/12 20:15 ‘I took action’: A high-school-football player admits to killing a cheerleader who was carrying his child, according to court documents

11/12 19:45 Topman nog geen zoekmachine in China

11/12 19:45 Koerswinsten op Wall Street verdampen

11/12 19:45 Italië lacht om met geld strooiende Macron

11/12 19:45 Moody's verhoogt rating ASML

11/12 19:45 De Munt verlaat Utrecht en verhuist naar Houten

11/12 19:45 Het duurste huis van Nederland komt in Rotterdam. Voor 15 tot 20 miljoen euro is het van jou

11/12 19:45 8 of the most envy-inducing tiny homes of the year — including a house that can be printed for less than $4,000

11/12 19:45 Google-topman Sundar Pichai legt uit waarom er een foto van Donald Trump verschijnt als je zoekt op ‘idioot’

11/12 19:45 33 unique and interesting gifts you didn’t know you could get on Amazon

11/12 19:45 Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu tears intro Republican colleagues during Google ‘If you want positive search results do positive things’

11/12 19:45 Elon Musk says Tesla will ‘retire’ the board chairman title in 3 years

11/12 19:45 7 investing mistakes keeping you from building wealth

11/12 19:30 May zat even in auto vast vlak voor onderonsje met Merkel

11/12 19:30  Douane speelt alvast in op harde Brexit

11/12 19:15 Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio files defamation suits against media organizations, seeks over $300 million in damages

11/12 19:15 Trump gets into raucous, on-camera Oval Office debate with Schumer and Pelosi and says he’d be ‘proud’ to shut down the government

11/12 19:15 A bill that would have given benefits to thousands of Navy veterans who might have been exposed to Agent Orange just failed to pass the Senate


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