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Extreme zonnevlam vormt groot risico voor de aarde

extreme-zonnevlam-vormt-groot-risico-voor-de-aarde16/06 21:15 - Extreme zonnevlam vormt groot risico voor de aarde
Zonnevlammen die onze technologie kunnen platleggen, komen op sterren vergelijkbaar met de zon om de paar duizend jaar voor. Dat bevestigt opnieuw dat zonnevlammen ook voor de aarde een reëel risico vormen....


Meer over economie

25/08 01:15 Police are trying to arrest their way out of a mass shooting epidemic, and experts warn that law enforcement can’t shoulder the entire burden

25/08 00:15 A Burning Man devotee who’s been 21 times says even though it’s becoming a place of ‘million dollar vehicles’ the desert party still ‘gets better every year’

24/08 23:15 New ‘Star The Rise of Skywalker’ footage unveiled to fans teases Rey with a double-bladed lightsaber

24/08 23:15 Trump is reportedly feuding with the NRA after leaks about his calls with Wayne LaPierre

24/08 23:15 Tom Holland makes his first public appearance since Spider-Man became embattled in ongoing talks between Sony and ‘It’s been a crazy week’

24/08 22:15 IJzersterke Red Lions voor de eerste keer Europees kampioen en plaatsen zich voor Olympische Spelen

24/08 22:15 A psychiatrist who’s worked with inmates where Jeffrey Epstein was held weighs in on his death

24/08 22:15 The Amazon rainforest fires are shaping the G7 summit, where world leaders like Trump and Macron are convening

24/08 21:15 Didier Reynders (MR) voorgedragen als volgende Belgische Eurocommissaris

24/08 21:15 Gratis geld! Vraag niet hoe, maar profiteer ervan

24/08 21:15 Een gezellig familieportret op de G7, maar niet heus

24/08 21:15 Bears head coach Matt Nagy is obsessed with the ‘double-doink’ as the team searches for a solution at kicker

24/08 21:15 Emma Stone looks unrecognizable as the iconic Disney villain Cruella de Vil in her upcoming live-action movie

24/08 21:15 6 features that most cars have, but some Teslas don’t

24/08 20:45 Marvel just announced all of its movies for the next 3 years — here they all are

24/08 20:15 De mislukte coup tegen Kristof Calvo en wantrouwen bij de het groene drama bij de verkiezingen

24/08 20:15 Lizzo had a sweet back-and-forth with Obama the same day that she showed support for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

24/08 20:15 A 29 year study of over 12,000 people is the latest evidence that eating too many animals can hurt your heart, and could even kill you

24/08 20:15 New ‘Star The Rise of Skywalker’ poster debuts at Disney’s D23 expo

24/08 20:15 Trump says he’ll try to help complete a long-awaited New York City subway project which would revolutionize commutes

24/08 20:15 7 features that most cars have, but some Teslas don’t

24/08 19:45 Kit Harington is officially joining the MCU in ‘The Eternals’ movie coming out next year

24/08 19:15 Trump volunteers US to ‘help’ with fires in the Amazon after conversation with Brazil President Bolsonaro, who has been slow to fight them

24/08 19:15 An astronaut may have committed the first space crime while aboard the International Space Station

24/08 18:45 Overstock founder Patrick Byrne was seemingly involved in a web of intrigue that involved a Russian spy and the FBI

24/08 18:45 Trump volunteers US to ‘help’ with fires in the Amazon after conversation with Brazil President Bolsonaro, who is actively choosing not to stop them

24/08 18:30 Verzekeraars worstelen met digitale auto-inbraak

24/08 18:15 Nic Van Damme, zoon van Jean- ‘Natuurlijk stoort het me dat iedereen denkt dat ik alles aan mijn vader te danken heb’

24/08 18:15 Hoe een Gorcumse werf uitgroeide tot vlaggendrager van de Nederlandse scheepsbouw

24/08 18:15 The best high-end laptops you can buy

24/08 17:15 We compared Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro to see which laptop is better — and the 13-inch MacBook Pro was the winner

24/08 17:15 As Trump’s trade war escalates to ‘new heights,’ Wall Street warns investors are in for more whiplash

24/08 16:45 Prince Andrew says he stayed in several of Jeffrey Epstein’s homes but only saw the disgraced financier ‘once or twice a year’

24/08 16:45 The CEO of Popeyes’ parent company breaks down the massive success of its chicken sandwich

24/08 16:45 Earth is a spaceship, and the Amazon is a crucial part of our life-support system, creating 20% of our oxygen. Here’s why we need the world’s largest rainforest.

24/08 16:45 Amex is offering select cardholders $40 back when they spend at least $200 with Delta, but it’s not available for long

24/08 16:15 Millennials are shunning beer because they say it makes them ‘fat’

24/08 16:15 Hong Kong protests descended into violence over surveillance concerns on the movement’s 12th weekend

24/08 16:15 Uber and Lyft drivers reveal the hardest parts of their jobs

24/08 16:15 The 2020 Democratic field is slowly narrowing. Elizabeth Warren supporters tell us why they think she can go the distance.

24/08 16:15 A 6-month-old baby girl is in critical condition after being apprehended by US border agents near the Rio Grande

24/08 15:45 24 photos show the Amazon rainforest before and after the devastating wildfires

24/08 15:45 A freight windfall hints that the trucking ‘bloodbath’ may let up

24/08 15:30 Verzekeraar worstelen met digitale auto-inbraak

24/08 15:15 Wij hebben het milieu zo verpest, dat het vanzelf onze vijand is geworden

24/08 15:15 Not all of Melania Trump’s fashion is out of touch — here are 5 of her affordable staples

24/08 15:15 Earth is a spaceship, and the Amazon is a crucial part of our life-support system. Here’s why we need the world’s largest rainforest.

24/08 15:15 7 features that most cars have, but Teslas are surprisingly missing

24/08 15:15 Every major change Tesla has made to the Model S throughout the years

24/08 15:15 11 billionaires who dropped out of college before making their fortunes


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