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De oervogel archaeopteryx vloog rond tussen de dinosauriërs (maar vraag niet hóé)

de-oervogel-archaeopteryx-vloog-rond-tussen-de-dinosauri%C3%ABrs-(maar-vraag-niet-h%C3%B3%C3%A9)13/03 17:30 - De oervogel archaeopteryx vloog rond tussen de dinosauriërs (maar vraag niet hóé)
Doe uw armen naar voren als Superman. Zwaai ze naar achteren als bij de vlinderslag. Trek ze in. Zó ongeveer moet de beroemde oervogel archaeopteryx 150 miljoen jaar geleden in het tijdperk van de dinosauriërs hebben rondgevlogen. Een manier van vliegen die duidelijk maakt dat de natuur destijds talloze manieren van vliegen uitprobeerde, constateert een team onder Nederlands-Franse leiding in Natu...


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21/10 01:30 The Life Aquatic & New AUV Prepares to Prowl the High Seas

21/10 01:30 DARPA Developing a Robotic Pilot for Their Flying Car

21/10 01:30 NCBI And October's "No, sh*t, Sherlock" award goes to...

21/10 01:30 Body-snatching, not socialising, drove the evolution of bigger-brained insects

21/10 00:45 Socialist Alexandria Ocasio- ‘tactics to defeat Nazi Germany can defeat global warming’

20/10 23:45 South African UN Climate “We have passed the era of choices.”

20/10 21:30 "Story of Stuff" Crusade Takes on E-Waste and Planned Obsolescence

20/10 21:30 European man of many Cain vs. Abel

20/10 21:30 “Climate change endangers dozens of World Heritage sites” – Leaning Tower of Pizza Edition

20/10 20:45 The Case of the Magic Wine

20/10 20:45 Six Halloween Treats for Citizen Scientists

20/10 20:30 Methods and Tricks Used to Create and Perpetuate the Human-caused Global Warming Deception

20/10 19:45 Step 1: Pee on Stick. Step 2: Ask Your Phone if You Have an STD

20/10 19:45 Studying Neanderthal Brain Development, One (Indirect) CT Scan at a Time

20/10 17:30 Why People of Other Races "All Look Alike" to You

20/10 17:30  talk tonight in Georgia

20/10 16:45 DNA differences are linked to having same-sex sexual partners

20/10 16:30 A Nuclear Bomb’s Debris Could Reveal How It Was Made

20/10 16:30 When a University helps promote nonsense

20/10 13:45  The Newest, Cutest Animals from the World's Zoos and Aquariums

20/10 13:15 BepiColombo onderweg naar Mercurius

20/10 12:45 3 D House of Comet Nucleus!

20/10 12:45  Written in Stone by Brian Switek

20/10 12:45 Should Science Journalists Reveal Themselves?

20/10 12:45 Genes To Brains To Minds To... Murder?

20/10 11:30 The importance of representativeness

20/10 09:45 Michael Jackson Mind Control

20/10 09:15 CIA gaf U-2-piloten anti-poepdieet

20/10 08:30 Eruption Updates (11/9/2010) for Merapi and Bulusan

20/10 07:15 Column #19 van Hens Steve

20/10 06:30 What's Next In My interactive feature in tomorrow's New York Times

20/10 06:30 The banality of Facebook

20/10 06:30 Size doesn't always matter

20/10 06:30 Fractional reserve it's a sin!

20/10 02:45 Anne van Driel deed vast ervaring op met ‘Ze weet veel. Maar ook veel niet’

20/10 02:45 Guardian Hints at “Regulating Agriculture” – Because Extreme Weather, Climate Change and Nitrates

19/10 23:30 Galaxy on edge

19/10 23:30 Okay, Climate Time to Fight Smart

19/10 23:30 For polar bears, the price of rapid evolution is a weaker skull

19/10 23:30 Minor Phreatic Explosions at Bulusan in the Philippines

19/10 23:30 Massive Coral Die-Off Found Just 7 Miles from BP Oil Spill Site

19/10 23:30 What's Next?

19/10 23:30 Don't Want to be an American Idiot

19/10 23:30 Toasty Testicles From Laptops Could Make for Less Fertile Nerds

19/10 23:30 Engineering the Messiah

19/10 23:30 I Can See My House From Here

19/10 23:30 Can Researchers Forecast Hurricanes Seasons a Decade in Advance?

19/10 23:30 The moon that almost wasn't

19/10 23:30 What intra- & inter- population genetic variance tells us

19/10 23:30 Big Confusion on Climate Science Communication vs. Activism


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