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Profiteren van de betaalrevolutie (1)

16/09 12:30 - Profiteren van de betaalrevolutie (1)
Wat heeft de betaalrevolutie ons al gebracht?...


Meer over economie

21/10 04:45 ‘The Walking Dead’ star Ross Marquand says Aaron is not a fan of ‘I don’t think he will ever forgive him’

21/10 02:45 Ook bouwsector wil grote demonstratie tegen stikstofbeleid

21/10 01:45 Lebanon is swarming with protests that began over a proposed $0.20 WhatsApp tax but have since spiraled into chaos

21/10 01:15 The rise of Jake Paul, the former Vine star who got married in a wild and crazy Las Vegas wedding to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau

21/10 01:15 Louis Vuitton’s artistic director calls Trump a ‘joke’ and pushes back against the brand’s association with the president

20/10 23:45 Mitt Romney said everyone in the Senate is ‘really nice’ except for Bernie Sanders, who ‘just kind of scowls’

20/10 23:15 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are bringing Archie on his first trip to the US over Thanksgiving

20/10 22:15 11 popular American-Chinese foods that you won’t actually find in China

20/10 21:45 14 things an interior designer would buy from the Disney Store right now

20/10 21:15 Uitgeregende zwarte mars met opvallend veel gele ‘Hoe kun je de mensen nog harder schofferen?’

20/10 21:15 Kim Kardashian West wants the governor of Texas to stop execution plans for 21-year death row inmate Rodney Reed

20/10 21:15 15 celebrities who played multiple characters in the same movie or TV show

20/10 21:15 There is a ‘right’ way to put bras on, especially if you want them to last long and support you properly

20/10 20:45 3 are dead after Chilean protesters staged violent demonstrations over a subway fare hike, burning buildings and bringing the country’s capital to a standstill

20/10 20:45 Frank Ocean is being criticized for selling an HIV prevention themed t-shirt tied to an exclusive party he hosted

20/10 20:15 Britse regering wil maandag stemming over brexitdeal

20/10 20:15 Siervissen te huur voor meer werkvreugde op ‘Met Kerst leg ik kerstballen in het aquarium’

20/10 20:15 Britse regering wil maandag alsnog stemming over deal – Maar nog onduidelijk of die doorgaat

20/10 19:45 White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham responds to Anderson Cooper segment blasting ‘CNN has lost sight of the fact that we are human beings’

20/10 19:15 ‘Wij kunnen jouw foto niet op Facebook zetten omdat je een hoofddoek draagt’: studente (19) voelt zich gediscrimineerd na mail van leerkracht

20/10 19:15 8 flight attendants reveal their favorite airport

20/10 19:15 In the early days of Amazon, Jeff Bezos used to ask every candidate open-ended questions in their interviews — and their SAT scores

20/10 18:45 Millennials are buckling under all kinds of debt, and they’re freaking out

20/10 18:15 College dorms are so expensive that some parents are buying ‘kiddie condos’ for their teenagers to live in

20/10 18:15 There’s a stark reason why America’s 1.8 million long-haul truck drivers can’t strike

20/10 17:45 Ik voel me niet thuis in mijn eigen land

20/10 17:45 A ceiling in Winston Churchill’s ancestral home tells the story of an eccentric duchess

20/10 17:45 Ex-model says Jean-Luc Brunel, model agent and Jeffrey Epstein’s friend, spiked her drink and raped her

20/10 17:15 In die seconde dat onze blikken elkaar schichtig kruisen, denk ik schaamte te zien maar zeker ben ik daar niet van

20/10 17:15 Waarom Justin Trudeau zo teleurstelt

20/10 17:15 Hendrik Bogaert geen kandidaat-voorzitter CD&V

20/10 17:15 I flew on Qantas’ ‘Project Sunrise,’ a nonstop test flight from New York to Sydney, Australia, which took almost 20 hours and covered nearly 10,000 miles — here’s what it was like

20/10 17:15 ‘Maleficent’ sequel wins the box office but performs below expectations

20/10 16:45 Steven Van Herreweghe doet niet genoeg met ‘De droom van Philo’

20/10 16:45 Maarten ‘Telkens als ik opstond dacht straks moet ik het journaal presenteren, hoe zal dat in godsnaam lukken?’

20/10 16:45 The manager of a swanky Beverly Hills hotel that travelers recently rated the best hotel in the world says design is not enough to set a hotel apart in 2019

20/10 16:45 JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon dings Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra, saying it will never happen

20/10 16:45 The most popular Halloween candy in every state

20/10 16:45 10 popular foods you need to try on your next trip to Chicago

20/10 16:15 Vlaams-nationalisten gaan elke derde zondag van de maand in Antwerpen protesteren

20/10 16:15 Een zevende kandidaat-voorzitter is opgestaan bij CD&V: Christophe Vermeulen (37) uit Gent

20/10 16:15 Maarten ‘Vrouwen zijn al over mijn grenzen gegaan’

20/10 16:15 Peloton’s biggest fans reveal why they’re hooked on the buzzy workout

20/10 16:15 Trading in your smartphone could be a ‘ticking time bomb’ for your personal data — here’s how one expert says you can protect yourself

20/10 16:15 The 20 cities in the South that Americans are escaping in droves

20/10 15:45 Kan Frances Lefebure de bijen redden? Dit zijn onze tv-tips

20/10 15:45 I tried to order everything on Taco Bell’s secret menu, and it was a total disaster

20/10 15:45 Wealth management isn’t aging well, more WeWork drama, and a private meeting with Elon Musk

20/10 15:45 Forget Google’s new Pixel 4 — here are 8 reasons you should actually buy the $500 Pixel 3 instead

20/10 15:15 Magnette zegt niet langer nee tegen N- ‘Wie de PS nodigt heeft, weet wat wij willen’


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