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[Jacqueline Jacobs] Voorproef-dag Zwarte Cross geeft goede indruk

12/07 11:45 - [Jacqueline Jacobs] Voorproef-dag Zwarte Cross geeft goede indruk
De 22e Zwarte Cross editie opent vandaag -12 juli 2018- de poorten voor de campingbezoekers. Ik nam een kijkje op de persdag of zoals de Zwarte Cross het noemt: 'de première dag'. Volgens de uitnodiging gaan we ervaren hoe het is om te leven voor de dood, want dat is het motto van de Zwarte Cross dit jaar....


Meer over economie

18/11 12:30 Kilometerheffing terug op de politieke agenda

18/11 12:15 I took a $3, 7-hour train ride through Sri Lanka’s hill country — and it was unlike any travel experience I’ve ever had

18/11 11:45 Jeremy Corbyn says a second EU referendum could be ‘an option for the future’ but does not know how he’d vote

18/11 10:30 Top 5 Bijzonder vergaderlocaties

18/11 10:15 Zo maken ze touw in bij die klassieke bedrijf dat 150 jaar oude machines gebruikt

18/11 09:45  carrièreadvies uit onverwachte hoek

18/11 08:30 ‘Europese Commissie maakt heffingen op Chinese e-bikes definitief’

18/11 08:30 Zorgautoriteit tikt Zilveren Kruis op de vingers

18/11 08:30 Volkswagen steekt 44 miljard in elektrisch en autonoom rijden

18/11 08:30 Woningtekort Amsterdam en Utrecht ruim 5 procent

18/11 08:30 Chinese president Xi Jinping waarschuwt voor protectionisme

18/11 08:30 ‘Duizenden huizenbezitters met asbest in dak straks in financiële nood’

18/11 08:30 Retailers richten hun pijlen op ‘De lol van Sint is eraf’

18/11 08:30 ‘Saoedi-Arabië gaat olieproductie terugschroeven’

18/11 08:30 Japan Airlines gaat regels voor alcoholgebruik piloten aanscherpen

18/11 08:30 Kilometerheffing weer terug op de politieke agenda

18/11 08:15 Hypotheekrente 20 jaar vastzetten is ‘makkelijke keuze’ – als je liever voor 10 jaar vast kiest, zijn deze punten belangrijk

18/11 06:45 VS willen verantwoordelijken moord Khashoggi straffen – Volgens Amerikaanse media concludeert CIA dat kroonprins Mohammed bin Salman achter de moord zit

18/11 04:15 The death toll from California’s fires has risen to 76 — and nearly 1,300 people are still missing

18/11 02:45 A huge question looms over Trump after the CIA reportedly concludes the Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s killing

18/11 00:15 Democrat Andrew Gillum officially ends bid for Florida governor, congratulates Republican Ron DeSantis

18/11 00:15 The Air Force has picked bases to test its new advanced bomber — here’s where the B-21 Raider is heading

18/11 00:15 A huge question looms over Trump after the CIA concludes the Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s killing

17/11 23:15 The Leonid meteor shower is peaking this weekend — here’s how to see the stunning annual event

17/11 22:45 A Walmart parking lot in California has become a camp for wildfire evacuees

17/11 22:15 6 things to know about ‘Fantastic Beasts’ star Ezra Miller

17/11 21:45 Elon Musk says a ‘radical change’ is coming to SpaceX’s monster Mars rocket design

17/11 20:45 Facebook’s latest scandal is the last straw pushing some users to delete their accounts — here’s how to do it

17/11 19:45 Photos show what a nightmare it already is to get around Long Island City, Amazon’s new HQ2 headquarters

17/11 19:45 NASA will retire its new mega-rocket if SpaceX or Blue Origin can safely launch its own powerful rockets

17/11 19:15 Amanda Knox and her boyfriend are engaged — watch his sci-fi-themed proposal

17/11 18:45 Coca-Cola wil met eigen energiedrank komen

17/11 18:45 Beleggen aan rand van de afgrond

17/11 18:45 Trump continues to blame fires on forest mismanagement even while traveling to California

17/11 18:45 Facebook’s latest scandal is the last straw that pushed some users to delete their accounts — here’s how to do it

17/11 18:15  The 50 most underrated colleges in America

17/11 17:15 11 signs someone might be lying to you

17/11 17:15 5 restaurants in NYC earned the highest Michelin rating for 2019 — and 2 of them have topped the list every year since the ranking started

17/11 17:15 Super rich people are paying up to $500,000 for luxe panic rooms — and as gun violence picks up, they’re more popular than ever

17/11 17:15 Bose’s $350 noise-cancelling headphones are a must-have if you want to live in a quieter world – and they sound great, too

17/11 17:15 5 male ad execs are considering a discrimination claim after their gay female boss said she would ‘obliterate’ her company’s reputation as a haven for straight, white men

17/11 17:15 The best bottle of wine to bring to any holiday party, from Friendsgiving to your in-laws’ Christmas dinner

17/11 16:45 Michelle Obama reveals that Barack showed up late the first time he met her, and she was determined not to date him

17/11 16:45 Here are the most over-the-top gifts on Neiman Marcus’ guide for billionaires

17/11 16:45 Amazon shoppers can save $80 on an 8-piece Ring home security system right now — its cheapest price to date

17/11 16:45 The world’s largest cruise ship has robot bartenders and a nine-story zip-line — here’s what it looks like inside

17/11 16:45 New Yorkers are making lots of doomsday predictions about Amazon’s HQ2. Here are all the things that could make it a disaster.

17/11 16:45 J.Crew CEO James Brett steps down after just 17 months

17/11 16:15 This is the first thing you should do with a new pair of Apple AirPods

17/11 16:15 Private equity hiring has never been hotter, with VPs receiving up to four job offers a week and bonuses soaring


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