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NY ‘Inlichtingendiensten VS infiltreerden Russisch elektriciteitsnetwerk met malware’

ny--%E2%80%98inlichtingendiensten-vs-infiltreerden-russisch-elektriciteitsnetwerk-met-malware%E2%80%9916/06 19:45 - NY ‘Inlichtingendiensten VS infiltreerden Russisch elektriciteitsnetwerk met malware’
De Verenigde Staten hebben hun digitale koude oorlog tegen Rusland afgelopen jaar flink opgevoerd en zouden daarbij diep zijn doorgedrongen in het Russische elektriciteitsnetwerk. De acties zouden bedoeld zijn als een waarschuwing aan de Russische president Vladimir Poetin....


Meer over economie

24/08 02:45 Indianenchef Raoni vraagt internationale gemeenschap om Bolsonaro te doen vertrekken

24/08 02:45 Watch the first trailer for Disney’s new ‘Star The Mandalorian’ TV series teasing the dark bounty hunter tale

24/08 02:15 See the first trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of ‘Lady and the Tramp’

24/08 01:45 Noord-Korea vuurt opnieuw onbekende projectielen af

24/08 01:45 ‘You remain a frickin’ coward’: Trump taunting a 2020 Democratic candidate and retired Marine isn’t a laughing matter for some veterans

24/08 01:45 Samsung phones have the best screens, but they’re set to a lower resolution than they’re capable of by default — here’s why

24/08 01:15 I used to despise cleaning my makeup brushes, but this $40 brush cleaner works in just 30 seconds

24/08 00:45 ’We hebben onszelf gegijzeld’

24/08 00:45 Heel Nederland lamgelegd

24/08 00:15 41 photos that show how Blake Lively’s style has evolved through the years

24/08 00:15 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg want everyone to fly less to fight climate change. Germany and Sweden are already embracing the ‘flight shame’ movement.

24/08 00:15 After 30 years playing TV’s most famous 8-year-old, the voice behind Lisa Simpson reflects on fame, thwarted career goals, and why she hid her ‘Simpsons’ Emmy in a closet for nearly a decade

24/08 00:15 Brazil has seen 100,000 fire alerts in 10 days, but it’s not just the Amazon — one map shows how much of South America is burning

23/08 23:45 Trump verhoogt aangekondigde importheffingen op Chinese goederen

23/08 23:45 REI’s big Labor Day sale is going on now through September 2 — here are 25 best deals from The North Face, Patagonia, and more brands

23/08 23:45 Trump retaliates against China, says the US will hike tariffs on imports

23/08 23:45 Disney is releasing an entire Marvel-themed ‘Avengers Campus’ park in 2020. Here’s everything we know so far.

23/08 23:15 How to post a YouTube video on Facebook in several different ways, using YouTube’s ‘Share’ feature

23/08 23:15 YouTuber James Charles is giving a free makeover to a fan, and all you have to do to enter is put $10 towards a good cause

23/08 23:15 Hong Kong protesters are forming a human chain 30 years after the Baltic Way democracy protests

23/08 23:15 GOLDMAN These are the 12 stocks most loved by hedge funds

23/08 23:15 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 phone lineup arrives in stores today — today is the last day to get up to $150 in gift cards when you preorder the phone

23/08 23:15 15 of the best deals from Cole Haan’s huge end-of-summer clearance sale — plus a code for 40% off

23/08 22:45 Samenwerking Galapagos en Gilead in werking

23/08 22:45 Amerikaanse beurzen lijden grote verliezen na tweets van Trump

23/08 22:45 A former Googler says she plans on suing the search giant for the discrimination and retaliation she faced during her pregnancy

23/08 22:45 MIT took ‘approximately $800,000’ in donations from Jeffrey Epstein’s charities, MIT’s president says in apology letter

23/08 22:45 Scooter Braun just congratulated Taylor Swift on her new album amid their ongoing feud over the rights to her old music — here’s everything we know about the celebrity manager’s net worth and career

23/08 22:45 12 adorable photos of unlikely animal friends

23/08 22:45 David Koch’s reclusive nephew is next in line to inherit the family legacy, and he may be planning a shift away from conservative politics

23/08 22:30 Flink verlies Wall Street na uitlatingen Trump

23/08 22:30 'Maak einde aan dominante positie dollar'

23/08 22:15 Bernie Sanders just unveiled his ‘Green New Deal,’ and this one actually comes with details

23/08 22:15 Rob Lowe’s son keeps calling out his dad on Instagram for sharing shirtless selfies and falling for viral hoaxes

23/08 22:15 The best kids’ water bottles you can buy

23/08 22:15 Dozens have been arrested over mass shooting threats since El Paso and Dayton. But experts say a deterrence strategy could do more harm than good.

23/08 22:15 7 reasons renting a home is better than buying one

23/08 22:15 Gold and Treasuries surge as the escalating trade war sends investors fleeing from the stock market

23/08 21:45 ’Amerika beter af zonder China’

23/08 21:45 The best kids’ lunch boxes you can buy

23/08 21:15 ‘We hebben China niet nodig’: Trump beveelt Amerikaanse bedrijven alternatieven te zoeken

23/08 21:15 Christina Aguilera, Robert Downey Jr. en Hans Zimmer zijn voortaan Disney Legendes

23/08 21:15 N-VA wil knippen in taken ziekenfondsen

23/08 21:15 A rectal surgeon says bidets are way healthier than toilet paper, but the average American still uses 3 rolls every week

23/08 21:15 David Koch is dead. His and his brother Charles’ combined net worth is over $100 billion, even after years of family feuds and massive lawsuits. Here’s how they made and spent their wealth.

23/08 20:45 The Koch brothers used their massive fortune to power a conservative crusade that reshaped American politics

23/08 20:45 Porsche just revealed the interior of its all-electric Taycan sports car, and drivers who hate Tesla’s giant touchscreens will love it

23/08 20:45 Amazon Original Series racked up 47 Emmy nominations in 2019 — here’s how much it costs to watch them and thousands of other films and TV shows

23/08 20:45 Michel Schaeffer, de marketingdirecteur die 14 jaar voor Bol.com werkte, is overleden op 51-jarige leeftijd

23/08 20:45 How to put a YouTube video on repeat on your computer or mobile device, so it plays on loop


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