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Zelfde ingreep, enorm ziekenhuizen zijn ‘creatief’ met hun prijzen

zelfde-ingreep-enorm--ziekenhuizen-zijn-%E2%80%98creatief%E2%80%99-met-hun-prijzen16/12 07:15 - Zelfde ingreep, enorm ziekenhuizen zijn ‘creatief’ met hun prijzen
Voor dezelfde operatie met verblijf in een tweepersoonskamer betaal je in het ene ziekenhuis 2.763 euro, in het andere 103 euro. Een nieuwe studie van de Christelijke Mutualiteit (CM) toont hoe sommige ziekenhuizen wel erg creatief zijn om voldoende inkomsten binnen te halen. ‘Dit is onwettig.’...


Meer over economie

24/01 20:45 34 Amerikaanse soldaten liepen hersenschade op na Iraanse aanval op Amerikaanse basissen

24/01 20:45 Twee gevallen van coronavirus opgedoken in Frankrijk

24/01 20:45 Porsche’s North American arm will follow the Detroit Big 3 in moving to quarterly US sales reports, a trend that’s undoing a decades-long industry practice

24/01 20:45 ‘Why won’t my Android update?’: How to fix any Android updating issue, from low storage space to a faulty internet connection

24/01 20:45 10 royal protocol rules Prince Harry and Meghan Markle no longer have to follow

24/01 20:45 A Chinese embassy in Paris tracked down a woman who gloated on social media about cheating airport detection with a medicine that lowered her fever

24/01 20:45 The 7-bedroom mansion made famous by HBO’s ‘Entourage’ just sold for $5.32 million — here’s a look inside the Tuscan-style estate

24/01 20:30 Wall Street lager door zorgen over virus

24/01 20:15 Gwyneth Paltrow frustreert wetenschap met dubieuze therapieën in Netflix-serie

24/01 20:15 ‘Kunt u bevestigen dat u grootmeester van de loge bent?’ Prof Cosyns plots mikpunt van familie Nys

24/01 20:15 Ook deze foto werd door Vlaams Belang Krant van West-Vlaanderen eist schadevergoeding

24/01 20:15 The rise and fall of Sears, once the largest and most powerful retailer in the world

24/01 20:15  House prosecutors detail how White House officials ‘worked overtime’ to cover up Trump’s Ukraine scheme despite multiple reports of his misconduct

24/01 20:15 Residents of San Francisco’s Treasure Island are seeking $2 billion in a class-action lawsuit and calling for the island’s $6 billion redevelopment to halt until the land is free of contamination

24/01 20:15 ‘Take her out’: New recording appears to feature an angry Trump telling associates to ‘get rid of’ the US’s ambassador to Ukraine for bad-mouthing him

24/01 19:45 Faillissement dreigt voor ex-uitgeefbedrijf van Joop van den Ende

24/01 19:45 This $200 heated razor makes me feel like I’m getting a professional hot-towel shave in my own bathroom — here’s why it’s worth the price

24/01 19:45  House Democrats make their final opening arguments in Trump’s historic impeachment trial

24/01 19:30 Rusland wint strijd om wodka

24/01 19:30 Boeing overweegt productieverlaging Dreamliner

24/01 19:15 Radiohead waarschuwde ons al vroeg voor het tijdperk van fake news

24/01 19:15 Ook zo bang om vertrappeld te worden in de massa? Daar is een truc voor

24/01 19:15 In quarantaine voor China en de ‘We willen niet dat Wuhan dit virus verspreidt’

24/01 19:15 Pleisters plakken helpt niet we moeten de spel­regels op de arbeidsmarkt grondig herzien

24/01 19:15 Nettoloon dit jaar ‘Meer kans op hypotheek, maar niet voor lang’

24/01 19:15 House Democrats prepare to make their final opening arguments in Trump’s impeachment trial

24/01 19:15 Power Investors bet on plasma hotter than the sun, and long-lasting batteries brought to you by Bill Gates

24/01 19:15 Brad Pitt reveals he’s not on Tinder after being told subscriptions ‘went up like crazy’ after he joked about the ‘I’m not even really sure how it all works’

24/01 19:15 Inside 12 of the wildest celebrity closets

24/01 18:45 Sleijpen wordt directeur monetaire zaken bij DNB

24/01 18:45 The Wuhan coronavirus has killed 26 people and infected more than 900. Here’s everything we know about the outbreak.

24/01 18:45 Why humans, not machines, are companies’ biggest competitive advantage

24/01 18:45 The US Navy wants to know who secretly uploaded videos of sailors to Porn Hub

24/01 18:45 Jennifer Lopez wore a $5,690 giraffe-print dress with a matching handbag

24/01 18:45 Pentagon reveals 34 US troops suffered traumatic brain injuries in Iran’s missile attack

24/01 18:45 San Francisco has 16 gyms and wellness facilities per square mile — more than any other US city. It shows where millennials spend their money.

24/01 18:45 The best room dividers you can buy

24/01 18:45 ‘Take her out’: New recording appears to feature an angry Trump telling Giuliani’s associates to ‘get rid of’ US ambassador to Ukraine for bad-mouthing him

24/01 18:30  geen onnodig hoge reserves

24/01 18:30 Curator praat over doorstart Didi

24/01 18:15 Actrice Gwyneth Paltrow frustreert wetenschap met dubieuze therapieën in Netflix-serie

24/01 18:15 Beste haatzaaier, wij moeten met u helemáál geen compassie hebben

24/01 18:15 Microsoft’s newest internet browser is so good that I forgot I switched from Google Chrome

24/01 18:15 Here’s how to plan an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner date for $100 or less

24/01 18:15 Victoria’s Secret is taking steps to shed its much-criticized image. Here are 4 things that the brand has changed in the past year.

24/01 18:15 Yo Gotti talks about his prison-reform efforts with Jay-Z, recent investment in an esports company, and his upcoming album ‘for young hustlers’

24/01 18:15 A judge who reports his Spanish-speaking defendants to ICE claims ‘it’s not racial profiling’

24/01 18:15 A Maryland gas station became the first EV charging station in the US that converted from selling oil — here’s how it’s doing

24/01 17:45 Prachtig slotakkoord AEX maakt mindere week goed

24/01 17:45 EU en China zetten VS buitenspel bij handelsconflicten


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