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Child ‘De druk in de kampen om bij het IS-gedachtegoed te blijven, is immens’

child--%E2%80%98de-druk-in-de-kampen-om-bij-het-is-gedachtegoed-te-blijven-is-immens%E2%80%9916/06 22:15 - Child ‘De druk in de kampen om bij het IS-gedachtegoed te blijven, is immens’
De Koerdische vluchtelingenkampen in Syrië dreigen nieuwe kalifaten te worden. Dat stelt Heidi De Pauw, directeur van Child Focus, die net terug is van een bezoek aan de kampen. ‘De druk om bij het IS-gedachtegoed te blijven, is immens.’...


Meer over economie

18/07 23:45 Boeing neemt miljardenlast vanwege 737 MAX

18/07 23:45 Trump en de NAVO overdrijven schandelijk met hun uitgaven voor defensie

18/07 23:45 A man who lost his entire family in a 737 Max crash says that Boeing is ‘playing games’ with its fund for the victims

18/07 23:45 Republican voters have become more xenophobic as Trump has normalized racist rhetoric

18/07 23:45 ‘No little green men here’: How Area 51 became ground zero for UFO and alien sightings

18/07 23:45 Heads of the 3 main US airlines met with the White House to accuse Middle Eastern airlines of competing unfairly — but not everyone agrees

18/07 23:45 AOC’s policy adviser wants to tax high incomes at 99%. A tax attorney says it would be ‘naive’ not to expect high-earners to change their habits in response

18/07 23:45 The first trailer for the movie based on the ‘Cats’ musical just dropped, and you’ll want to prepare yourself for something special

18/07 23:45 High school sweethearts are sharing their prom-to-wedding transformations on Twitter, and their love is going viral

18/07 23:30 Clouddiensten zijn stuwende kracht Microsoft

18/07 23:30 Philips koopt Amerikaanse start-up

18/07 23:15 Zo ziet de Notre-Dame er vanbinnen uit, drie maanden na de verwoestende brand

18/07 23:15 “Red Dead Redemption 2” video game an open-world concept game where you’re in the Wild West fleeing bounty hunters

18/07 23:15 I have 26 credit cards, and there are 4 signs a credit card offer is too good to be true

18/07 23:15 Stone and Strand makes beautiful, minimalist gold jewelry that looks good online and even better in person — here’s how its dainty pieces stack up

18/07 23:15 Turkey’s S-400 could give F-35s and F-22s a major advantage in a fight with Russia

18/07 23:15 An Uber driver made a hilarious ‘ride menu’ for his passengers, offering everything from ‘life lessons’ to complete silence

18/07 23:15 10 surprising TV stars that have never been nominated for an Emmy

18/07 23:15 Netflix’s slump last quarter could be ‘great news’ for subscribers who hate price increases

18/07 22:45 Netflix uit de gratie op Wall Street

18/07 22:45 Van Herk vergroot belang in Galapagos

18/07 22:45 ‘Top Gun’ is getting a sequel 34 years after the original — watch the first trailer

18/07 22:45 President Trump roemt het ‘fantastische en zeer succesvolle’ Nederland van zijn vriend ‘Mark’, maar bracht Rutte wel in verlegenheid

18/07 22:45 Astronauts explain why nobody has visited the moon in more than 45 years — and the reasons are depressing

18/07 22:45 The copyright lawsuit accusing Gigi Hadid of posting a paparazzi photo she didn’t have the rights to has been thrown out

18/07 22:45 Microsoft blew away Wall Street estimates in its most recent quarter and grew its revenue by 12% from last year

18/07 22:45 Terrifying video shows a man nearly swept off a New York City subway platform by flooding inside a Queens station

18/07 22:30 'AB InBev bekijkt plan B na mislukte notering'

18/07 22:30 Huidig productiechef Zipse volgt Krüger op als topman van BMW

18/07 22:15 Microsoft sluit recordjaar af

18/07 22:15 Ghislaine Maxwell abruptly torpedoed her oceanic non-profit in the wake of the scandal surrounding her associate Jeffrey Epstein

18/07 22:15 How to make a FaceTime audio call on your Apple Watch

18/07 22:15 The new $400 Bose 700 wireless noise-cancelling headphones are nearly perfect

18/07 22:15 Trump says a US warship destroyed an Iranian drone that flew dangerously close

18/07 22:15 An airline is getting slammed for asking a nursing mom to cover up. Here are the breastfeeding policies on 11 major airlines

18/07 22:15 Everything we know about the company behind FaceApp, the viral photo app that’s come under scrutiny for keeping your data

18/07 22:15 People say they still haven’t received refunds from Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick brand nearly one month after the YouTuber promised to give customers their money back

18/07 22:15 Magic Spoon is a new ‘childlike cereal for adults’ that’s high in protein and low in sugar — I tried all 4 flavors and now I’m hooked

18/07 21:45 Luxeprobleem voor investeerder HAL

18/07 21:45 Unibail plaatst obligatie

18/07 21:45 Nieuwe topman BMW komt uit eigen gelederen

18/07 21:45 Buzz Aldrin peed his pants on the moon and 18 other wild facts you never learned about NASA’s Apollo 11 mission

18/07 21:45 How to manually change the time and date on your iPad, or set it to update automatically based on your location

18/07 21:30  nu niet bezig met Axalta

18/07 21:30 ’Pharma Bro’ komt niet onder celstraf uit

18/07 21:15 Sven Gatz (Open Vld): ‘Het regeerakkoord dat we onderhandeld hebben is heel evenwichtig’

18/07 21:15 Tim Cook says the suspected arson attack on a Japanese animation studio that left 33 people dead is ‘a tragedy felt far beyond Japan’

18/07 21:15 I’ve been traveling around the world for 2 years with just a carry-on — here are my best tips for packing light

18/07 21:15 This Italian winery makes sustainable wines you can buy online starting at $8 a bottle — here’s how it’s influencing innovation in an industry set on tradition

18/07 21:15 Mesmerizing photos of the Women’s World Cup, which was filled with fierce competition, talented players, and historic moments


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